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Other topics and events found in West Liberty newspapers

Compiled by Pam Schnittjer 2010
Topic or Event Date Newspaper
King has new soda fountain up and running 13-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Farmer's Club meets at Clark Lewis home 13-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Randall House - 3rd & Spencer 13-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
High School Alumni meet 20-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Republican County Convention 20-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
G. Burkart - Carriage Factory 20-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Bowman & Wyant - Grocers 20-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
The Blue Ribbon Club 27-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
N. W. Ball - Hawkeye Groc. 27-Jun-1878 Weekly Enterprise
25,000 lbs. butter shipped from W. L. weekly 4-Jul-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Military Company Formed 11-Jul-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Iowa National Guard Co F, 9th Regiment meets 25-Jul-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Ice Cream Parlor over the Central Restaurant 25-Jul-1878 Weekly Enterprise
West Liberty Cornet Band 1-Aug-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Post Office Burglarized 29-Aug-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Citizens petition to erect bandstand over town pump 5-Sep-1878 Weekly Enterprise
The Fair 12-Sep-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Billy McCaw, Sam Mitchell - blacksmiths 19-Sep-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Fair Premiums Awarded 19-Sep-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Superior Flour from West Liberty Mills 3-Oct-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Grand Reunion of Veterans of the War 3-Oct-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Members of cornet band preparing new drama 17-Oct-1878 Weekly Enterprise
St. Louis Comedy Co. at Liberty Hall 17-Oct-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Prof. Hammerschmidt to instruct cornet band 31-Oct-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Clothes Line Robbers 21-Nov-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Aaron Hise putting in telephone between depot office & home 21-Nov-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Cornet band to present second drama 21-Nov-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Band newly named Occidental Cornet Band/ has bylaws 21-Nov-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Large crowd at Occidental's performance 28-Nov-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Temperance address delivered at Liberty Hall 28-Nov-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Blue Ribbon Reform Club 12-Dec-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Wapsinonoc Farmers Club 19-Dec-1878 Weekly Enterprise
Liberty opposes Cedar River Bridge 16-Jan-1879 Weekly Enterprise
O. D. Goodrich becomes proprietor of Hise House 16-Jan-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Diphtheria prevalent in our vicinity 16-Jan-1879 Weekly Enterprise
List of Tax Payers 30-Jan-1879 Weekly Enterprise
State Convention of Reform Clubs 6-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Change of mail route, W. Liberty via Springdale to Rochester 6-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Well at Third & Calhoun has surface water running into it 6-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Grand Social affair at Nichols home of South Prairie 6-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Downey Depot Burned 20-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
63 Persons in West Liberty over Seventy Years of age 20-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Plum Grove Herd of Robert Miller 20-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Editor McElravy at the Enterprise for Five Years 20-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Debate of "The Cedar River Bridge" 27-Feb-1879 Weekly Enterprise
N.P. Farmer's Club - "Educating Boys for the Farm" 13-Mar-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Stolen wheat tracked to West Liberty Mills 20-Mar-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Winter Term of Plum Grove School 20-Mar-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Velocipede Fever has struck some of the boys here. 10-Apr-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Aaron Plumly - Fruit and Ornamental Trees 17-Apr-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Editor's Remarks about Cedar River Bridge 24-Apr-1879 Weekly Enterprise
S. B. Windus takes possession of Spencer House 8-May-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Senior Class presented play "Foiled" with great success 8-May-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Spencer House now Windus House 19-Jun-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Celebration on July 4th in West Liberty 10-Jul-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Letter from S. T. Chesebro sightseeing in San Francisco 10-Jul-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Seventh Street to be opened between Clay and Elm 10-Jul-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Military Ball at Liberty Hall 14-Aug-1879 Weekly Enterprise
I. C. Nichols is manufacturing Tile 14-Aug-1879 Weekly Enterprise
"Loose Again" - Camping at Gray's Ford 21-Aug-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Farmer's Club at Gray's Ford 4-Sep-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Railroad Dealings project bright outlook for West Liberty 11-Sep-1879 Weekly Enterprise
The Fair 11-Sep-1879 Weekly Enterprise
War Veteran & Orator, Gen. John Logan at Hise House 18-Sep-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Fair Premiums Awarded 25-Sep-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Windus House running free bus to & from all trains 23-Oct-1879 Weekly Enterprise
New hotel 3rd & Spencer - Commercial House 6-Nov-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Kimberly bus runs for Commercial House, new hotel 13-Nov-1879 Weekly Enterprise
Parsonage for Presby. Church completed, Wiley-contr. 19-Jan-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Wapsi Farmer's Club discusses Road Work 19-Jan-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Pickering Bros purch Mitchell & Griffith implement business 19-Jan-1882 Weekly Enterprise
WL Soap Factory, 1/2 mi S of town, buys tallow, grease, dead hogs 26-Jan-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Letters from Boys in Oregon - Cull Staples 26-Jan-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Eli Elliott sold $14,000 cattle to buyer in Wyoming 26-Jan-1882 Weekly Enterprise
John Boyer describes travels in California 2-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Mtg. at Liberty Hall to organize State Short Horn Breeders' Assoc 2-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
What's in a Name? (letter to Ed. re: name of town) 2-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
C A Ball rented old Commercial House to start furniture trade 2-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
East End Grocery, SW corner 3rd & Spencer, FA Patterson 2-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Wapsi Farmer's Club discusses Highway Labor 9-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Liberty Lodge, I. O. O. F. met in the hall for social gathering 9-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
A L Gravat Boots & Shoes, old Windus stand S side 3rd St 9-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Joe Westland purchased express business of this city 9-Feb-1882 Weekly Enterprise
New Bb clarinet has arrived for the Occidental Band 2-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Farm Machinery 16-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Thomas S Brooke selected as City Marshal 16-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
NW Ball - Hawkeye Grocery 16-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Petition to Council asking for sewer pipe 4th St Calhoun to Clay 23-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
TC Manfull purch entire stock of Favorite Canning Co. 23-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Veteran Soldier's Organization 30-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
J O Shepard Creamery sold to Wm Johnson of Wilton, also starting one in Atalissa 30-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Council petitioned to build sidewalk on west side of Spencer 30-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Council petitioned for crossing on Calhoun St near North end 30-Mar-1882 Weekly Enterprise
John Lewis breaks ground at 3rd & Spencer for new Bldg. 6-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Brick was purchased for the new round house in West Liberty 6-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Temperance Convention 13-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Cedar Valley Creamery Co. 13-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Supervisors have ordered bridge built S of WL on Wapsie 13-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Woman's Column - Women's" Suffrage Issue 13-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
George D. Wright bought 6 ac. Near fairgrounds for refrig. Egg and poultry plant 13-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
W C Harris, Tailor 3 doors west of Post Office 20-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Fine Auroral Display 20-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Dentistry has made Great Progress 20-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Eli Wells moved old Junction house to lot at 5th & Clay, plans to remodel it 20-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Roll of Honor 20-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Correspondence from Oregon - Cull Staples 27-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Governor Kirkwood at Home 27-Apr-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Springdale Carriage Factory 4-May-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Parlor Concert 4-May-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Fire at Nichols destroys St Charles Hotel and 5 other buildings 4-May-1882 Weekly Enterprise
School children to take train trip to Rock Island & Davenport 4-May-1882 Weekly Enterprise
WL now has 14 passenger trains daily. 11-May-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Serenading the Broom Brigade 18-May-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Harry Shipman bought Eugene Manby's interest in harness shop 1-Jun-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Railroad improvements and Hise House 8-Jun-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Telephone connections to more cities in the near Future 15-Jun-1882 Weekly Enterprise
W S Denham & C A Ball become partners in Furniture Trade 15-Jun-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Vote Pending for Prohibition Amendment 22-Jun-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Ground being surveyed for Round House NW of depot 22-Jun-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Favorite Canning Co - 3000 cans of beans canned 3-Aug-1882 Weekly Enterprise
An Opening (opportunity near Railroad facilities) 14-Sep-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Group wishes to start Old Settler's Organization 21-Sep-1882 Weekly Enterprise
A New walk laid in front of Miss Ball's millinery store 28-Sep-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Brick unloaded at corner of 4th & Calhoun for J L Givans new livery stable 28-Sep-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Z N King placed plate glass in front of new building (3rd & Calhoun) 5-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Mrs. T. A. Beard's Millinery Store - Old Hise House N side 3rd 5-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Presbyterian Church to celebrate 25th anniversary 5-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
City Barber Shop, under Hawkeye Groc, corner 3rd & Spencer, Ed Elbert 12-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Z N King moving stock of clothing into new bldg, 3rd & Calhoun 12-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
W C Harris, Tailor, north side 3rd St 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
J A Davis, Barber Shop, under cloth. store, new corner brick, 3rd & Calhoun 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
C P Elliott, Blacksmith Shop, Burns' old stand - Calhoun ST 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Occidental House - T M Campbell, prop. 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Restaurant, S Side 3rd St, Geo. W. Clapper 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Central Restaurant, S Side 3rd St, S B Lowe 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Hon. S J Kirkwood will address citizens in the Hall Friday eve 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Wapsi Old Settler's Assoc. formed, Constitution drawn up 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
L. Romaine starting a creamery on South Prairie 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
F O Keith Meat Market, N side 3rd ST 19-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Mrs. M H Shourds Dry Goods, N Side 3rd St , large ad 26-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
School teacher's Institute - exam of teachers Sat. at WLHS 26-Oct-1882 Weekly Enterprise
New fashioned Street Lamps at depot brightly illuminate area. 2-Nov-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Poultry & Egg Business erected near Fairgrounds 16-Nov-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Large Well to be put in at Depot to supply Engines with Water 7-Dec-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Reception at Hise House for 20th birthday of Nora Hise 7-Dec-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Writer states Occidentals better than University Band 14-Dec-1882 Weekly Enterprise
WL Needs an Organized Fire Department 14-Dec-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Chas. Burkart new blacksmith shop next to carriage factory, empl. Billy McCaw 21-Dec-1882 Weekly Enterprise
Favorite Canning Co. elected officers 4-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Joe Rogers promoted to agent at BCR&N freight depot 4-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Citizens contemplate possibility of Railroad feed yards here 4-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Wm. Gregg sold turkeys, HWT - 31 pounds 4-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
N. P. Farmers cut 300 tons ice from Riddle's Lake near Rochester, Basil Brooke leader 11-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Cold weather and quicksand 25 ft. down slowing progress of well for Water Tank 11-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Prohibition Amendment Unconstitutional 25-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Fire Destroys George Chase Home 25-Jan-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Report to Patron of West Liberty Schools 1-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Masquerade Ball a success under Social Club Management 1-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Teachers sleigh ride to John Miller's for party and overnight stay 1-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
BCR&N freight accident near Oasis, 17 cars wrecked 8-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Woman Suffrage meeting at J. Cowgill's res. Monthly 8-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
WL now Railroad division end for 36 U S Postal Servants 8-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
County Soc. Of Physicians & Surgeons meets in Wilton 8-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Tom Thumb stopped at the Hise House 8-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Articles of Incorporation of Tipton & What Cheer Railroad Co 16-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Zetagathian Soc met at Hormel's hill, had coasting carnival 16-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Wapsi Creek higher than ever before, now over BCR&N tracks 16-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Drama by home talent to be presented at Liberty Hall 16-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Occidental Band forms an orchestra 16-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Liberty Hall gets new Hardwood Floor 23-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Woman's Column - Minister addresses Women's' right to Vote 23-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Snow Blockaded Train trip - Eunice Reeves 23-Feb-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Fine Audience for Performances at Liberty Hall 2-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Social Club to give calico dress ball on March 16 2-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Bridge over Wapsi on Muscatine Road posted as dangerous 16-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Nichols Bros. Dry Goods installs tubular lighting supplied with oil 16-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Quinque literary club to meet at Mayor's office 16-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
