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Internet/Computer Policy


We have the WiFi

The internet is an unregulated global network that provides information beyond the library's collection. The West Liberty Public Library provides unfiltered, wireless/wired access, and public use technology devices for the purpose of education and recreation.

Therefore, the West Liberty Public Library has no control over internet resources and cannot guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of information over the internet. Some information may be inaccurate, controversial, or offensive. The Library does not monitor, control, or provide barriers to such material.

Computer Usage

The West Liberty Public Library maintains several desktops as well as Chromebooks that can be checked out for in-library use only. Library users may only have access to these devices with a library account. Out of town guests and temporary users may present a valid photo ID.AdobeStock_53410891.jpeg

Right now the library has two desktop computers upstairs meant for daily tasks, as well as four desktops downstairs in the youth department meant for gaming. The library also checks out Chromebooks for in house use only and can provide mice and headphones if needed.

That being said, internet resources and computer access at the library are provided equally for all. Children have the same access so the same resources as adults. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for what resources are appropriate for children. However, if a child/minor or adult is caught accessing illegal content the library retains the right to remove them from their computer and premise of the building.