Our local archives are closed to the public. Please call ahead to request materials.

Check Out Policy

Materials.jpgPatrons can check out books, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Audiobooks, and Video Games from the library. Items may be renewed, if they haven't been previously reserved, for additional time by contacting the library, asking at the circulation desk, or logging into our catalog. In order to check out materials from the library, you must become a patron. Learn more here.

Items can be returned in two ways, upfront at the circulation desk during library hours or at the drop box located on the north side of the building. While we have no late fees, we will not check out additional items to patrons that have exceeded their limit or have overdue items.

Certain items such as game consoles, virtual reality stations, and all computers can be checked out for in-house use only. However, we can also provide headphones and mice for our Chromebooks. As for the Betty Akers' Creative Space, creative materials do not need to be checked out; however, patrons need to request items before they use them. We ask patrons who have finished with their projects to clean up the area and return the materials.

Placing Holds/Interlibrary loan

If a book or movie from our collection is unavailable, patrons can put a hold on the item. Once the item is returned, the patron will be contacted over the phone. If the item is not returned in a reasonable amount of time, we'll attempt to contact the patron about alternative ways to acquire the books or movies.

Speaking of which, if we do not own a specific item it can be requested through interlibrary loan. Patrons must fill out a form in the library or log in and use our catalog. Through interlibrary loans, we work with libraries around the state to help find that special book or movie. However, the process may take some time, so patience is key.

Lost Items

The West Liberty Library does not have late fees, so items turned in after their due date will not be held against our patrons. However, if a patron is unable to find and return an item he/she has checked out, the patron will be asked to pay for the cost of replacing the item and will not be able to check out additional items until the fee has been paid.

Book Suggestions

If the West Liberty Public Library does not have a book that you believe should be in our collection, please fill out a form in the library or right here online. We value our patron's opinions and believe that if a book or movie is being asked by someone, there are probably other patrons with the same request!


Here at the West Liberty Public Library, we value your privacy. We do not give out information on patrons, including their account information, to others. Our librarians are willing to help you search and find books on a variety of topics, and will also keep that information confidential. We believe in your freedom to learn and seek knowledge through our many physical and online resources, and we also believe in your right to privacy.