W. W. McClun purch bldg. his store occupies, settle Ed Manfull estate 16-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Hise House getting new wider sidewalk, covered with awning on east side 23-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Givans Erects new Brick Livery Barn at 4th & Calhoun 23-Mar-1883 Weekly Enterprise
H A Gregg describes Type Writing Machine 20-Apr-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Laurels for Occidental Band from Iowa City & Des Moines 27-Apr-1883 Weekly Enterprise
I. C. Nichols Tile and Brick Works 4-May-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Creamery must leave city limits due to odor from its ditch 11-May-1883 Weekly Enterprise
BCR&N stock yards to be moved to east side of main line and enlarged 18-May-1883 Weekly Enterprise
CRI&P Railroad wants Harrison's elevator grounds for more side track 18-May-1883 Weekly Enterprise
"Chips" at Liberty Hall to benefit Occidental Band 18-May-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Colored Ball held at Opera House 8-Jun-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Billiard Halls now allowed in town, Several opening 8-Jun-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Rock Island supply houses brought from IC, set west of freight depot 15-Jun-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Graduating Exercises Held 15-Jun-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Sunday Skinny-dippers have Garments Stolen 29-Jun-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Republican State Convention 29-Jun-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Visitors from Muscatine for the 4th made the trip on bicycles 6-Jul-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Two new Bridges being erected over the Wapsie 13-Jul-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Favorite brand canned vegetables on sale at Manfull's 27-Jul-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Favorite Canning Co. employs 50, Elliott Henderson is high mucky-muck 27-Jul-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Railroad work on water tank near round house resumes 27-Jul-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Wright & Vore's slaughter house on creek E of WL burned 3-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Ordinance against use of profane language in city limits 10-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Chicago Comedy Co engaged for 3 nights at Liberty Hall 10-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
City Assessor reports 59 men age 70 or more living in city of WL 10-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Telephone line now completed from Davenport to Iowa City 10-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Calhoun St Billiard Hall, Good tobacco, ice cool lemonade, A P McAnulty, prop 17-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Republican County Convention 24-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Miller's show herd of Shorthorns 24-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Z. W. John building city cisterns - one at 3rd & Calhoun 31-Aug-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Trouble getting cisterns for F.D. Earth too full of water 7-Sep-1883 Weekly Enterprise
T. C. Manfull to build a brick building at 3rd & Spencer 7-Sep-1883 Weekly Enterprise
V. Morris to have new brick building, I. Nichols contractor 21-Sep-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Old Settlers of Muscatine Co to Meet 21-Sep-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Fair Premiums Awarded 28-Sep-1883 Weekly Enterprise
309 Pupils enrolled in school here 19-Oct-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Wapsie Index has completed 2 yrs under McNichols 19-Oct-1883 Wapsie Index
E C Thomas new Publisher of Index, C. S. McNichols the Editor 19-Oct-1883 Wapsie Index
Nov 11 one of busiest Railroad days, 65 trains came and departed during the day 16-Nov-1883 Weekly Enterprise
McDonald & Benjamin succeed McElravy at Enterprise 16-Nov-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Harry Gregg new editor of Weekly Enterprise 16-Nov-1883 Weekly Enterprise
T A Beard fitting basement under Pickerings Implement for a roller skating rink 23-Nov-1883 Weekly Enterprise
WL now supports 6 billiard and pool tables in good style 30-Nov-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Beard's Skating Rink opened Tuesday Evening 30-Nov-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Bldg housing water tank engine near depot caught fire 7-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
A Bell for the Presbyterian church tower 7-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Programme for Quarterly Convention of W.C.T.U. 7-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Clapper & Morris Skating Rink hopes to open Monday night 7-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Third Roller Skating Rink to open basement of Union House near Depot 7-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Considerable new sidewalk has been laid this week 14-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Railroad transfer business at this point is enormous 14-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
G. A. R. Silas Jackson Post no 255 received its Charter 21-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Rollerskating at V. Morris' new hall (Upstairs) 21-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
The Fire Co has ordered a fire bell to weigh about 400 lbs. 28-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Petition to Bd of Supervisors for more direct route to Atalissa 28-Dec-1883 Weekly Enterprise
Jont. Maxson Publisher of Wapsie Index 11-Feb-1884 Wapsie Index
James Morgan and Caleb Elliott, Editors of Wapsie Index 11-Feb-1884 Wapsie Index
"New Departure" store, N end of Calhoun, doing good business (C Gibson's) 25-Feb-1884 Wapsie Index
The Band of Hope - Its Object and its Needs 14-Mar-1884 Wapsie Index
W. C. T. U. 14-Mar-1884 Wapsie Index
Occidental House burned January, 1884 14-Mar-1884 Wapsie Index
T C Manfull of the Star Grocery is in Chicago buying a mammoth stock for his new location 4-Apr-1884 Wapsie Index
Linn Grove Sunday School Organized 2-May-1884 Wapsie Index
Former Enterprise Publisher, McElravy, now in Furniture Business 9-May-1884 Wapsie Index
Orations from the Class of 1884 6-Jun-1884 Wapsie Index
A Visit to A. E. Kimberly Farm 13-Jun-1884 Wapsie Index
Strawberry Fest. At Randall House netted $22.75 for W.C.T.U. 13-Jun-1884 Wapsie Index
A Visit to I. C. Nichols Brick & Tile Factory 27-Jun-1884 Wapsie Index
Prohibition Law now in effect 4-Jul-1884 Wapsie Index
Patriotism Fun - Description of 4th of July Celebration 11-Jul-1884 Wapsie Index
George Wright's Egg-packing & Poultry shipping Business 11-Jul-1884 Wapsie Index
C A Barnes has invented ditching & Tiling machine "Swamp Angel" 11-Jul-1884 Wapsie Index
Dr. King & Caleb Elliott purch. drug store formerly owned by Howard Mountain 11-Jul-1884 Wapsie Index
Whiskey-related crimes and liquor mobs frequently occurring 15-Aug-1884 Wapsie Index
W.A. Swain of What Cheer purchased local grocery of Cooley & Son 15-Aug-1884 Wapsie Index
Dr. I. Webster's invention of tile-laying machine is patented 22-Aug-1884 Wapsie Index
Fire on Roof of Harrison's Elevator Extinguished 22-Aug-1884 Wapsie Index
State Fair Notes 5-Sep-1884 Wapsie Index
Union District Ag. Soc. Fair a grand success 19-Sep-1884 Wapsie Index
J L Givans Livery sold to D. McCurdy, will move to Dakota 17-Oct-1884 Wapsie Index
Wapsie Illuminated - 1000 March in Republican Rally 24-Oct-1884 Wapsie Index
Caleb Elliott, Editor & School Bd. President Died of Pneumonia 24-Oct-1884 Wapsie Index
Granville Stuart Bio. From "New North West" paper, Deer Lodge, MT 24-Oct-1884 Wapsie Index
Burkart Retires; Hollingsworth will sell implements at his building 31-Oct-1884 Wapsie Index
Many ill with Diphtheria at this time 21-Nov-1884 Wapsie Index
Foundations being laid for skating rink on 4th btw. Calhoun & Spencer 26-Dec-1884 Wapsie Index
Listing of 1884 new buildings and improvements in West Liberty 1-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Wapsie Social Club dinner & dance at the Randall House 1-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Patterson's groc in room at rear of A A Ball & Co. Bank 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
N W Ball groc SW corner of Spencer & 3rd 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Chesebrough & Deemer Lumber - Cn. Clay & 3rd 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Baldwin's Exchange Stable, E side Calhoun btw. 3rd & 4th 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Geo. Townsend purch. Bakery dept. of Luse & Luse 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Hollingsworth & Mead purch implements of Whitacre & McCurdy 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Nichols Bros. improved interior of store by calcimining 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Randall House fed 69 hungry people Monday noon. 8-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Hog buyers paying 4 cents/lb, hogs avg. 360 lbs. 9-Jan-1885 Wapsie Index
Cattle bringing 6 cents/lb, avg. 1500 lbs. 9-Jan-1885 Wapsie Index
Dr. E. H. King, res Clay St 3rd house N Presby. Ch, office over Eagle Clothing Store 15-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
G. A. R. meets at their hall over Luse & Luse's (W end N side 3rd St) 15-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
The opening of Occidental Roller Skating Rink on 4th St. 22-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
Bridge over Cedar at Moscow to be built 22-Jan-1885 WL Enterprise
G W Townsend moved to Thomas's bldg to run restaurant/bakery 30-Jan-1885 Wapsie Index
Grand Army Camp Fire & Festival of Silas Jackson Post no. 255 30-Jan-1885 Wapsie Index
G. A. R. Camp Fire & Festival 5-Feb-1885 WL Enterprise
Enterprise Job Dept. - 1st door S of A A Ball & Co Bank 5-Feb-1885 WL Enterprise
Young People of Presbyterian Church gave a Pink T Party 5-Feb-1885 WL Enterprise
Broken Lamp at Randall House starts Fire 6-Feb-1885 Wapsie Index
J A Deemer bought Chesebrough interest in Lumber Yard 6-Feb-1885 Wapsie Index
Bowlsby & Griffith Lumber Yard on grounds of old Occidental Hotel 27-Feb-1885 Wapsie Index
McElravy's furniture emporium at corner of 3rd & Calhoun 12-Mar-1885 WL Enterprise
The Tramp Nuisance 17-Apr-1885 Wapsie Index
105 northern steers shipped in, driven to A E Kimberly's after dark 17-Apr-1885 Wapsie Index
F O Keith sold meat market to Martin Purvis & John Cornwall 24-Apr-1885 Wapsie Index
Assessor reports WL population - 1285, 308 families occ. 300 houses 24-Apr-1885 Wapsie Index
Townsend Bakery will move to N side 3rd St occ by Mrs, Beard's millinery 1-May-1885 Wapsie Index
G W Townsend has ice cream parlor with bakery on N side 3rd St 22-May-1885 Wapsie Index
L A Bowlsby sold his interest in lumber yard to partner, Geo Griffith 22-May-1885 Wapsie Index
CRI&P RailR purch Pond prop, barn torn down, house - storeroom & lodging for colored RR workers 4-Jun-1885 WL Enterprise
Templeton & Shaw have new Calhoun St. laundry 2 doors N of Kings store 4-Jun-1885 WL Enterprise
Alumni History - poem by Mira Morgan 5-Jun-1885 Wapsie Index
F A Patterson moved Groc & notion store 4 doors E of A A Ball Bank 19-Jun-1885 Wapsie Index
Union House Hotel near Union Depot is for Sale 24-Jun-1885 Wapsie Index
W C Harris has moved tailor shop N of King's Clothing on Calhoun 3-Jul-1885 Wapsie Index
A new school bell arrived, genuine bell metal, weighs 500 lb. 7-Aug-1885 Wapsie Index
A band of Musquaka Indians from Tama camping at Moscow 7-Aug-1885 Wapsie Index
Gen. Grant Memorial Service Held 14-Aug-1885 Wapsie Index
C. D. Gibson sold New Departure Grocery to Mrs. M. M. Wright 14-Aug-1885 Wapsie Index
Old Age and the Reaper - Mr. McMahon 20-Aug-1885 WL Enterprise
"Citizens Fair" to be held in West Branch 20-Aug-1885 WL Enterprise
Excursion trains to transport to Musc Co Fair in Muscatine 20-Aug-1885 WL Enterprise
What is to be done with the Canning Factory? 20-Aug-1885 WL Enterprise
Letter from Florida 28-Aug-1885 Wapsie Index
E H M Hounslow assumed full ownership of Central Restaurant 4-Sep-1885 Wapsie Index
W. C. T. U. to furnish meals on grounds during the Fair 4-Sep-1885 Wapsie Index
Framework up for A H Floyd residence, (M Wiley & son, cont.) 4-Sep-1885 Wapsie Index
The Union House to be overhauled/repaired & rented to Mrs. McDonald of Des Moines 4-Sep-1885 Wapsie Index
West Branch Fair 24-Sep-1885 WL Enterprise
Eli Elliott in Ireland, Scotland, England, Purchased Shetland ponies 2-Oct-1885 Wapsie Index
Small fire at Hise House started by lamp is put out quickly 2-Oct-1885 Wapsie Index
Eli Elliott writes from Ireland 9-Oct-1885 Wapsie Index
Lawrence Swem received a patent on his adding machine 15-Oct-1885 WL Enterprise
Work on artesian well near Railroad track S of lumber yard is progressing 16-Oct-1885 Wapsie Index
Eli Elliott writes from Scotland 23-Oct-1885 Wapsie Index
Lecture on Laws of Happiness at Liberty Hall by Matilda Fletcher 23-Oct-1885 Wapsie Index
How Rum affects Business 6-Nov-1885 Wapsie Index
Continued Letter From Scotland by Eli Elliott 6-Nov-1885 Wapsie Index
L B Pickering has bought an interest in Cedar Valley creamery 13-Nov-1885 Wapsie Index
H. J. Vail writes from Pasadena 13-Nov-1885 Wapsie Index
Letter from England by Eli Elliott 13-Nov-1885 Wapsie Index
Union House renamed The Cottage, near rail line of CRI&P, to be managed by Mrs. McDonald 19-Nov-1885 WL Enterprise
Sunday dinners popular at the Cottage 26-Nov-1885 WL Enterprise
Local GAR Post placed 3 gravestones to mark comrades graves 3-Dec-1885 WL Enterprise
Robert McWade, comedian, to entertain at Liberty Hall 4-Dec-1885 Wapsie Index
Post Office moved to S side 3rd St where C E Pickering had a drug store 25-Dec-1885 Wapsie Index
23rd Ann of Emanc. Proclamation celebrated by our Colored Citizens 6-Jan-1886 WL Enterprise
A Pronouncing Match held at Methodist Church 11-Feb-1886 WL Enterprise
Train Wreck Between West Liberty and Atalissa 12-Feb-1886 Wapsie Index
Purvis & Cornwall meat market sold to Maurice Whitacre 18-Feb-1886 WL Enterprise
G. A. R. meeting place moved to 3rd & Spencer above T. C. Manfull's store 18-Feb-1886 WL Enterprise
Telephone station moved from Swem Jewelry to Deemer Lumber Office 19-Feb-1886 Wapsie Index
A Subscription Library is started, located in D. F. Smith Book Store 25-Feb-1886 WL Enterprise
Annual Dance of Liberty Fire Co. is a Success 4-Mar-1886 WL Enterprise
Drive Whist - a new parlor game 11-Mar-1886 WL Enterprise
Editor cites need for new town hall 11-Mar-1886 WL Enterprise
Andrew Hendrickson sold shoe store to Swain Bros. of What Cheer 25-Mar-1886 WL Enterprise
Ordinance passed to prohibit Cows running at large in Town 22-Apr-1886 WL Enterprise
Occidental Band gives concert and later serenades newlyweds 22-Apr-1886 WL Enterprise
St James Hotel at Nichols was burned 7-May-1886 Wapsie Index
Nichols Hotel destroyed by Fire 13-May-1886 WL Enterprise
Building Plans for New Town Hall published 20-May-1886 WL Enterprise
C. Wiley to build Town Hall, I. C. Nichols to do brickwork 27-May-1886 WL Enterprise
Memorial Day - List of Soldiers Graves Decorated 27-May-1886 WL Enterprise
P R Evans purch old Town House to move to 3rd & Clay for implement warehouse 11-Jun-1886 Wapsie Index
A C Randall died. The Randall House will continue open under care of Mrs. Warriner 11-Jun-1886 Wapsie Index
Great Fire - Muscatine Lumber Mills & Yards Burn 17-Jun-1886 WL Enterprise
Maple Lawn Herd - A T Judd & Smith 18-Jun-1886 Wapsie Index
Orchard Farm Herd - C S Barclay 18-Jun-1886 Wapsie Index
Apollo Orchestra formed in West Liberty 18-Jun-1886 Wapsie Index
Mr. Weir's lunchroom near Union Depot was robbed 1-Jul-1886 WL Enterprise
Train takes citizens to Cherry Bluffs picnic area, 2 mi. E of Atalissa 8-Jul-1886 WL Enterprise
Contract for building new Christian church goes to M Wiley & Son 9-Jul-1886 Wapsie Index
Sketch of John B. Hudson from "Saturday Evening Journal" 15-Jul-1886 WL Enterprise
U. S. Express office to be built on Union Depot Platform 22-Jul-1886 WL Enterprise
Sparks from Train burn fields E. of Downey in a very dry Summer 22-Jul-1886 WL Enterprise
Sketch of T. C. Manfull from "Saturday Evening Journal" 23-Jul-1886 Wapsie Index
Iowa State Fair 6-Aug-1886 Wapsie Index
Wapsie Baseball Players meet "Nine Stars" of Rock Island 12-Aug-1886 WL Enterprise
W L Ladies insulted by an evangelist at Wilton religious camp meeting 12-Aug-1886 WL Enterprise
Musc. Co fair in Muscatine Sep 1-3, Union Dist. Fair in WL Sep 14-16 20-Aug-1886 Wapsie Index
Robert Miller bio.- Plum Grove herd from "Saturday Evening Journal" 20-Aug-1886 Wapsie Index
Ira And Pliny Nichols - bios. from "Saturday Evening Journal" 3-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
Chautauquan Circle will meet with Miss Linn Harris 10-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
State Fair Notes 17-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
T. W. Maxson writes of visiting former residents in Pasadena 17-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
The 24th Annual Fair of the Union district Agricultural Soc. 17-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
Wapsie Baseball Club has had victorious year 24-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
First exhibition of the new Fair association of West Branch 24-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
Neglected Notes of the 24th annual Fair of the U. D. A. S. 24-Sep-1886 Wapsie Index
Maurice Whitacre purch City Meat Market owned by Purvis & Keith 8-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
Citizens Meet to Discuss Boring for an artesian Well 14-Oct-1886 WL Enterprise
R. J. Wiley erecting bldg. on W 4th St. for restaurant and RR ticket brokerage 14-Oct-1886 WL Enterprise
Letter from Nate Ball at Leadville, CO 14-Oct-1886 WL Enterprise
Purvis & Keith erecting new slaughter house E of town 15-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
Purvis & Keith will open new meat market bldg. vacated/U S Express Co 15-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
Wapsie Baseball Club welcomed at depot by Band & Citizens 15-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
$600 Raised for an Artesian Well somewhere in Corporate Limits 15-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
Joe Westland purch Clapper's restaurant & bakery 28-Oct-1886 WL Enterprise
Charles Wiley to succeed Detwiler in Livery Business 29-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
J A Deemer bought out Griffith Lumber Yard 29-Oct-1886 Wapsie Index
Runaway Horses 4-Nov-1886 WL Enterprise
J A Lee has purch Grocery stock of J A Heath and will rent his room 12-Nov-1886 Wapsie Index
C. B. McClun hung large lantern for travelers at his home near 3rd & Columbus 25-Nov-1886 WL Enterprise
Iowa Woman Suffrage Convention 26-Nov-1886 Wapsie Index
W. W. McClun has added street light at his home on Calhoun Street 24-Dec-1886 Wapsie Index
Lucy Scott - artist in San Francisco - dau. Of J. Y. Scott 24-Dec-1886 Wapsie Index
Town council purchased three dozen new chairs for the town hall. 24-Dec-1886 Wapsie Index
Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle meets at Felkner home 30-Dec-1886 WL Enterprise
New Christian Church built on 6th btw Calhoun & Spencer 31-Dec-1886 Wapsie Index
The Chautauquan's Christmas Festival at Felkner home 31-Dec-1886 Wapsie Index
Brooke and Potter were cutting Ice 31-Dec-1886 Wapsie Index
Tax amts. for people of city and township 6-Jan-1887 WL Enterprise
New Buildings and Improvements 6-Jan-1887 WL Enterprise
No. of livestock shipped from WL 6-Jan-1887 WL Enterprise
New Christian Church erected at a cost of $6000 13-Jan-1887 WL Enterprise
Devolve Richards again in meat business, bought T. P Mitchell's market 20-Jan-1887 WL Enterprise
G. W. Sarver purchased Hawkeye Barber shop of Ed Elbert 18-Feb-1887 Wapsie Index
Cottage Hotel entertains hungry State University Students 18-Feb-1887 Wapsie Index
Canning Co. seeking Growers of Sweet Corn to reopen Plant 3-Mar-1887 WL Enterprise
Attempt to resume Canning Co. a failure at this time 10-Mar-1887 WL Enterprise
J W. McElravy purchased rink from Occidental Band for Furniture Store 10-Mar-1887 WL Enterprise
Sidewalk to furniture rink from 3rd betw. Meat market & Millinery St. 24-Mar-1887 WL Enterprise
T. P. Mitchell new Postmaster; Jont Maxson has been PM 11 years 21-Apr-1887 WL Enterprise
Hise House now called "The National" by proprietor J. S. Wilson 28-Apr-1887 WL Enterprise
City Ordinances all-Apr-1887 WL Enterprise
Charles Bancroft purchased the West Liberty Enterprise newspaper 19-May-1887 WL Enterprise
Postmaster appt. given to N C Stanton instead of Mitchell 2-Jun-1887 WL Enterprise
Memorial Day Address by J. A. Evans, Tribute to Masons 2-Jun-1887 WL Enterprise
C.L.S.C. Picnic at Sylvanus Johnson home N. of Iowa City 17-Jun-1887 Wapsie Index
Central Restaurant sold by Mr. Bock to Tom Johns, Ed Johns to take charge 14-Jul-1887 WL Enterprise
Picnic at Cherry Bluff 2-Sep-1887 Wapsie Index
Large Group Moving to California 14-Oct-1887 Wapsie Index
Skating to be held in Liberty Hall during holiday week 15-Dec-1887 WL Enterprise
Geo. Griffith to succeed C. B. McClun & Co. at Hawkeye Grocery 15-Dec-1887 WL Enterprise
Central Restaurant taken over by V. Morris & Son 15-Dec-1887 WL Enterprise
New Buildings and Improvements 29-Dec-1887 WL Enterprise
S. G. Hogue purchased Chas. Wiley's interest in Brick Livery Business 5-Jan-1888 WL Enterprise
Taxes Due 5-Jan-1888 WL Enterprise
Drilling for Artesian Well again at a Standstill 2-Feb-1888 WL Enterprise
Musson Bros. A new hardware stand 16-Feb-1888 WL Enterprise
Jno. Henderson purch stock of goods from N. W. Ball, will continue grocery 1-Mar-1888 WL Enterprise
Fire Destroys Presbyterian Church 1-Mar-1888 WL Enterprise
Mad Flames - Church destroyed 2-Mar-1888 Wapsie Index
W G Nichols will have charge of the brick yard this season 5-Apr-1888 WL Enterprise
Progress of the Enterprise in past Twenty Years 12-Apr-1888 WL Enterprise
Joe Westland built new oven and enlarged dining room in restaurant 12-Apr-1888 WL Enterprise
Brick wall encloses cellar under west half of Miller House, Cooley will plaster east room soon Apr 12, 1888 WL Enterprise
Cottage Hotel undergoing thorough renovation Apr 12, 1888 WL Enterprise
Grant Nichols sold Music instrument & Stationary business to F C Mead 19-Apr-1888 WL Enterprise
Dr. King sold Star Drug store to C B McClun & Elliott Henderson 26-Apr-1888 WL Enterprise
Plastering progressing at the old Miller House 3rd & Spencer May 3, 1888 WL Enterprise
Homecoming from western areas 17-May-1888 WL Enterprise
Grandmother Smith of Downey has lived here 49 years 17-May-1888 WL Enterprise
D D Smith now proprietor of Central Restaurant 24-May-1888 WL Enterprise
Landowners N of town petition townsmen/ keep their cows off property 31-May-1888 WL Enterprise
Headlight Restaurant - R. J. Wiley, Propr. 6-Jul-1888 Wapsie Index
Voters in Wapsie Twp. In 1840 (p.5) 12-Jul-1888 WL Enterprise
Most wooden awnings over businesses being replaced with canvas awnings 26-Jul-1888 WL Enterprise
N. W. Ball taking over Weekly Wapsie Index from Jont Maxson 26-Jul-1888 WL Enterprise
Eli Elliott arrived with 120 Shetland ponies from overseas 26-Jul-1888 WL Enterprise
Eureka! Forty Barrels of water an Hour from Artesian Well 9-Aug-1888 WL Enterprise
Drilling deeper than present 1550 ft. for increased water flow 16-Aug-1888 WL Enterprise
Park (Chick) Nichols, pitcher & Bence Purvis, catcher outdo many ball clubs 16-Aug-1888 WL Enterprise
C D Gibson building feed stables/foot of Spencer st for farmer's teams 23-Aug-1888 WL Enterprise
Dedicate new Presbyterian Church 6-Sep-1888 WL Enterprise
Political Flags raised on 150 ft pole at 3rd & Spencer 6-Sep-1888 WL Enterprise
Presbyterian Church Dedicated 7-Sep-1888 Wapsie Index
New Barber Shop N side 3rd St - Bence Purvis 13-Sep-1888 WL Enterprise
Clark Lewis taking poss. Randall prop 4th & Col. To reopen as boarding house 21-Sep-1888 Wapsie Index
Artesian well at 1715 ft. running 168 barrels of water/hour 11-Oct-1888 WL Enterprise
N C Stanton not confirmed by Senate as postmaster 25-Oct-1888 WL Enterprise
Sketches of many Farmers of the area Oct-Jan-88-89 WL Enterprise
Morris & Son Hardware established doing business in Heath Building 8-Nov-1888 WL Enterprise
Geo. Baldwin to manage the Commercial House, previously called the Miller House 29-Nov-1888 WL Enterprise
Merry Milk Maids Drill, Dairy Lunch and Bazaar 7-Dec-1888 Wapsie Index
W B Gregg new proprietor of Daylight dry goods store 13-Dec-1888 WL Enterprise
C D Gibson purch Romaine's coal & Implement busn, also has feed yd & scales 14-Dec-1888 Wapsie Index
Rhyming Wrinklets - Businessmen of Area 27-Dec-1888 Wapsie Index
Mrs. Clark Lewis taking boarders cn 4th & Columbus 27-Dec-1888 Wapsie Index
New buildings and Improvements 28-Dec-1888 WL Enterprise
Mrs. McDonald sold interest in Cottage Hotel to Mrs. Corbin of Sigourney 4-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
G. C. Baldwin opens Commercial House, prev. Miller House 3rd & Spencer 4-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
Henry Felkner farm for sale, 380 ac., 30 ac. Burr oak & hickory timber 4-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
Brief Resume of some Farmers 4-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
Broom works reopened 2 doors W. of M. E. Church on 5th P. Lamborn 11-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
Brief Resume of some Farmers 11-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
Brief Resume of some Farmers 18-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
The Artesian Well 25-Jan-1889 WL Enterprise
New lunch counter at Centerdale 1-Feb-1889 WL Enterprise
C E Pickering paid $2500 in Kentucky for Gamaleon No. 7825 8-Feb-1889 WL Enterprise
Downey Dabs- Recalling 1845 journey to Wapsie 28-Feb-1889 Wapsie Index
City election to vote for or against licensing billiard halls 1-Mar-1889 WL Enterprise
New Water Works System Saves Downtown Buildings from Fire 15-Mar-1889 WL Enterprise
Ground broken for new store at 6th & Calhoun by grocer J. L. Henderson 15-Mar-1889 WL Enterprise
Derrick, boiler, etc. to leave the artesian well site today 21-Mar-1889 Wapsie Index
C. E. Chesebrough residence has beautiful fountain Mar 29, 1889 WL Enterprise
Mr. Albin new editor former "Local Record", now "West Branch Times" 19-Apr-1889 WL Enterprise
Men & Women of town over 80 years of age 25-Apr-1889 Wapsie Index
Friends meeting house in N part of town under going repairs & paint 26-Apr-1889 WL Enterprise
E. Adams/Adams Station warned by White Caps to close out all whiskey. 3-May-1889 WL Enterprise
Jno. Evans speaks at Masonic Memorial Service 10-May-1889 WL Enterprise
City laying mains on W 4th for water from artesian well 10-May-1889 WL Enterprise
Miss Harris walked the rail line to teach at Downey 17-May-1889 WL Enterprise
The Cemetery 23-May-1889 Wapsie Index
The Class of 1889 6-Jun-1889 Wapsie Index
Old Bandstand torn down on the King Corner 6-Jun-1889 Wapsie Index
Reunion of "G" co. 2nd Iowa Cavalry at home of Mrs. Lundy 12-Jul-1889 WL Enterprise
Henry Polders & Bent Luse go fishing 12-Jul-1889 WL Enterprise
More info on the Cemetery 18-Jul-1889 Wapsie Index
The Cottage Hotel has suspended business, result of low patronage 19-Jul-1889 WL Enterprise
Passenger Train Accident this side of Nichols 19-Jul-1889 WL Enterprise
"Oak Ridge" suggested name for WL Cemetery 25-Jul-1889 Wapsie Index
Jake Jakeway has contract to build new Catholic Church 25-Jul-1889 Wapsie Index
G C Baldwin left the Commercial House, living in John Lewis prop on Spencer 26-Jul-1889 WL Enterprise
Occidental Band retiring; new one to be organized 1-Aug-1889 Wapsie Index
New Tin Roof for West School Building 1-Aug-1889 Wapsie Index
Gibson's coal, tile & Brick bus. sold to Wm Duple 8-Aug-1889 Wapsie Index
New Occidental Band treated citizens to concert Saturday evening 16-Aug-1889 WL Enterprise
Canning Factory Sold at Auction to Eli Elliott for $420 23-Aug-1889 WL Enterprise
Eli Elliott will convert recently purch prop. Into stables for Shetland ponies 23-Aug-1889 WL Enterprise
Our Public Schools 5-Sep-1889 Wapsie Index
Elaborate water system installed by A. Fulton on Kimberly Farm 11-Oct-1889 WL Enterprise
Cottage Hotel to reopen under management of G. W. Brewington 18-Oct-1889 WL Enterprise
M. E. Church will give public dinner in old Commercial House on Thanksgiving 14-Nov-1889 Wapsie Index
Aaron Brown injured in fall from scaffold in barn 15-Nov-1889 WL Enterprise
Those Old Settlers 28-Nov-1889 Wapsie Index
D. Richards & J. D. Raver have butcher business, formerly Purvis & Keith 29-Nov-1889 WL Enterprise
The Merchants Carnival 29-Nov-1889 WL Enterprise
J. B. Luse promoted to night express agent; Arthur Tullis to be day agent at depot 6-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Downey now has crib capacity for 25,000 bu. of ear corn near Depot 13-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Special Edition re: History of West Liberty Dec 1889 WL Enterprise
West Liberty in War Times (Civil War) Dec 1889 Sp. Ed. WL Ent.
Underground Railroad near West Liberty Dec 1889 Sp. Ed. WL Ent.
Post Office moved to the Masonic Building (3rd & Calhoun) 20-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Old post office room in Chesebrough bldg being prepared for Mrs. Shourd's Dry Goods 20-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Shall we have a Roller Mill? 20-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Remodel the old Flour Mill ?? 26-Dec-1889 Wapsie Index
New corn crib erected S of C.R.I.& P. freight depot 27-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Proposed Lincoln League of Iowa 27-Dec-1889 WL Enterprise
Y's Starting Public Library using Funds from Carnival 2-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
Devolv Richards Meat Market - 3 doors east of People's Bank 2-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
Emancipation Day celebrated by colored citizens 2-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
Emancipation Celebration 3-Jan-1890 WL Enterprise
Fred Anderson purch carriage paint shop of H. B. Ash 9-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
Frank Wright retired from meat market; Ezra Gates to take over 9-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
Central Grocery House at 6th & Calhoun, J. L. Henderson 9-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
R R people now have hydrant at the depot 9-Jan-1890 Wapsie Index
Fire at Brickyard destroyed home of proprietor, Mr. Fuller 30-Jan-1890 WL Enterprise
Y Library 6-Feb-1890 Wapsie Index
Some Old Landmarks 20-Feb-1890 Wapsie Index
A. Cooley put addition on rear of bldg. 3rd & Spencer for Furniture store 27-Feb-1890 WL Enterprise
More Landmarks 27-Feb-1890 Wapsie Index
Parvin & Co. New Furniture Store corner 3rd & Spencer 13-Mar-1890 WL Enterprise
Several street lamps put on Calhoun St. by private citizens 27-Mar-1890 WL Enterprise
List of new books at the Y Library 3-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
J. F. Jacoby will move "Daisy" Photographic Car to WL for 3 months 3-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Flour Mill & adjoining buildings Burned 10-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
Flour Mill fire; Homes of James Ball & Frank Barnes saved; barns burned. 10-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Hawkeye Training Stables (36 x 108 ft) erected by Timberlake near fairgrounds 10-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
J. W. Fuller, proprietor of Brick Yard 10-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
C. A. Ball will have charge of the undertaking dept at the great Rink store 17-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Occidental Band will begin open air concert season on Saturday 17-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
Hawkeye Training Stables at the race track entrance 17-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
Prof. Pike of Oskaloosa instructing New Occidental Band members 17-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Dr. H. T. Clarke, Vet erected stables on E. 4th St. to treat horses 17-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Buildings moved from McElravy site on 3rd St.; larger S of railroad on Columbus 17-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Sm. Bldg on 3rd st. moved to Calhoun, S of Masonic Hall 17-Apr-1890 WL Enterprise
Center of 3rd St block torn up, bldg. moved out and Rink Furn. Moving in 17-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
Stratton the jeweler and Purvis the barber have exchanged stands 24-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
Y's to have ice cream social to buy books for Library 24-Apr-1890 Wapsie Index
McElravy's Rink Furniture Store Bldg was moved to the front of 3rd Street 15-May-1890 WL Enterprise
Bldg. on E. side Calhoun betw. 3rd & 4th torn down, 15-May-1890 WL Enterprise
C D Gibson's store in N part of town will move to Calhoun betw. 3rd & 4th 15-May-1890 WL Enterprise
C D Gibson's Bldg placed N of Harris' Tailor Shop 22-May-1890 WL Enterprise
W. H. Shipman building addition at rear of harness shop for more room 29-May-1890 WL Enterprise
The old tower at the west end of 3rd st. was removed. 5-Jun-1890 WL Enterprise
S. H. Meredith rented Gibson bldg on Calhoun for fence factory 5-Jun-1890 WL Enterprise
E. C. Nichols receives highest honors in law school 19-Jun-1890 WL Enterprise
The Normal Course in our High School 31-Jul-1890 WL Enterprise
Isaac Schooley picked 3 bu. Blackberries to sell (Centerdale) 31-Jul-1890 WL Enterprise
Rink Furniture store has a new front appearance 31-Jul-1890 WL Enterprise
Some businesses and school having concrete sidewalks installed 7-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
Centerdale Ladies M.E. Soc. To have festival on Walter Ball's lawn 14-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
Walker & Co. of WL paying $.40 for corn, $.32 for oats 14-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
Feed Mill & Machine Repair Shop, E. Sanders, corner 5th & Columbus 14-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
Wiley & Son to build for Elmer C Nichols on the evergreen lot 21-Aug-1890 Wapsie Index
Teaching assignments for country schools given 21-Aug-1890 Wapsie Index
Parvin & Co. Furniture and undertaking 21-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
Rink Furniture Store, also does undertaking, J. W. McElravy 21-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
Beautiful flower beds in west school yard left undisturbed by all 28-Aug-1890 Wapsie Index
Z. N. King sold clothing business to Chesebrough & Smith after 24 yrs. In business 28-Aug-1890 WL Enterprise
"Our Schools" 4-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
Marshall Wiley has chased the plane, driven the chisel for 30 odd yrs in WL 4-Sep-1890 Wapsie Index
T P Mitchell purch Ezra Gates' City Meat Market 11-Sep-1890 Wapsie Index
A new Catholic Church is now ready for use 11-Sep-1890 Wapsie Index
Morris & Son are moving into their own building, vacated by W B Gregg 18-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
W B Gregg moved into his own building, vacated by L. W. Swem 18-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
L. W. Swem is now located in his new building and ready for business 18-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
Wapsie Weekly Index moving to new office over Hawkeye Grocery 18-Sep-1890 Wapsie Index
Cottage Hotel just north of Depot had a fire that started in the kitchen 18-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
Cottage Hotel Fire 18-Sep-1890 Wapsie Index
V Morris & Son, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, Cutlery 25-Sep-1890 Wapsie Index
Theo. Crilly sold his interest in blacksmith shop to C. S. Drake 25-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
H. C. Harding purch. McCollum's interest in brick livery stable 4th & Calhoun 25-Sep-1890 WL Enterprise
Dr. E H King sold res. & medical practice to Dr. Mott of Springdale 2-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
Dr. D'Lap is retiring 2-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
Bell Tower to be built at rear of city hall for better fire alarm coverage 8-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
C W Plumly, son of M R Plumly injured in railroad accident 8-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
Joe Westland will move restaurant into brick Heath bldg. vacated by Morris 16-Oct-1890 Wapsie Index
Wright Sisters purch. Lewis Dry Goods to add to their Millinery 16-Oct-1890 Wapsie Index
Pedee Post Office is Discontinued 16-Oct-1890 Wapsie Index
P. Walker & J. S. Taylor unloaded 2100 western sheep at yards to drive home 30-Oct-1890 Wapsie Index
Centerdale nearest post office & railroad for new Friends Boarding School, Hickory Grove 30-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
C.R.I.&P. RR purch Cottage Hotel, will fit for Railroad eating house 30-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
Rejahl & Roberts, Marble Cutters, W. side Calhoun St. near Freight Depot 30-Oct-1890 WL Enterprise
Asa Greggs' celebrate 60th wedding anniversary 6-Nov-1890 WL Enterprise
The high school will form a Rhetoric Society 13-Nov-1890 WL Enterprise
WL High school attracts students from outskirts, many board in town 20-Nov-1890 Wapsie Index
J. F. Jacoby taking ext. & int. views of buildings of our city for album 20-Nov-1890 WL Enterprise
Rev C. F. Beach (organizer of Presby. Ch in 1856) visited from Indianapolis 20-Nov-1890 WL Enterprise
Clarence Henderson, Will Smith to open harness shop in rm vacated by Wright Sisters 20-Nov-1890 Wapsie Index
Walker & Co. purch brick, coal, tile & machinery bus. to add to grain business 20-Nov-1890 WL Enterprise
High School Literary Society is a success 18-Dec-1890 WL Enterprise
Scarcity of water causing many farmers to drill wells 25-Dec-1890 WL Enterprise
Family Reunion as Joseph Gibsons celebrate 63rd anniversary 25-Dec-1890 WL Enterprise
Potter & Brooke firm dissolved, now Potter & Evans, Ice and Coal 8-Jan-1891 Wapsie Index
Y's of Lone Tree to give benefit play for West Liberty Library Fund 29-Jan-1891 WL Enterprise
E.S. Evans purchased paint store from H. B. Ash 5-Feb-1891 WL Enterprise
Mr. Lamborn's Broom Factory 12-Feb-1891 WL Enterprise
Lee Tharp purchased Swain Grocery 26-Feb-1891 Wapsie Index
Review of West Liberty Business Men 2-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
Mr. Wormley of Chariton has leased the Railroad hotel & eating house 2-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
Atalissa now has a grain elevator 9-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
Cottage Hotel now Open 16-Apr-1891 Wapsie Index
Banquet of YMPAC (Young Married People's Amusement Club) 30-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
Repairs to sidewalk on Spencer in front of hotel property of John Lewis 30-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
Rob't Hindee purchases Maxson Prop. at head of Calhoun St., will build 30-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
W. L. S. members dined at the new elegant dining parlors of the Cottage 30-Apr-1891 WL Enterprise
Geo. Baldwin sold stock and leased livery barn to Fred Evans 7-May-1891 Wapsie Index
The WL Enterprise will occupy 2 floors of bldg on 3rd E of Mrs. Shourds dry goods 7-May-1891 WL Enterprise
City Hall to be painted a Venetian Red 7-May-1891 WL Enterprise
New Catholic Church formally dedicated 14-May-1891 Wapsie Index
Mills mill in Atalissa burned, destroying machinery and corn 14-May-1891 WL Enterprise
"Under the Laurels" play a success for the Ladies of the Library $ 45 earned 21-May-1891 WL Enterprise
Kimberly's Race Track Completed 16-Jul-1891 Wapsie Index
Sara Bernhardt - (a native of Rochester?) 30-Jul-1891 WL Enterprise
Photography 6-Aug-1891 WL Enterprise
National Hotel (formerly Hise House) closed by J. S. Wilson 13-Aug-1891 Wapsie Index
High School 3rd floor fitted for rhetorical hall with 300 seats 13-Aug-1891 WL Enterprise
R. P. Stucker picked 130 24-Qt cases blackberries, sold for $1.50/case 13-Aug-1891 WL Enterprise
H. C. Harding's brick livery sold to Mr. Ansley of Pennsylvania 20-Aug-1891 WL Enterprise
Parvin & Griffith moved store to the John Lewis bldg. 3-Sep-1891 WL Enterprise
Clark Lewis will conduct hotel in Cooley Bldg. formerly occ. by Parvin & Griffith 3-Sep-1891 WL Enterprise
Griffith Grocery sold to Beyer & Nebergall 10-Sep-1891 Wapsie Index
Many WL businesses now closing at 7:00 p.m. except Saturday night 8-Oct-1891 WL Enterprise
Survey work done for building best mile track in state at Kimberly farm 15-Oct-1891 WL Enterprise
Old Settlers Soc. Meets at G. W. Demming home w. of West Liberty 22-Oct-1891 Wapsie Index
Sidewalk on S Columbus leading to Cemetery relaid and in good shape 5-Nov-1891 Wapsie Index
Hise Hotel Again in Business, E. S. Hise proprietor 5-Nov-1891 Wapsie Index
Friends boarding school flourishing with 55 students N of Centerdale 12-Nov-1891 WL Enterprise
D. Richards bought another meat market, previous owner - T. P. Mitchell 12-Nov-1891 Wapsie Index
Banquet at Hise House for young couples 3-Dec-1891 WL Enterprise
Wm. McCarthy, railroad employee, killed between the cars in local yard 10-Dec-1891 WL Enterprise
W. M. McFadden succeeds Geo Shipman as secretary of Union Dist. Agricultural Society 17-Dec-1891 WL Enterprise
New M.P. Church Bldg. on South Prairie 24-Dec-1891 Wapsie Index
J. E. Barnes, local man now teacher of penmanship 21-Jan-1892 WL Enterprise
Library at new rooms in City Hall, $1.50 yearly membership 21-Jan-1892 Wapsie Index
Bank Robbery at Wilton 28-Jan-1892 WL Enterprise
Hattie (Staples) Burns - noted artist in Chattanooga raised in W. Liberty 18-Feb-1892 Wapsie Index
Benjamin Gatton killed in accident in rail yards 25-Feb-1892 WL Enterprise
R R accident causes death of Ben Gatton 25-Feb-1892 Wapsie Index
Walker, Smith & Co. erecting two story bldg. for farm implements 17-Mar-1892 WL Enterprise
Walker, Smith & Co.-coal, grain, tile, windmills, pumps, etc. 3rd & Spencer 24-Mar-1892 WL Enterprise
Our Water System 24-Mar-1892 WL Enterprise
Home drama troupe performs "Ole Olson" 31-Mar-1892 Wapsie Index
Silver Medal to J T Starr of Long's Penn Ave Creamery for 2nd best butter 7-Apr-1892 Wapsie Index
Boarding house and horse stalls progressing finely at Kimberly track 14-Apr-1892 WL Enterprise
Park Assoc. fitting up a model half mile track for horse racing 14-Apr-1892 Wapsie Index
Musical comedy "Little Trixie" at the Opera House - 35 & 50 cents adm. 14-Apr-1892 WL Enterprise
Entrance to fairgrounds moved to east side 21-Apr-1892 WL Enterprise
New ordinance prohibiting grazing and tethering of cows on our streets 21-Apr-1892 WL Enterprise
New horse barn, hog and sheep pens at Fair grounds 21-Apr-1892 Wapsie Index
Frame bldg. behind Masonic block moved to old mill to make way for a new annex 21-Apr-1892 WL Enterprise
Heavy rains flooded Sarver's barbershop, now moved to S. side 3rd St. 5-May-1892 WL Enterprise
WL's first planing mill in operation (Wickey & McGowan) 19-May-1892 Wapsie Index
Commencement for 17 high school graduates 9-Jun-1892 Wapsie Index
New Cottage Hotel - outfitted and good menus 23-Jun-1892 WL Enterprise
Union Valley Stock Farm - A. E. Kimberly, Kite shaped track completed 21-Jul 1892 WL Enterprise
New Buildings - Value $50,000 28-Jul-1892 WL Enterprise
Railroad moves to close Calhoun St for Stock yards p.5 28-Jul-1892 WL Enterprise
50 Ft. Reservoir tower being built 28-Jul-1892 WL Enterprise
Contract for Eli Elliott's new home to Wiley & Son 28-Jul-1892 Wapsie Index
"At the Ford" (Grays Ford) 4-Aug-1892 Wapsie Index
Judge Nathan Macy of Harlan formerly from Springdale 4-Aug-1892 Wapsie Index
Railroad will keep Calhoun St. open, no stockyard in that location 11-Aug-1892 Wapsie Index
Additional Premium money for entries to Floral Hall at the fair 1-Sep-1892 WL Enterprise
30th Annual meeting of Union District Fair 8-Sep-1892 WL Enterprise
Blackmar & Carney will take possession of the brick livery 29-Sep-1892 WL Enterprise
Weyer & Parsons rebuilding lunch counter at depot after fire last week 29-Sep-1892 WL Enterprise
The "Old Stand" restaurant that burned is being rebuilt 29-Sep-1892 Wapsie Index
City's new Water Tank Bursts 3-Nov-1892 WL Enterprise
42,000 Gal. Water Reservoir Bursts 3-Nov-1892 Wapsie Index
Interesting heirloom found by Elliott King in desk from Ellen Elliott 10-Nov-1892 WL Enterprise
Andrews Opera Co. to present "Mikado" at the Opera House 10-Nov-1892 Wapsie Index
Clark Lewis quits boarding business, offers goods for sale, cn 3rd & Spencer 24-Nov-1892 Wapsie Index
I.A. Nichols Hardware sold to McMillan & Gracey 15-Dec-1892 WL Enterprise
Businesses, Homes and Improvements of 1892 29-Dec-1892 WL Enterprise
E.C. Nichols, editor of Index, Mrs. N.W. Ball, publisher after N.W. Ball's death 12-Jan-1893 Wapsie Index
Great Hog Sale, WL world renowned as a Hog Center 26-Jan-1893 Wapsie Index
Serious train accident at the Depot 26-Jan-1893 Wapsie Index
Frank Barnes purchased Hawkeye Stables at fairgrounds entrance 2-Feb-1893 Wapsie Index
Devolve Richards sold meat market business to Ed Watson 9-Feb-1893 WL Enterprise
Cottage Hotel closed by CRI&P Railroad due to insufficient business 9-Mar-1893 WL Enterprise
New Cheese Factory in Downey 4-May-1893 WL Enterprise
Carney bought Blackmar's interest in the Brick Livery. 11-May-1893 WL Enterprise
Blackmar purchased Evans' livery 11-May-1893 WL Enterprise
Dynamite bombs destroy some Muscatine homes 11-May-1893 Wapsie Index
Hise House on Fire 25-May-1893 Wapsie Index
Hise House Burned 25-May-1893 WL Enterprise
Union Soldiers at Oak Ridge and Friend's cemeteries 1-Jun-1893 Wapsie Index
Index purchased the Enterprise, now called West Liberty Index 3-Aug-1893 West Liberty Index
West Liberty a leader in Poland-China Swine Industry 24-Aug-1893 West Liberty Index
Barbara Heck Society has all day quilting & dinner, 5th & Spc. Tomlinson's 24-Aug-1893 West Liberty Index
Eli Elliott to judge Shetland pony exhibit at Columbian Exposition 31-Aug-1893 West Liberty Index
Early History of U. D. A. S. Fair held in Cedar Co. and now in West Lib. 31-Aug-1893 West Liberty Index
P.E.O. social event a great success 7-Sep-1893 West Liberty Index
Chas. Jacoby photographing engines & trains as they go thru to sell later 7-Sep-1893 West Liberty Index
6 Ac. W of Oak Ridge Cem. purchased of E Fenstermaker for addition to Cem. 5-Oct-1893 West Liberty Index
Harry Wiley of WL elected county sheriff 9-Nov-1893 West Liberty Index
New blacksmith & horse shoer, C. A. Matthiesen from Denver, CO 23-Nov-1893 West Liberty Index
New Cemetery tract - West Oak Ridge 23-Nov-1893 West Liberty Index
Downey Cheese Factory Shut Down for the Season 25-Jan-1894 West Liberty Index
Dispute went to court over lot lines and street lines near 3rd Street 25-Jan-1894 West Liberty Index
3rd St. to have some wood bldgs. replaced with brick business bldgs. 15-Feb-1894 West Liberty Index
New Enterprise, W. L. M'fg. Co.(Makers of Bonham Adjustable Harrow) 8-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
3rd, 4th & 5th Streets extended east to new Morgan St. at the end 15-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
First commencement at Scattergood Seminary 22-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
Downey Cheese Factory Starts up again 22-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
New street to run N of Chesebrough Rd, Clark preparing lots to sell 22-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
Uncle Job Palmer ran a flouring mill 2 mi E of WL from 1846-1857. 29-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
Agricultural Inventions viewed by Farmers 29-Mar-1894 West Liberty Index
Golden wedding anniversary of Lewis & Katherine Clark Bowlsby 12-Apr-1894 West Liberty Index
A. Cooley & Son grocery stock sold to Mr.W. W. Anderson of Des Moines 12-Apr-1894 West Liberty Index
Cottage Hotel Burned 24-May-1894 West Liberty Index
Union Soldiers that are buried in local cemeteries 30-May-1894 West Liberty Index
Woman's Relief Corps 30-May-1894 West Liberty Index
Charter Members of Silas Jackson Post, G.A.R. No. 255 30-May-1894 West Liberty Index
Two evenings of Commencement Exercises for 18 graduates 14-Jun-1894 West Liberty Index
New water plant of C.R.I.&P. railroad is completed 21-Jun-1894 West Liberty Index
Description of new brick McClun building S side of 3rd St. 28-Jun-1894 West Liberty Index
Baseball nine organizing 28-Jun-1894 West Liberty Index
WL Index to be leased by Jont Maxson, W.G. Maxson & P.R. Hardin 28-Jun-1894 West Liberty Index
George G. Barnard, former Muscatine boy, now a noted sculptor 5-Jul-1894 West Liberty Index
Railway Strike in Progress 5-Jul-1894 West Liberty Index
Public flower garden near the Water Tank 12-Jul-1894 West Liberty Index
Trains are again passing through West Liberty 12-Jul-1894 West Liberty Index
Camping parties 19-Jul-1894 West Liberty Index
Sparks from passing engine set fire to Thos. Pidd's oat field 19-Jul-1894 West Liberty Index
Improvements in the Methodist house of Worship 9-Aug-1894 West Liberty Index
Muscatine "nine" play ball with our "Second nine" 16-Aug-1894 West Liberty Index
Longest train ever from West Liberty pulled out with 100 cars 23-Aug-1894 West Liberty Index
Alex Wilson's barn struck by lightning and burned 23-Aug-1894 West Liberty Index
Another successful Fair 20-Sep-1894 West Liberty Index
Charles Schenck escapes robbers at railroad crossing 18-Oct-1894 West Liberty Index
One story 24-foot brick addition completed at Manfull's grocery 25-Oct-1894 West Liberty Index
Barnes & Elliott receive patent on their corn tiller 25-Oct-1894 West Liberty Index
City investigating possibility of a gas plant 15-Nov-1894 West Liberty Index
Public reading room and gymnasium wanted by WL citizens 22-Nov-1894 West Liberty Index
A number of people are recovering from typhoid fever 29-Nov-1894 West Liberty Index
Downey has the leading corn market, constant stream of corn wagons 13-Dec-1894 West Liberty Index
Drugstore safe blown up, Robbers escape, later caught near Moscow 27-Dec-1894 West Liberty Index
C. Jacoby has new Flash Photography 27-Dec-1894 West Liberty Index
Potter & Evans have filled large ice house with 600 tons of ice 17-Jan-1895 West Liberty Index
Mysterious Fire at Clark Lewis Boarding House, E 3rd St 17-Jan-1895 West Liberty Index
Atalissa Barkalow's Drug store safe blown open - only cigars obtained 24-Jan-1895 West Liberty Index
Progressive Farmers' Institute held at the Opera House 24-Jan-1895 West Liberty Index
Midland Monthly details A. C. Quier's help for fugitive slaves in Ohio 7-Feb-1895 West Liberty Index
Gas Plant Franchise approved by City Council 14-Feb-1895 West Liberty Index
Cedar Valley Creamery sold at sheriff's sale 21-Feb-1895 West Liberty Index
Many Farm Closing out Sales Feb-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
New stock pavilion (or sales stable) to be erected on Fair grounds 7-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
Elliott, Barnes & Co. Corn Tiller is patented 7-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
Mrs. L. E. Pike has new green house at corner of 7th & Columbus 7-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
Y.P.S.C.E. "Hard Times" sociable at attic of C. E. Pickering residence 14-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
Mason & Romaine completed building the Sale Pavilion on the fairgrounds 21-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Jones' old home on Calhoun being moved to S of Railroad 28-Mar-1895 West Liberty Index
Stucker & Stucker building Mrs. Jones' new home - Calhoun 25-Apr-1895 West Liberty Index
CA Ball & Sons building Gorman home - Downey 25-Apr-1895 West Liberty Index
Warren building W. L. Brooke home 25-Apr-1895 West Liberty Index
Homer Swain's Star Lunch Room at Union Depot getting interior embellishments 9-May-1895 West Liberty Index
John Lewis has addition to boarding house, cn. 4th & Spencer nearly done 9-May-1895 West Liberty Index
Mr. Schrock is landlord of boarding house at 4th & Spencer 9-May-1895 West Liberty Index
Warren to begin Fred Wolf home S. of town 23-May-1895 West Liberty Index
New Stokes home on Foster Avenue 23-May-1895 West Liberty Index
Mrs. L. A. Bowlsby to have new house, cn. 7th & Calhoun. M. Wiley - carpenter 13-Jun-1895 WL Index
Two evenings of commencement exercises for twentieth high school class 13-Jun-1895 West Liberty Index
Will Warren and Lizzie Shipman sang solos during commencement exercises 13-Jun-1895 West Liberty Index
Justice H. E. Deemer ('76) gave keynote address at alumni meeting 20-Jun-1895 West Liberty Index
Visitors from Anamosa arrived here on bicycles. 20-Jun-1895 West Liberty Index
Masonic Picnic at Resley's Lake, bordering on the Cedar River 27-Jun-1895 West Liberty Index
A drive well put down into gravel 18 ft. near Resley's lake supplied pure cold water 27-Jun-1895 West Liberty Index
Fred Birkett and Henry Mosher purchased new "Phoenix" bicycles 4-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Big Sheriff Wiley returned defaulting auditor, W. H. Johnson from Honolulu 11-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Dr. H. T. Clark's Veterinary Hospital near fairgrounds burned to the ground 11-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Wapsi was dry Saturday for first time in memory of oldest citizens 18-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Our Wheelmen, numbering 40 to 50, consider forming a club (cycling) 18-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Street Boards to be placed at every corner in the city 25-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Much rain and flooding now present 25-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Downey station agent's family taken from depot on a raft to dry place 25-Jul-1895 West Liberty Index
Morgan Addition lots all sold 1-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
Big Bicycle Meeting 1-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
News article of Owen's party gave ages of all of the guests 1-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
The National Game - WL defeats Oxford and West Branch 8-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
Indian meaning of word "Wapsinonoc" as told by Wm. Corns 8-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
Old Settlers Reunion held at Muscatine 8-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
John Brown 15-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
A Day On Wheels - Bicycle Race 22-Aug-1895 West Liberty Index
Indian meaning of word "Wapsinonoc" 5-Sep-1895 West Liberty Index
John Brown 5-Sep-1895 West Liberty Index
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Barnes arrived from Denver, Co on tandem bicycle 12-Sep-1895 West Liberty Index
Will Warren left for Muscatine for a position in the Sash and Door factory there 19-Sep-1895 West Liberty Index
Stockholders of Reading Room organize and elect directors 3-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Rebuild at site of Cottage Hotel by C.R. I & P. 10-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
New iron bridge to replace old on Wapsie W of Browns' on Iowa City Road 17-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Rules & Regs. For Public Library & Reading Room 17-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Cycling season to close soon, 81 bicycles in West Liberty & vicinity 17-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Willis Crozer sold Postal Restaurant to Moore Bros 17-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Whitacre feeding yards 1/4 mi E of cemetery received 1000 sheep from rails 24-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Maxson Family Reunion 31-Oct-1895 West Liberty Index
Chrysanthemum Show at the Christian Church 7-Nov-1895 West Liberty Index
Purch. of an acre of Clark timber at railroad dam & supply reservoir to install pump 7-Nov-1895 West Liberty Index
Trotting Horse Sale at Union Valley Stock farm, A. E. Kimberly 14-Nov-1895 West Liberty Index
Will Warren returned to home near Cleveland, where he will remain until March 21-Nov-1895 West Liberty Index
W L Claims Champion Corn Husker of state 28-Nov-1895 West Liberty Index
L. W. Swem invented improved gas machine for lighting 5-Dec-1895 West Liberty Index
New circular watering tank being put in on W 3rd st. to replace old one 12-Dec-1895 West Liberty Index
"Poverty Ball" held by the band at the Opera House 12-Dec-1895 West Liberty Index
New Books for the Reading Room 12-Dec-1895 West Liberty Index
Another round watering tank placed at Spencer St just S of 3rd St 26-Dec-1895 West Liberty Index
Proceedings of Muscatine Co. Farmer's Institute 23-Jan-1896 West Liberty Index
Council Proc. - Railroad to remove Platform obstructing part of Calhoun St 6-Feb-1896 West Liberty Index
Council Proc. - 3rd St. extension From Morgan St. East to the creek 6-Feb-1896 West Liberty Index
Music to become part of the Public School Course 20-Feb-1896 West Liberty Index
New Railroad Eating House, formerly the Cottage, to open soon for dining 20-Feb-1896 West Liberty Index
Mrs. A.M. McDonald returned after 7 years in Centerville to manage railroad dining hall 20-Feb-1896 West Liberty Index
Prof. G. W. Carver spoke here - Mums for Floricultural Soc. 5-Mar-1896 West Liberty Index
Meal tickets to be issued to tramps that will work for a meal 12-Mar-1896 West Liberty Index
John McCann purchased blacksmithing/plow sharpening business of Charles Burkart 12 Mar-1896 West Liberty Index
Citizens Commercial Club Meeting 2-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
M. Wiley & Sons secured contract for G. Ward's home 2-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
Correction - price & dimensions of G. Ward home 9-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
Will & Fred Warren to begin large Barn for C. Deming 9-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
Sharps & Flats - Notes from the Band, list of members 16-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
Stucker & Stucker to build Fawcett home near Centerdale 16-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
The Coal Chutes 16-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
Reading Room to close for the Summer 30-Apr-1896 West Liberty Index
WL requiring tramps to work for their meals or get out of town 7-May-1896 West Liberty Index
Program for the Band's Opening Saturday night of the season 7-May-1896 West Liberty Index
Warren Bros. began erection of monster barn for Marion Gray, Spgdl. 7-May-1896 West Liberty Index
New thresher came by boat from Ohio to Muscatine for Fred LaFrentz 21-May-1896 West Liberty Index
Rock Island Railroad will build coal chutes here 28-May-1896 West Liberty Index
Bicycle races in state high school athletic tournament 28-May-1896 West Liberty Index
Commencement exercises for 25 high school graduates 4-Jun-1896 West Liberty Index
Ward home details 25-Jun-1896 West Liberty Index
Train derailed on sidetrack at WL 16-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Miss Ellis saves Blakemore's lunch room near depot from burning 16-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Town Council decides to sink new well near present pump house 16-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Residents must purchase a permit to water lawns 16-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Operation of the new Railroad Coal Chute 23-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Republican convention 23-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Railroad car overshot the chutes 30-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
C. M. Nichols will get Swem Gas Light Machine for dry goods store 30-Jul-1896 West Liberty Index
Strong lightning storm damages hotel, kills livestock and burns barns 6-Aug-1896 West Liberty Index
Reunion & Parade of Veterans of Iowa First Infantry 13-Aug-1896 West Liberty Index
Flori-Horticulture Society held flower show on second floor of Town Hall 20-Aug-1896 West Liberty Index
Hoover & Harris now have clothing store at 3rd & Calhoun 20-Aug-1896 West Liberty Index
Child injured when stepping into unguarded window pit in sidewalk 20-Aug-1896 West Liberty Index
Wards take possession of new home 27-Aug-1896 West Liberty Index
Band will use back room of City Hall rent free 17-Sep-1896 West Liberty Index
Ward home dazzling with Swem gas plant in use 17-Sep-1896 West Liberty Index
Record Breaking Republican Rally held at West Liberty 24-Sep-1896 West Liberty Index
General depression of business, A A Ball & co Bank closes, several businesses close 24-Sep-1896 West Liberty Index
Heavy exports of butter over C.R.I.P. from Pickering and Hildebrand creameries 24-Sep-1896 West Liberty Index
E.D. Sanders lights his shop with homemade electric light plant 24-Sep-1896 West Liberty Index
Public Reading Room will open in rooms over Westland's Restaurant 1-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
The SheMale Ball Game featuring the Boston Bloomers 1-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Warren Bros. erected new shop on W. 3rd st. next to Bevan paint shop 8-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Mrs. E. A. Merridith opened millinery in former public reading room 8-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Republican rally at Downey with 600 in the line of march 15-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Wm McClun writes of political visit to McKinley's home in Canton, OH 15-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Golden anniversary for M/M James Hill - recall "Five Mile House" 15-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
McClun writes of personal visit with McKinley in Ohio 22-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Diphtheria afflicting a number of families in area 22-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Centerdale school remodeled with opera hall on second floor 22-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Local actors present "Strife" at opera house to benefit Reading Room/library 29-Oct-1896 West Liberty Index
Index is 15 years old 12-Nov-1896 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Boyce will open boarding house for 8 at 4th & Spencer, formerly Schrock's 19-Nov-1896 West Liberty Index
Knights of Maccabee's Reorganize 19-Nov-1896 West Liberty Index
Plaids, and Nothing Else p.1 26-Nov-1896 West Liberty Index
Thanksgiving Day Gridiron Game 3-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
Boyce Hotel (4th & Spencer) opened successfully with big Thanksgiving dinner 3-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
Collision of train engines near Brooklyn, IA 10-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
Death of Hon. Pliny Nichols, WL resident and former statesman 10-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
Pliny Nichols credited with legislative bill for semi-annual tax collection 10-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
140 teams on the downtown streets at 4 PM Saturday 10-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
Grand Christmas Concert by the band to be held at the Opera House 24-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
O.H. Martin of WL a starting clerk for Railroad Postal route is breaking records 24-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
J.P. McMillan purchased Homer Swain's Star Lunch Counter 31-Dec-1896 West Liberty Index
Eli Elliott sold milk route to W. G. H. Inghram 14-Jan-1897 West Liberty Index
Iowa State Bank organized, will transact business within a month 14-Jan-1897 West Liberty Index
Masque Ball held by the Band - Prizes given 21-Jan-1897 West Liberty Index
Our Wilton Letter (S. W. Stewart recalls settlement days) 21-Jan-1897 West Liberty Index
Night mail service will begin on BCR&N railroad Feb. 27, 6 clerks appointed 28 Jan 1897 West Liberty Index
V. R. Lane will move studio to apts. over Hampton's drug store (Pickering Bldg.) 28 Jan 1897 West Liberty Index
Iowa State Bank will open at former A.A. Ball & Co. location 4-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
W.W. Anderson now sole proprietor of popular 3rd St. grocery 4-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Tribute to Uncle Dick Anderson (former slave) 11-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Lost town of Hudson in Goshen Twp. 11-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Our Wilton Letter (S. W. Stewart recalls settlement days) 11-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
G. Burkart having frame bldg. (former carriage factory) at 4th & Calhoun renovated 11-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Bleeg & Ball (furnaces and materials) will move into Burkart bldg. 4th & Calhoun 11-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Another blaze at Hise Hotel 18-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Flori-Horticulture Society celebrates first anniversary 18-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Band will give a Sheet and Pillow Case dance on March 5 18-Feb-1897 West Liberty Index
Frank Jackson & Jont Givans form partnership to operate old Baldwin livery on Calhoun 4-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
Most merchants converted to "cash only" system 11-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
History of town leadership 11-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
"Chicago Single Slant Light" put in roof of Pickering Bldg. Next to People's Bank 18-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
V.R. Lane , photographer, will occupy 3 back rooms on 2nd floor, Pickering Bldg. 18-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
A.J. Blakemore's popular railroad lunch room now has oak mantel with mirrors 18-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
Houston Carpet Weaving, E. side Calhoun, 3 doors North of Hoover & Harris clothing 18-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
Fire Co. boys using back room, 2nd floor City Hall for training room 25-Mar-1897 West Liberty Index
Eby & Co. to succeed W. Polders dry goods 1-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
G. W. Houston, carpet weaving in the Fulton bldg. on Calhoun St. 1-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Gregg's Millinery over Shaws' Clothing store 8-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
New board of directors for public library and reading room 8-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
Commercial Club topics delivered 8-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
Roy W. Evans hosts progressive whist party 8-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
A Swem gas machine is to be put in Andrew Hendrickson's Shoe Store, W 3rd St. 8-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
First private telephone system connects Hise Hotel to Luce grocery and Vore & Gibson's Meat Market 15-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
New Library Arrangement 15-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
Globe Restaurant at depot has new interior and new "globe" sign 15-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
Westland & Tullis' restaurant on 3rd St. has been repainted and repapered 22-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
Annual Gathering of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs of Eastern Iowa 29-Apr-1897 West Liberty Index
600 Horses bought and shipped from this point in last six months 6-May-1897 West Liberty Index
Park Place Barn on Calhoun St. east of fairgrounds 6-May-1897 West Liberty Index
New Vegetable Hall and Poultry Pavilion to be erected at fairgrounds 13-May-1897 West Liberty Index
George M. Scott will move grocery stock to Odd Fellows' corner bldg. from Hawkeye corner bldg. 13-May-1897 West Liberty Index
Blakemore's "Globe Restaurant" opposite the depot advertising for help 20-May-1897 West Liberty Index
Johnson Bros. opening grocery in the Hawkeye building 27-May-1897 West Liberty Index
Ball Game Played for the Library 3-Jun-1897 West Liberty Index
Graduation Exercises for Nineteen Students 10-Jun-1897 West Liberty Index
King's Daughters entertained at Ward home 17-Jun-1897 West Liberty Index
State University Library destroyed when struck by lightning 24-Jun-1897 West Liberty Index
Maxson-Gray Reunion, gathering of Cedar Co.'s earliest citizens 1-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
Sarver Barber Shop on 1st, Dr. Chesebrough on 2nd, in Rbt. Hindee's new bldg. 3rd St. 1-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
Sam Lee's Laundry next to Brick Livery Barn 1-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
Atalissa Creamery burned 1-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
New Electric Plant and Improvements to Water System to be voted upon 8-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
C.D. Gibson - Brick Livery and Feed Barn has some new elegant rigs 15-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
Vote favorable for electric lights, spirited contest with ladies voting 22-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
Old fence has been torn down in front of East School and cement sidewalk laid 29-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
George C. Shipman had been justice of the peace for 26 years 29-Jul-1897 West Liberty Index
Dan DeQuille (William Wright) returns to WL 5-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
Union Depot Fire 5-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
Creamery on S. Columbus causing offensive odor 5-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
George Griffith sold his furniture stock & undertaking business to Henry Milnes 5-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
S.L. Elliott opening general notion store where J.M. Ball formerly had hardware store 12-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
Celebration for Basil Brooke - 30 years as a drayman on streets of West Liberty 19-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
Letter to Floriculture Society from George Washington Carver 19-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
Description of planned new depot 26-Aug-1897 West Liberty Index
Runaway team caused fatal injuries 9-Sep-1897 West Liberty Index
"Charley's Aunt" to be performed to benefit the library & reading room 16-Sep-1897 West Liberty Index
Fair Premiums Awarded 16-Sep-1897 West Liberty Index
Equal Suffrage convention at Muscatine 30-Sep-1897 West Liberty Index
Explosion at Parker Mill near Moscow 7-Oct-1897 West Liberty Index
Electric lights approved by council 14-Oct-1897 West Liberty Index
Public Library will move to old quarters, one door east of Mead's Book store 21-Oct-1897 West Liberty Index
S.H. Merridith to open a Button Factory 4-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
New Depot 4-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
Electric lights - 22 street lights to be put in 11-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
Whitacre & Dickey sold meat market to Devol Richards & Son 18-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
Geo. Baxter deeded to C.W. Morris SW corner 3rd & Spencer - $4500 18-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
Twelve men, one woman,are candidates for post master, election to be held Dec. 4 25-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
Thimble party 25-Nov-1897 West Liberty Index
H.T. Clark took possession of C.D. Gibson's feed yard and barn on Spencer St. 2-Dec-1897 West Liberty Index
Central Grocery purchased by Mahlon Hollingsworth 2-Dec-1897 West Liberty Index
IA Improved Stock Breeders' Assn. meets at birthplace 24 years later 16-Dec-1897 West Liberty Index
Silas Trimble will have laundry in building formerly Mr. Bevan's paint shop 24-Feb-1898 West Liberty Index
New scale at Vore & Gibson Meat Market weighs accurately and counts up the cash 17-Mar-1898 West Liberty Index
Obituary of William Wright "Dan De Quille" 31-Mar-1898 West Liberty Index
Rock Island Railroad will tear away old freight house on Calhoun St. crossing 7-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
Rock Island Railroad will have a new transfer depot at west end of rail yards 7-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
Button Factory employs 28 people, hopes to employ more 7-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
Tribute to "Dan De Quille" from Salt Lake Tribune 7-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
George W. Carver, Remarkable Agricultural Scientist 7-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
Ditmars & Ayers of Lawler bought Smith Bros. establishment 7-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
Comparison of Municipal Taxation Rates 14-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
Warren Bros. to begin Chas. Wolfe's new house this week on South Prairie 21-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
"Seen in a new Light" re: electric lights 21-Apr-1898 West Liberty Index
City Council voted city official printing to the "Review" 5-May-1898 West Liberty Index
E.H. Thomas of West Branch purch. Brick livery barn from C.D. Gibson 5-May-1898 West Liberty Index
Beyer & Wright new brick going up rapidly 12-May-1898 West Liberty Index
C.F. Regnier sold feed and flour business to J. B. Luse 2-Jun-1898 West Liberty Index
Class of 22 high school graduates 16-Jun-1898 West Liberty Index
The School Exhibit 16-Jun-1898 West Liberty Index
Barn owned by Eli Elliott & rented by Hillis Ady S of RR tracks destroyed by fire 16-Jun-1898 West Liberty Index
Maxson-Gray Reunion 23-Jun-1898 West Liberty Index
Water and electricity rates posted 23-Jun-1898 West Liberty Index
Beyer & Wright moving groceries into their new building, W. side Calhoun 14-Jul-1898 West Liberty Index
Frauds 28-Jul-1898 West Liberty Index
Cherry Sisters perform in West Liberty 28-Jul-1898 West Liberty Index
List of 36 men, Voters in Wapsi Township 1840 election 28-Jul-1898 West Liberty Index
A number of articles about the Spanish-American War 4-Aug-1898 West Liberty Index
Jont Givans again sole proprietor of frame Livery, where he started 30 years ago 4-Aug-1898 West Liberty Index
Spanish-American War is Ended 18-Aug-1898 West Liberty Index
Public Sale of Kimberly Farm - 555 acres in September 18-Aug-1898 West Liberty Index
Ditmars & Ayers - Lumber, pumps, windmills, agricultural implements 18-Aug-1898 West Liberty Index
T.C. Manfull has china souvenirs stamped with picture of high school or churches 1-Sep-1898 West Liberty Index
36th Annual Fair 8-Sep-1898 West Liberty Index
Floyd & Smith succeeding Morris & Son, will sell stoves 20-Sep-1898 West Liberty Index
Wapsi Farmer's Club meets, visit from founder, A.T. Judd 27-Oct-1898 West Liberty Index
Eli Elliott building new barn where fire destroyed one in June 17-Nov-1898 West Liberty Index
John Lewis building addition to room occupied by W L public library 17-Nov-1898 West Liberty Index
Bert John opened Parlor Restaurant & confectionary on Calhoun St. 17-Nov-1898 West Liberty Index
C.D. Gibson adding new barn & stalls at feed yard for use by horse dealer, Fisher 17-Nov-1898 West Liberty Index
Grading completed for double railroad track from West Liberty to Davenport 17-Nov-1898 West Liberty Index
Peoples Furniture Store - C. H. Milnes 23-Feb-1899 Enterprise-Index
Majestic Stoves sold by J. F. Doty Hardware 23-Feb-1899 Enterprise-Index
McMillan & Wright Restaurant bought out by Paxton Wright 9-Mar-1899 Enterprise-Index
Great Rink Furniture Store, C.W. Chase, manager, also mortician 30-Mar-1899 Enterprise-Index
Gus Burkart removing 2 frame bldgs. from S side 3rd st. 6-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
Gus Burkart will erect brick bldg S side 3rd St., Parlor Rest. & Richards meat market will occupy 6-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
Reed Hawthorne purch. Livery stock of E.H Thomas in the brick barn 6-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
Dr. Mary Lawson Neff will open an office in Abner Cooley's bldg. over W.W. Anderson groc. 13-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
Soldier Lee Pond writes from battle area in Phillipines 20-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
Plate Glass being put in the front of W.W. Anderson's Grocery 27-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
W. L. Hose Team has begun practice for the annual Firemen's Tournament 27-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
T.C. Manfull groc. wagon is a covered wagon with scenery painted on sides 27-Apr-1899 Enterprise-Index
"Old Maids Convention" presented at Opera House to benefit Library 18-May-1899 Enterprise-Index
C.E. Pickering bought L. Swem bldg. on 3rd St., Swem moving to Iowa Falls 25-May-1899 Enterprise-Index
Maxson-Gray Old Settler's Reunion 22-Jun-1899 Enterprise-Index
W.L. Business Men - sketches of some leaders and their enterprises 29-Jun-1899 Enterprise-Index
Railroad Improvements 29-Jun-1899 Enterprise-Index
B. John's Parlor Restaurant now In Burkhart's new brick S side 3rd St. 29-Jun-1899 Enterprise-Index
E.E. Smith purchased McClun Bros. clothing house. 13-Jul-1899 Enterprise-Index
W. McClun recalls early business area in W L 13-Jul-1899 Enterprise-Index
Carrie B. Watson appointed Dist. Supt. Of Iowa Children's Home Soc. 13-Jul-1899 Enterprise-Index
D. Richards meat market moved to Burkhart's new brick S. side 3rd St. 13-Jul-1899 Enterprise-Index
Dr. C.B. Kimball has moved office to Burkhart bldg over Parlor Restaurant 03-Aug-1899 Enterprise-Index
Att. J.L. Brooke has moved his office to new Burkhart building on S side 03-Aug-1899 Enterprise-Index
Marshal Wiley reported 190 teams on the streets Saturday at 3:30 p.m. 31-Aug-1899 Enterprise-Index
A.A. Ball sold 17 lots in the Morgan Addition of WL last Thursday 12-Oct-1899 Enterprise-Index
Dr. C.S. Merrill will resume his practice here with an office over Worstell Jewelry store 12-Oct-1899 Enterprise-Index
Our Public Library supported by entertainments, not township or state appropriation 19-Oct-1899 Enterprise-Index
Women's Relief Corps convention held in West Liberty, 105 in attendance 26-Oct-1899 Enterprise-Index
Mr. Dinwiddie of the Review giving up task of a second newspaper in West Liberty 26-Oct-1899 Enterprise-Index
George M. Miller opened harness shop on Spencer opposite Manfull's grocery 26-Oct-1899 Enterprise-Index
Sylvan Plumly's "Nature Study Outlines" sent to all teachers in county 2-Nov-1899 Enterprise-Index
Drilling for artesian well is now down to depth of 650 feet 23-Nov-1899 Enterprise-Index
New homes on 3rd St.- C.P. Worrell, Wm. Warren 28-Dec-1899 Enterprise-Index
Thomas Gibson bought W.C. Harris bldg., addition to be added, 28-Dec-1899 Enterprise-Index
Thomas Gibson's bldg. (former Harris bldg) will house Vore & Gibson Meat Market 28-Dec-1899 Enterprise-Index
A Year's Growth 28-Dec-1899 Enterprise-Index
Lucy Scott Bower's painting recognized in New York City 01/17/1900 Enterprise-Index
D. Richards & Son sold butchering and meat business to F. Dickey & Fred Evans 01/31/1900 Enterprise-Index
First county Farmers' Institute held in West Liberty 02/07/1900 Enterprise-Index
New Artesian well drilled to increase city water supply 02/07/1900 Enterprise-Index
Devol Richards bought an interest in the Vore & Gibson butchering business 02/21/1900 Enterprise-Index
Buildings & homes given numbers and new city directory to be compiled 03/29/1900 Enterprise-Index
G. Burkart putting shelves in room vacated by meat market for George Scott's grocery 04/05/1900 Enterprise-Index
Town ordinance granting use of streets/alleys for installing telephone exchange system 04/05/1900 Enterprise-Index
Council Proceedings, 3rd St. lot owners petition for sewer extending east to creek 04/12/1900 Enterprise-Index
V.R. Lane will convert former tin shop on Calhoun to photo gallery 04/26/1900 Enterprise-Index
Preparing to move Hise House from land Railroad has obtained 05/03/1900 Enterprise-Index
Moving of Hise House begun, stalled on Railroad tracks when cable broke 05/24/1900 Enterprise-Index
Art & Loan Exhibit 05/31/1900 Enterprise-Index
Free Public Library established by City Council after public vote 06/14/1900 Enterprise-Index
J.K. Hoover sold his stock of clothing at 3rd & Calhoun to O.E. Hogue & C.E. Anderson 06/21/1900 Enterprise-Index
A merry group of young people left to camp for a week at Resley's Lake 07/12/1900 Enterprise-Index
Two rural free mail delivery routes established 07/12/1900 Enterprise-Index
Council committee recommended a sewage disposal plant for use by all of city 07/12/1900 Enterprise-Index
Seven stall Brick Round House being Built for Railroad 07/19/1900 Enterprise-Index
New residence built by Warren Bros. on Calhoun for J.F. Doty 07/26/1900 Enterprise-Index
West Liberty Telephone Exchange now in operation, central office over Hoover's store 07/26/1900 Enterprise-Index
Telephone Exchange Directory 08/09/1900 Enterprise-Index
Nichols Family Reunion 08/16/1900 Enterprise-Index
Fairgrounds has new amphitheater 08/23/1900 Enterprise-Index
Hogue & Anderson have taken possession of the Eagle Clothing Store 08/23/1900 Enterprise-Index
23 Daily Passenger Trains 09/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
West Liberty Rod and Gun Club organized 10/04/1900 Enterprise-Index
35th Iowa Veterans reunion held in West Liberty 10/11/1900 Enterprise-Index
Third Anniversary of Fraternal Aid Association celebrated with visitors from other cities 10/18/1900 Enterprise-Index
Wells & Shaw purchased the West Liberty Steam Laundry, 207 W. 3rd St. 10/18/1900 Enterprise-Index
City limits changed to include Oak Park Addition 10/25/1900 Enterprise-Index
Fire destroyed freight depot in early AM blaze 11/01/1900 Enterprise-Index
Report to Council on Floriculture Soc. Improvements to cemetery 11/15/1900 Enterprise-Index
Elliott Henderson sold pharmacy - moving to Satl Lake City 11/15/1900 Enterprise-Index
Geo. Corwin will manufacture cigars rear of Burkart Bldg. over Scott's Grocery 11/15/1900 Enterprise-Index
Floyd & Smith sold hardware stock to Condit & Phillips 11/15/1900 Enterprise-Index
E.T. Stokes new barber shop under Gibson's & Richards 12/06/1900 Enterprise-Index
New transfer freight depot replaces one that burned 12/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
New Railroad Repair shops being built 12/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
Removed Railroad shops to move Wright's Rest. to end of Elm St. facing Depot 12/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
The Cottage refitted for dwelling house, moved to end of 5th St. 12/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
Will Warren has new home next to J.F. Doty on N. Calhoun St. 12/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
A.C. Whitacre home on S. columbus built by Warren Bros. 12/27/1900 Enterprise-Index
C.E. Phillips, new hardware store 01/03/1901 Enterprise-Index
Elinor McELravy writes of Indians in OK Territory 01/31/1901 Enterprise-Index
Mrs. Carrie Nation passed through WL on way to Muscatine, spoke to crowd 02/14/1901 Enterprise-Index
Clarence Morris bought the brick Hawkeye bldg. from the estate of John Lewis 02/14/1901 Enterprise-Index
Sketch of 5 years of Floriculture Society work by Mrs. Quier 02/14/1901 Enterprise-Index
Pioneer John S. Smith was prominent in underground railroad work 02/21/1901 Enterprise-Index
Wright sisters sell dry goods to Simpson & Shaffer 02/21/1901 Enterprise-Index
Gibson & Richards slaughter house S of town destroyed by fire 03/14/1901 Enterprise-Index
Christmas with Cheyenne Indians - E. McElravy 03/21/1901 Enterprise-Index
Simpson & Shaffer will now be Karr Bros. & Simpson Dry Goods 03/21/1901 Enterprise-Index
Newspaper history from 1868 to 1901 04/04/1901 Enterprise-Index
West Liberty Telephone Exchange enlarges system 04/04/1901 Enterprise-Index
Potter Sisters - New Hat Store 04/25/1901 Enterprise-Index
Uncle Dick Anderson dies ** 05/02/1901 Enterprise-Index
C.W. Morris bought Merridith interest in Parlor Restaurant 05/02/1901 Enterprise-Index
Woodmen Picnic to be held at Resley's Lake 06/06/1901 Enterprise-Index
Public Library in Fine Shape 06/06/1901 Enterprise-Index
Class of 1896 has Reunion 06/13/1901 Enterprise-Index
1500 Woodmen Gather at Resley's Lake 06/13/1901 Enterprise-Index
Sours Bros. new photographers opposite City Hall 06/20/1901 Enterprise-Index
Carleton Myers caught in ropes of rising balloon 07/04/1901 Enterprise-Index
WL Entertains Royally on the 4th 07/04/1901 Enterprise-Index
Citizens want steel tank for Water Works 07/11/1901 Enterprise-Index
Citizens wasting water 07/18/1901 Enterprise-Index
Mel Blakesly bought out Geo. Sissel's int. in restaurant at depot 08/08/1901 Enterprise-Index
WL Hose Team to enter Firemen's Tournament 08/29/1901 Enterprise-Index
Fire at Eli Elliott barn (5th & Clay) destroys nearly a whole block of barns, woodsheds, etc 09/05/1901 Enterprise-Index
Citizens mourn death of Pres. McKinley, Memorial service held 09/26/1901 Enterprise-Index
Contracts let for new tower & tank to be placed next to electric power house 09/26/1901 Enterprise-Index
McCarthy Lunch Room burned out next to Hise House 09/26/1901 Enterprise-Index
Pond for Ice Created by James Potter on the flat S. of Railroad 10/03/1901 Enterprise-Index
Real Estate Transfers 10/03/1901 Enterprise-Index
Ten homes quarantined due to small pox in West Liberty 10/24/1901 Enterprise-Index
F.H. Shellabarger judging many poultry shows 11/07/1901 Enterprise-Index
S. B. Osborn ready to open new book store 11/07/1901 Enterprise-Index
C.R.I & P. excavating for a cinder pit near round house. 12/05/1901 Enterprise-Index
Depot express & baggage rooms cold, desks set on high platforms 12/12/1901 Enterprise-Index
Creamery S. of town destroyed by fire (Pickering's)Cedar Valley Creamery 12/12/1901 Enterprise-Index
Town Needs a Brass Band 12/12/1901 Enterprise-Index
Holiday Ball by Social Dancing Club 01/02/1902 Enterprise-Index
M.E. Church at Conesville built by W. Warren 01/02/1902 Enterprise-Index
Eastern Star Organized here 02/06/1902 Enterprise-Index
Steam Laundry employs Six People 02/20/1902 Enterprise-Index
T. McCarthy purchased lunch counter opp. his at depot, Bldg. to be moved 03/06/1902 Enterprise-Index
Will Leefers purchased half interest in Enterprise-Index newspaper 03/13/1902 Enterprise-Index
R C McElravy (son of J W) & Will Leefers, newspaper editors 03/13/1902 Enterprise-Index
Home Talent Play given to earn funds for opera piano 04/03/1902 Enterprise-Index
Railroad removed buildings and rubbish from what is now Floricultural Park 04/10/1902 Enterprise-Index
John Wiley appointed to old office as marshal of WL 04/17/1902 Enterprise-Index
Opera House (Liberty Hall) owned by McClun & Nichols to be closed to the public 04/24/1902 Enterprise-Index
Atalissa Graduation 05/29/1902 Enterprise-Index
Fortnightly Literary Club organized 05/29/1902 Enterprise-Index
Track lying furthest east of depot taken out 06/05/1902 Enterprise-Index
Commencement Programme 1902 06/05/1902 Enterprise-Index
H.S. Baseball team champions of 3 counties, Musc, Johnson & Cedar 06/12/1902 Enterprise-Index
Railway Prospects since merger of BCR&N with CRI&P 06/12/1902 Enterprise-Index
Ladies Dance 06/12/1902 Enterprise-Index
Large Barclay barn under construction by C A Ball & Sons 06/12/1902 Enterprise-Index
Commencement Exercises 1902 06/19/1902 Enterprise-Index
Storefronts below opera house being painted bright red (NW corner 3rd & Calhoun) 06/19/1902 Enterprise-Index
Old well on corner near Hogue & Anderson Clothing filled up 06/19/1902 Enterprise-Index
Railroad narrow gauge track widened for 125 miles 07/03/1902 Enterprise-Index
"Monte Cristo" last performance at this Opera House 07/02/1902 Enterprise-Index
Changes at Railroad Depot 07/03/1902 Enterprise-Index
J F Doty having his storefront at 105 W 3rd painted red also 07/17/1902 Enterprise-Index
McElravy interest in newspaper sold to S B Osborn 08/07/1902 Enterprise-Index
Children from Soldier's Orphans Home coming to the Fair 08/07/1902 Enterprise-Index
Steam laundry adds machinery, takes out of town work 09/25/1902 Enterprise-Index
Fire at Atalissa destroys groc, harness shop, ice house, repair shop, undertaking room, 10/09/1902 Enterprise-Index
Acetylene gas plant - Eli Elliot's residence 10/23/1902 Enterprise-Index
John Smith purchased Geo. Baxter's billiard hall 11/06/1902 Enterprise-Index
Newspaper renamed - West Liberty Enterprise 11/20/1902 WL Enterprise
Commercial Club Begun 12/04/1902 WL Enterprise
Treatment of inebriates at Mt. Pleasant State Hospital 01/08/1903 WL Enterprise
Mail transfer clerk position added here at depot 01/08/1903 WL Enterprise
Tharp Bros. purchased bldg. on 3rd St. occupied by A.M. Tullis as a restaurant 01/08/1903 WL Enterprise
Train Crossing accident injured H. L. Mosher; witnesses claim train too fast 01/15/1903 WL Enterprise
Tabler bought interest of Burt in the drug store 01/15/1903 WL Enterprise
Lamborn Broom Factory conducted by P. Lamborn on Calhoun St. 01/15/1903 WL Enterprise
Will Shaw opened his barber shop on W. 3rd St. 01/22/1903 WL Enterprise
WL regaining lost prestige in grain market at Addleman's elevator 01/22/1903 WL Enterprise
Karr Bros. & Simpson spring dress goods 01/29/1903 WL Enterprise
Muscatine wants new court house 01/29/1903 WL Enterprise
Plans made for a Soldiers' monument at the cemetery 02/05/1903 WL Enterprise
John Wiley to open skating rink in old furniture store building, & will use as dance hall 02/12/1903 WL Enterprise
C.D. Gibson conducting a feeding stable at his barn behind lumber yard at Spencer St 02/12/1903 WL Enterprise
The Fair grocery store has lower prices 02/12/1903 WL Enterprise
Harry Hazlett now occupies the old Baldwin livery stable on Calhoun St 02/12/1903 WL Enterprise
Wapsi opposes idea of new court house at this time 02/19/1903 WL Enterprise
Bank organized at Downey 03/05/1903 WL Enterprise
W.R.C. Ladies to give box social at skating rink to benefit the band 03/26/1903 WL Enterprise
S.P. people trading in Downey, roads impassable from Fords' to W. Liberty 03/26/1903 WL Enterprise
Three rural telephone lines consolidate to form South Prairie Mutual Tele. Co 04/02/1903 WL Enterprise
Downey Savings Bank to be built with WL brick 04/02/1903 WL Enterprise
"Never Sweats" group of elderly gentlemen have adjourned for the summer 04/02/1903 WL Enterprise
Geo. Corwin has cigar factory in town 04/09/1903 WL Enterprise
Letter to Floriculture Society from George Washington Carver 04/16/1903 WL Enterprise
The Civil War Record of Iowa 04/16/1903 WL Enterprise
C.W.Morris fitting up basement of store for restaurant and ice cream parlor 04/16/1903 WL Enterprise
Twp. assessment outside WL; 8 births, 4 deaths, 5775 livestock 04/16/1903 WL Enterprise
C.W. Morris purchased T. C. Manfull & Co. grocery and Queensware 04/23/1903 WL Enterprise
C. W. Morris purchased stock of S. V. Morris 04/23/1903 WL Enterprise
Miss Floyd contr.brick one-story addition to be built on rear of Milnes furniture store 04/23/1903 WL Enterprise
Citizens make plans for an opera house and home for a public library 04/23/1903 WL Enterprise
City assessment: 12 births, 7 deaths, 394 head livestock, 141 vehicles 04/30/1903 WL Enterprise
Band boys getting ready for summer concerts under new leader, W.H. Hawk 04/30/1903 WL Enterprise
Foundation for Soldier's monument at cemetery to be put in this week 05/07/1903 WL Enterprise
Murder of Arthur Mead at McCarthy's Lunch Room 05/14/1903 WL Enterprise
R.J. Wiley fitting up rink with stage, dressing rooms and footlights 05/14/1903 WL Enterprise
Post Office at Adams has been discontinued 05/14/1903 WL Enterprise
Rock Island Railroad is laying sewer from the depot to the creek S. along RR, 2800 ft. 05/28/1903 WL Enterprise
Floods in the past week 06/04/1903 WL Enterprise
Rail yard accident killed brakeman 06/11/1903 WL Enterprise
Monies and Credits (taxation of W.Liberty vs. Muscatine) 06/18/1903 WL Enterprise
Train collision near Elmira killed 3 people 06/18/1903 WL Enterprise
Condensed Milk Factory Assured 07/02/1903 WL Enterprise
Plea to Move the Stockyards from the heart of town 07/02/1903 WL Enterprise
E.T. Stokes moved barber shop to rear of Iowa Bank building 07/09/1903 WL Enterprise
Condensed Milk Factory Planned 07/22/1903 WL Enterprise
Fire boys brought home $190 prize money from tournament at Sioux City 08/06/1903 WL Enterprise
W L Public Schools - Teachers named 08/13/1903 WL Enterprise
H.B. Watters secured a cannon & carriage to be placed at soldier's plot at cemetery 08/27/1903 WL Enterprise
Wm. & P.R. Hardin purchased hardware business of Z.T. Condit 09/24/1903 WL Enterprise
Reunion of "North Prairie Crowd" 10/01/1903 WL Enterprise
Dedication of Soldier's Monument built through efforts of W.R.C. 10/15/1903 WL Enterprise
Robbery of Frank Evans Implement Co. 10/15/1903 WL Enterprise
Drive out the Hoboes 10/29/1903 WL Enterprise
Fortnightly Dancing club to hold first dance in Woodman Hall 10/29/1903 WL Enterprise
Big pond N of old cemetery to be drained this fall, tile being hauled to site 10/29/1903 WL Enterprise
School perfect attendance records for first quarter 11/19/1903 WL Enterprise
Possible Interurban Railway 11/26/1903 WL Enterprise
The Farmer's Institute 12/24/1903 WL Enterprise
Condensed Milk Factory Opening 01/07/1904 WL Enterprise
Dr. W.A. Heck, veterinarian, has located at West Liberty 01/21/1904 WL Enterprise
The Need for an Opera House 01/21/1904 WL Enterprise
Condensed Milk Factory lacked sufficient water supply 01/21/1904 WL Enterprise
Carnegie Offer for Library Building 02/11/1904 WL Enterprise
Another Interurban Railway is proposed 03/03/1904 WL Enterprise
R.S. Clark to retire from city council 03/10/1904 WL Enterprise
Contributors to decide location of proposed library 03/10/1904 WL Enterprise
Steam Laundry changed ownership - Wells & Shaw to Wells & Danenburger 03/10/1904 WL Enterprise
Mrs. John Lewis property (Spencer & 4th) selected for library site 03/17/1904 WL Enterprise
Interurban Electric Railway proposed 03/17/1904 WL Enterprise
J. Reeves moved business one door east, more room for storage of wire fencing 03/24/1904 WL Enterprise
Contract let for new Odd Fellows bldg, 44x80 brick at corner Spencer & 3rd 03/24/1904 WL Enterprise
Sparks from the trolley - opposition to proposed route for electric railway 03/31/1904 WL Enterprise
E.M. Chase formerly of WL, makes Chase's Baking Powder in NE 03/31/1904 WL Enterprise
Voters approve franchise for Interurban railway 04/21/1904 WL Enterprise
Clean up or move the Stock Yards 04/28/1904 WL Enterprise
Sparks from the trolley - news of second interurban route 05/05/1904 WL Enterprise
Wilton will lose its German-English college - moving to Redfield, SD 05/05/1904 WL Enterprise
W.R.C. will give Entertainment 05/12/1904 WL Enterprise
Wm. McFadden shipped 1000 fleeces of wool to Chicago 05/12/1904 WL Enterprise
A.W. Hollingsworth received a patent on an extensive dashboard for vehicles 05/12/1904 WL Enterprise
WL Mothers' Club entertained visitors from the Muscatine Mothers' Club 05/19/1904 WL Enterprise
The Exposition in St. Louis 05/26/1904 WL Enterprise
Honor the Soldier, Dead and Living 06/02/1904 WL Enterprise
Old Timers vs. High School Nine provides interesting ball game 06/02/1904 WL Enterprise
Twenty-Sixth High School Commencement 06/09/1904 WL Enterprise
Large Masonic picnic planned at Resley's Lake near Moscow 06/16/1904 WL Enterprise
Plans for the new public library 06/23/1904 WL Enterprise
Proposed Eastern IA Interurban expected to run to Illinois coal fields 06/23/1904 WL Enterprise
Geo. Miller to replace D.I. Peters as tailor at Hogue & Anderson's clothing 07/07/1904 WL Enterprise
Large 4th of July Celebration at West Liberty 07/07/1904 WL Enterprise
Death of builder - Marshall Wiley 07/14/1904 WL Enterprise
A Relic of Olden Times found in Church Steeple, record of construction of M.E. church 07/28/1904 WL Enterprise
Maxson-Gray Reunion 08/04/1904 WL Enterprise
Union District Agricultural Society 08/04/1904 WL Enterprise
Old Livery barn fire - across from Beyer & Floyd's store on Calhoun 09/01/1904 WL Enterprise
Peanut Politics Prevail 09/01/1904 WL Enterprise
School begins, 400 in attendance 09/08/1904 WL Enterprise
September Council meeting - much business 09/08/1904 WL Enterprise
Farmer's Month at World's Fair in St. Louis 09/08/1904 WL Enterprise
Train Robbery near Letts 09/15/1904 WL Enterprise
High School Athletic Association to introduce basketball 09/15/1904 WL Enterprise
New library building taking shape 09/22/1904 WL Enterprise
W.H. Shipman sold harness shop to F.M. Kirby 09/22/1904 WL Enterprise
Entertainment by the Girls of Forty Years Ago 09/22/1904 WL Enterprise
Odd Fellows new building nearing completion 09/29/1904 WL Enterprise
Secretary Shaw speaks at fairgrounds 09/29/1904 WL Enterprise
Runaway accident caused Etley Whitacre's death 10/06/1904 WL Enterprise
Freight Trains collide at the rail yard 10/06/1904 WL Enterprise
Fire destroyed Gibson & Richards slaughter house below the cemetery 10/13/1904 WL Enterprise
Maurice Whitacre's busy day 10/13/1904 WL Enterprise
Watson Sisters going out of business 10/13/1904 WL Enterprise
Hogue & Anderson's clothing store closing out 10/20/1904 WL Enterprise
Odd Fellows have a housewarming, corner of Spencer & 3rd St. 10/20/1904 WL Enterprise
A.W. Jackson sole owner of WL Enterprise as S. Bent Osborn sold his share 10/27/1904 West Liberty Index
Owner of newspaper changes its name to West Liberty Index 10/27/1904 West Liberty Index
New library needs help to purchase new books 11/03/1904 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Past and Present 12/01/1904 West Liberty Index
Novgorod Fair a great success, nearly $500 realized for library books 12/08/1904 West Liberty Index
Muscatine Co. Farmer's Institute 12/08/1905 West Liberty Index
Fire destroyed E.E. Smith's home, 205 W 8th. St. 10 y 01/12/1905 West Liberty Index
Gambling house raided 01/12/1905 West Liberty Index
Dr. W.A. Heck has purchased Dr. Jay's property and vet. Practice 01/12/1905 West Liberty Index
Low school attend. - measles & chicken pox, Sullivan girl died - measles & complications 01/12/1905 West Liberty Index
New Library Dedicated 01/19/1905 West Liberty Index
Taxpayers of West Liberty 02/02/1905 West Liberty Index
Willing Workers of Union Valley church have successful fair and bazaar 02/02/1905 West Liberty Index
Postal clerks injured in Railroad Wreck 02/09/1905 West Liberty Index
Special Seed Corn Train with Professor Holden speaking on "Gospel of Corn" 02/09/1905 West Liberty Index
Cedar River Navigation - first steamer to Cedar Rapids in 1843 02/23/1905 West Liberty Index
West Liberty School Overcrowded 03/09/1905 West Liberty Index
Important Township Plats 03/09/1905 West Liberty Index
C.M. Nichols & Son, Dry Goods, 103 W. 3rd St. 03/09/1905 West Liberty Index
Hardin Dustless Broom Factory 03/16/1905 West Liberty Index
Rural Wapsi Twp. Schools meet to discuss consolidation 03/30/1905 West Liberty Index
W.C. Evans held formal invitation to opening of railway in I.C., 1856 04/27/1905 West Liberty Index
"Letters from Oregon Ranch" by Lou Benjamin donated to Library 04/27/1905 West Liberty Index
Assessment and Census Statistics 04/27/1905 West Liberty Index
Fence Post Factory 05/04/1905 West Liberty Index
Lane's Studio took photos of the basketball girls 05/04/1905 West Liberty Index
New chemical fire engine has arrived, machine costs $400 05/04/1905 West Liberty Index
A.A. Hardin joined A.W. Jackson at Index Printing Co 05/11/1905 West Liberty Index
Tornado works Destruction NW of West Liberty 05/18/1905 West Liberty Index
New school proposed to handle increased enrollment 05/18/1905 West Liberty Index
Search for new school location, Voters go to polls on June 12 to approve bonds 05/25/1905 West Liberty Index
School Bldg. reconstruct. under way, will add 4 rooms to West School, remodel rest of it 06/22/1905 West Liberty Index
Train Wreck at Downey 06/22/1905 West Liberty Index
Hinchcliffe & Elliott bought general store of Holloway & Cameron at Downey 07/13/1905 West Liberty Index
New horse barns built at the fairgrounds 08/03/1905 West Liberty Index
Tabler moved drug stock to King Building, NE corner of 3rd & Calhoun 08/10/1905 West Liberty Index
Work progresses on new brick school house for Downey 08/24/1905 West Liberty Index
Dr. L.W. Struble took his X-Ray machine to Iowa City to locate lodged bullet 08/31/1905 West Liberty Index
Priceless relic given to library - 1800 original copy of Ulster Co. Gazette 08/31/1905 West Liberty Index
Steam Laundry has been previously closed and will be sold 10/05/1905 West Liberty Index
Poverty Social by Ladies Aid Society of Presbyterian Church 11/09/1905 West Liberty Index
J.D. Potter erecting new ice house near the artesian lake 11/16/1905 West Liberty Index
H.C. Luse bought Bobs'n bowling alley & billiard hall, will consolidate with his own 11/23/1905 West Liberty Index
H.C. Luse will move his business to Burkart building on 3rd Street 11/23/1905 West Liberty Index
Still talk of an interurban railway - nothing definate 11/23/1905 West Liberty Index
Christian Endeavor Soc. of Presby. Church will sell post cards of views of West Liberty 11/30/1905 West Liberty Index
Souvenir post cards made for Presby. Group from photos taken by W.A. Warren 11/30/1905 West Liberty Index
Dan Patch a Methodist 12/07/1905 West Liberty Index
WL one of 4 Iowa libraries featured in publication on library architecture 02/15/1906 West Liberty Index
Six notes to finance Town Well are now all cancelled 02/15/1906 West Liberty Index
Various persons entertaining their friends at flinch in the evenings 02/15/1906 West Liberty Index
John F. Riggs of Des Moines spoke of advantages of central rural school 02/22/1906 West Liberty Index
Barclay's Short-horn Cattle Sale 03/08/1906 West Liberty Index
Vote for rural Central School carried 03/15/1906 West Liberty Index
New Christian Church dedicated at Centerdale 04/05/1906 West Liberty Index
List of teachers in 8 districts of Wapsie Township 04/12/1906 West Liberty Index
McCarthy planning addition to Globe Rest., will transform it into commodious hotel 04/12/1906 West Liberty Index
Concert given on new pipe organ at Methodist Church, gift from Mrs. Ward 04/19/1906 West Liberty Index
Reports of San.Fran. earthquake and fire reach relatives in West Liberty 04/26/1906 West Liberty Index
Letter from Simeon Barnes' son re: San Francisco earthquake 05/03/1906 West Liberty Index
Floriculture ladies and Railroad improving triangular park 05/03/1906 West Liberty Index
Wallpaper at Ward Home 05/10/1906 West Liberty Index
Globe hotel & lunch room refurbished by McCarthy 05/10/1906 West Liberty Index
Photo - High School building (west bldg.) 05/31/1906 West Liberty Index
A Fountain now in place in Railway Park 07/05/1906 West Liberty Index
J. Bockenthein killed in accident in rail yards 07/05/1906 West Liberty Index
School Consolidation 07/12/1906 West Liberty Index
Sarah Bernhardt Our Fellow Citizen ? 07/12/1906 West Liberty Index
Block system to be installed on Rock Island Railroad lines 07/26/1906 West Liberty Index
500 people change trains at WL Sunday night bound for Minneapolis 08/16/1906 West Liberty Index
Small Wreck in Railroad Yards 08/16/1906 West Liberty Index
Change in ownership of Iowa Condensed Milk Factory stock 09/27/1906 West Liberty Index
Second set of twins for Charles Wolf family, now have 10 sons 10/11/1906 West Liberty Index
Reunion & History of 18th IA Infantry at WL 10/18/1906 West Liberty Index
Photo - J. W. McElravy home 10/18/1906 West Liberty Index
Photo - West High School 10/18/1906 West Liberty Index
Photo - Soldier's Monument 10/18/1906 West Liberty Index
I. G. W. Noland arrived from Cumberland to take bookkeeper position at IA State Bank 10/25/1906 West Liberty Index
C.S. Barclay's last Shorthorn Sale 12/06/1906 West Liberty Index
Railroad Engineer killed at Atalissa 12/06/1906 West Liberty Index
P.N. Gibson closed his livery barn, will sell all at public auction 02/28/1907 West Liberty Index
Railroad Fireman killed in local yards 03/07/1907 West Liberty Index
Tharp's bookstore moved to S side 3rd, betw. Shaw's clothing and Richards' meat market. 03/07/1907 West Liberty Index
Centerdale Depot burns down 03/14/1907 West Liberty Index
M. F. Melick (retired farmer) purchased West Liberty Telephone Exchange 03/14/1907 West Liberty Index
Potter Sisters have retired from millinery trade after 15 years. 04/04/1907 West Liberty Index
WL Record (formerly the Ruralist) and WL Index consolidate 04/11/1907 West Liberty Index
Plans for Central School Under Way 04/25/1907 West Liberty Index
"And All Ye Are Brethren" - Central School issue 05/09/1907 West Liberty Index
Voters approve building a new Court House 05/09/1907 West Liberty Index
Plans for Wapsi Twp. Central School 05/09/1907 West Liberty Index
New millinery store of Fisher & Maxson on 3rd St. 05/09/1907 West Liberty Index
The Condensed Milk Industry 05/16/1907 West Liberty Index
Tullis Restaurant & bakery sold to Harry (Ted) Wyant 05/23/1907 West Liberty Index
Index Co. Cranston drum cylinder press installed in basement 05/30/1907 West Liberty Index
Brick Depot to be built at Centerdale 06/06/1907 West Liberty Index
Letter from Mrs. Hollingsworth re: Iowa transplants to Colorado 06/20/1907 West Liberty Index
City Dray & Baggage Line, G.J. Harney, Proprietor 06/20/1907 West Liberty Index
Park Bros. the New Clothing Store at Potter Sisters' old stand 06/27/1907 West Liberty Index
Gambling house raided 06/27/1907 West Liberty Index
Central School House is a Go 07/04/1907 West Liberty Index
Dr. L.W. Struble sold practice to Dr. L.A. Royal, moving to Nebraska 07/04/1907 West Liberty Index
McCampbell home destroyed by fire 07/11/1907 West Liberty Index
House party for 70 people in honor of Mrs. Ward's niece 07/18/1907 West Liberty Index
Hardin Bros. sold hardware stock to Boyd Eves 07/18/1907 West Liberty Index
W.A. Warren is building a 16 room house in I.C. which he will keep for rental 07/25/1907 West Liberty Index
P.E.O. Yearbook for 1907-1908 08/01/1907 West Liberty Index
Harry Hazlett sold livery stable to Lewis Kreth of Oelwein 08/01/1907 West Liberty Index
Remodeled M.E. Church formally reopened 08/29/1907 West Liberty Index
Reception for Mrs. Ward, contributor of $16,000 for church remodeling 08/29/1907 West Liberty Index
Wiley Bags More Crooks 09/05/1907 West Liberty Index
Druggist C.E. Pickering moving to Des Moines, sold home to C.W. Morris 09/05/1907 West Liberty Index
History of Atalissa Presbyterian Church 19-Sep-1907 West Liberty Index
Listing of Rural School Teachers 09/19/1907 West Liberty Index
Semi-centennial of Mt Calvary Lodge 09/26/1907 West Liberty Index
Barclay farm for sale - Descript. & Photo 10/03/1907 West Liberty Index
Court House Contract is Let 10/03/1907 West Liberty Index
County Veterans Reunion 10/03/1907 West Liberty Index
Dr. Ady and his Auto 10/03/1907 West Liberty Index
Fortnightly Club Program 10/10/1907 West Liberty Index
Presbyterian Semi-centennial 10/24/1907 West Liberty Index
A.H. Floyd leased the Childs bldg. now occ. by J.M. Scott for his grocery stock 11/07/1907 West Liberty Index
J.M. Scott will move to Manfull bldg. 3rd & Spencer now owned by Mrs. Geo. Ward 11/07/1907 West Liberty Index
Ditmars & Ayers Lumber merged w/ Ditmars & Kerr Implement 12/19/1907 West Liberty Index
Barn burned on Amos Whitacre farm SE of town, Hans Jensen tenant 12/19/1907 West Liberty Index
Christian Church history & photo 01/30/1908 West Liberty Index
"Milkmaid's Convention" play presented at Lotus Chapter O.E.S. 01/30/1908 West Liberty Index
Tuberculosis Sanitorium opened at Iowa City 02/06/1908 West Liberty Index
Wild Rose School house (NW Pike Twp.) destroyed by fire 02/06/1908 West Liberty Index
Ladies of Eastern Star will present "Milkmaids' Convention" at Wiley Grand 03/12/1908 West Liberty Index
Mrs. G. Ward & chaffeur, Frank Pertlicek, in from Chicago w/ "Thomas Flyer" 05/07/1908 West Liberty Index
Thirty Years Ago - Merchants listed 05/21/1908 West Liberty Index
Proposed addition to the cemetery on west side 05/21/1908 West Liberty Index
Class of 1908 Receive Diplomas 05/28/1908 West Liberty Index
Prof. Martin Mosher will work in Mexico to improve methods of raising corn 05/28/1908 West Liberty Index
Jont Maxson reaches 75 Years 06/04/1908 West Liberty Index
School of Music to be opened by Mildred Nichols & Francis Butterfield 06/04/1908 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Boys Abroad doing well 06/04/1908 West Liberty Index
West Liberty to have another bank - "Citizens Savings Bank" 06/11/1908 West Liberty Index
Iowa Condensed Milk Factory is receiving 23,000 lbs. of milk per day 06/11/1908 West Liberty Index
Dr. Herman Knott has purch. an interest in dental office of Dr. Long 07/01/1908 West Liberty Index
Dr. W.M. Long purchased a Cadillac automobile 07/01/1908 West Liberty Index
C.W. Morris added poultry and produce dept. to business, Geo. Hormel in chg. 07/01/1908 West Liberty Index
Three drown in Resley's Lake 1 mi. south of Moscow RR Bridge 07/09/1908 West Liberty Index
History of camp ground near Rochester 08/13/1908 West Liberty Index
J.A. Westfall finds old relics - kettles 1 mi. s. of Gray's Ford 08/13/1908 West Liberty Index
Ornamental galvanized fence to surround Oak Ridge cemetery - 2226 ft. 08/13/1908 West Liberty Index
R.W. Brooke sold 171 ac. NE of town to Wm. Marolf $140/ac., bought 2 yrs. ago @ $117. 08/27/1908 West Liberty Index
Wapsie Memories - How we started the Band (HEK) 09/03/1908 West Liberty Index
The Cemetery Matter - proposal of rerouting road around cemetery 09/03/1908 West Liberty Index
Auto Accident kills C.H. Milnes, injures others, Ward vehicle 09/10/1908 West Liberty Index
The Cemetery Fence 09/10/1908 West Liberty Index
Machinery Repairs needed at Condensed Milk Factory 09/17/1908 West Liberty Index
Wapsie Memories - Buzzard's Glory (HEK) 09/24/1908 West Liberty Index
Wapsie Mem. - Buzzard's Glory/Plum Grove Schools (HEK) 10/01/1908 West Liberty Index
J.D. Potter purch of C.A. Purvis Crystal Lake ice plant to combine with his own 10/08/1908 West Liberty Index
Wapsie Mem. - Snake Hollow & North Prairie Schools (HEK) 10/15/1908 West Liberty Index
Beautiful Oak Ridge Cemetery 10/22/1908 West Liberty Index
Dr. E. Ady and P.C. Peyton have new Moline touring cars 10/22/1908 West Liberty Index
B.R. Purvis has a Cadillac, West Liberty becoming automobile center 10/22/1908 West Liberty Index
The Central Schoolhouse court case 11/12/1908 West Liberty Index
P.E.O. presented "The Sleeping Car" at the Odd Fellows ground floor hall 11/12/1908 West Liberty Index
Sparks from locomotives caused corn fields of H. Baker and S. Ayers to burn 11/19/1908 West Liberty Index
Pupils of the school of music gave a recital 11/19/1908 West Liberty Index
To and Through Yellowstone Nat. Park by Mrs. M. Ditmars (also 14-28 Jan) 01/21/1909 West Liberty Index
Brick Livery barn sold to G.J. Harney & John Schmitt 02/18/1909 West Liberty Index
Letter written by W.A. Nichols during Civil War 03/11/1909 West Liberty Index
WL high school has 159 pupils 03/11/1909 West Liberty Index
Civil War Reminiscences & women of North Prairie 03/18/1909 West Liberty Index
Condensed Milk Factory Placed in Receivership 03/18/1909 West Liberty Index
Isabelle Green - Prairie Grove; Bertha James - Hartupee; Fern Westfall - Union Valley school 03/18/1909 West Liberty Index
Central School House Court Case 03/25/1909 West Liberty Index
Opera House Project 03/25/1909 West Liberty Index
Luse & Osborn sell groc. stock to W.F. Cooper & Carl Templeman 05/06/1909 West Liberty Index
J.W. McElravy sold great rink to H.C. Luse for $2500, Luse to demolish bldg. 05/13/1909 West Liberty Index
Nichols M.E. church will be moved to central part of town and remodeled. 05/13/1909 West Liberty Index
Potter Sisters will remodel hats at their home on S. Columbus St. 05/13/1909 West Liberty Index
Special pension bill passed in interest of J.W. McElravy, to receive $40 monthly 05/13/1909 West Liberty Index
Judge Elliott goes to Philippines 05/27/1909 West Liberty Index
C.D. Gibson purchased sale pavilion on fair grounds for $305. 05/27/1909 West Liberty Index
C.D. Gibson will move sale pavilion to lot across street from Gibson livery 05/27/1909 West Liberty Index
H.E. Deemer, St. Supreme Court judge, former WL boy, spoke on Memorial Day 06/03/1909 West Liberty Index
High School Commencement held in Chautauqua tent 06/03/1909 West Liberty Index
E.G.H. Beyer bought implement bldg. on 3rd St. below elevator 06/17/1909 West Liberty Index
E.G.H. Beyer will move implmt. bldg. to lot across from city hall on Calhoun 06/17/1909 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua will be held on school grounds at head of Spencer St. 06/17/1909 West Liberty Index
Contract for sidewalk from town to cemetery let to M.H. Merridith for $1200 06/24/1909 West Liberty Index
2nd Chautauqua Assembly a great success 07/01/1909 West Liberty Index
Three hundred Masons have picnic at Resley's lake near Moscow 07/01/1909 West Liberty Index
County officers moved this week to the new court house. 07/01/1909 West Liberty Index
J.C. (Clark) Nichols purchased half interest in W. B. Eves hardware store 07/08/1909 West Liberty Index
Dee Kimberly bought a fine touring car through Ditmars, Kerr & Co. 07/08/1909 West Liberty Index
Frank Redpath opened movie theatre in Mrs. Ward's building, 3rd & Spencer 07/15/1909 West Liberty Index
Miss Janet Ady drives her papa's car like a veteran, the only lady chaffeur in town 07/22/1909 West Liberty Index
A.H. McClun sat on his porch Sunday and counted 40 autos passing during day 07/22/1909 West Liberty Index
Bequest from will of Israel Gaskill of $500 for chapel at Oak Ridge Cemetery 07/22/1909 West Liberty Index
Al McCampbell, WL son, appointed by Chinese gov. chief engineer in RR building in China 07/22/1909 West Liberty Index
Floriculture Society raised money for fence erected at Oak Ridge Cemetery 07/22/1909 West Liberty Index
Thirty years ago a band of thirty Indians was in camp on the Cedar N. of Atalissa 07/29/1909 West Liberty Index
Amy Kimberly Jr. first in Prairie Grove area to own an auto, he drives a Buick 08/05/1909 West Liberty Index
WL Fire Dept. hose boys bring home state championship 08/12/1909 West Liberty Index
R.H. Chase bought 1/2 interest in W.J. Stevens grocery on Calhoun 08/26/1909 West Liberty Index
Wapsie (Central) School House Case Again 09/02/1909 West Liberty Index
E. Beyer moved music stock to his new bldg. E side of Calhoun betw. 3rd & 4th 09/02/1909 West Liberty Index
Adlite motion picture theater, Mrs. Ward's bldg., NE cn 3rd & Spencer 09/09/1909 West Liberty Index
Central School to be opened, Supt. Decision after voters petition 09/16/1909 West Liberty Index
New concrete walk going down around Mrs. Ward's building, 3rd & Spencer 09/30/1909 West Liberty Index
C.W. Morris building brick storage room on railroad betw. Spencer & Calhoun 09/30/1909 West Liberty Index
C.W. Morris storage room will furnish quarters for butter, eggs and poultry 09/30/1909 West Liberty Index
Cemetery sidewalk report 10/07/1909 West Liberty Index
E.M. Chase Co. of Nebraska City, NE sells products of high merit 10/14/1909 West Liberty Index
Voters defy Supt. and petition to sell Central school passes 10/28/1909 West Liberty Index
Central School case has been appealed to State Supt. Riggs 11/11/1909 West Liberty Index
I.N. Haldeman installed as the flagman at the Calhoun St. rail crossing 11/18/1909 West Liberty Index
Ditmars, Kerr & Co. purch vacant lot N of W.R. John's carpenter shop 12/02/1909 West Liberty Index
Ditmars, Kerr & Co to build large auto garage where boarding house & vacant lot are 12/02/1909 West Liberty Index
V.R. Lane sold photographic studio to Shaver & Fry of Wellman 12/09/1909 West Liberty Index
County Farmer's Institute 12/23/1909 West Liberty Index
Miss Hannah Phelps has leading role in State University Play 01/13/1910 West Liberty Index
Commercial Club entertains Leading Farmers 01/13/1910 West Liberty Index
Iowa Condensed Milk Co. sold at Receiver Sale 01/27/1910 West Liberty Index
Arthur Romaine awarded contract for new amphitheater on fairgrounds - $2000 03/03/1910 West Liberty Index
New Bldg. proposed at site of rink for K of P lodge and opera house 03/10/1910 West Liberty Index
Adelite Theater sold to Chester Wright, renamed the Iowa Theater 03/10/1910 West Liberty Index
Fatal Accident on Rock Island Railroad at Marshalltown 03/24/1910 West Liberty Index
Albert Keith, one of the last assoc. w/ underground railway in OH & IA has died 03/24/1910 West Liberty Index
Aftermath of large Rock Island Railroad train wreck - 51 killed 03/31/1910 West Liberty Index
Statistics on Rural Muscatine County Schools 03/31/1910 West Liberty Index
C.J. Mackey elected mayor 03/31/1910 West Liberty Index
The Rink is being demolished to make room for new Opera House 04/07/1910 West Liberty Index
New M.E. church building in Nichols to be dedicated in May 04/28/1910 West Liberty Index
V.R. Lane bought back his former photographic stand from Shaver & Fry 04/28/1910 West Liberty Index
Portable saw mill in operation at R.W. Hinkhouse (formerly Webb farm) N of town 05/05/1910 West Liberty Index
Robert & Morey Eby are new owners of former Tabler drug store 05/19/1910 West Liberty Index
400 Cadets from S.U.I camp at WL Fairgrounds 05/26/1910 West Liberty Index
New K.P. hall and opera house ready for brickwork after foundation completed 06/02/1910 West Liberty Index
A large new amphitheatre is being erected at the fairgrounds this week 06/09/1910 West Liberty Index
Kirchner restaurant, Miskey's pool hall, Foley grain office destroyed by fire in Nichols 06/09/1910 West Liberty Index
New elevator nearly completed for grain market at Centerdale 06/09/1910 West Liberty Index
Albert Whitacre residing at the end of 3rd St. is having a large dairy barn erected 06/16/1910 West Liberty Index
Chas. Burkart replacing his frame buildings on Calhoun with brick 06/16/1910 West Liberty Index
New cement walks on 3rd St. in front of business houses, some on Calhoun 06/16/1910 West Liberty Index
Power Plant to be remodeled 06/30/1910 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua Scores Big Success 07/07/1910 West Liberty Index
Thirty to forty automobiles now in West Liberty area 07/07/1910 West Liberty Index
An addition will be put on Burkart bld. Occupied by Fisher & McCann 07/07/1910 West Liberty Index
Specifications and plans of the WL Opera House 07/07/1910 West Liberty Index
Formerly local, Dr. Jesse Holmes to represent Society of Friends at Congress in Berlin 07/14/1910 West Liberty Index
Parts of business area on 3rd street now have cement walks 07/14/1910 West Liberty Index
Hoosier kitchen cabinets for sale at Morris Dept. Store 07/14/1910 West Liberty Index
L.W. Swem, jeweler, has invented a ring mould 07/21/1910 West Liberty Index
Moylan's railroad restaurant now has electric fans and other modern conveniences 07/21/1910 West Liberty Index
West Liberty's Milk Industry 07/28/1910 West Liberty Index
Polder's Shoe Store to be enlarged with 25x50 ft add. to the rear. 07/28/1910 West Liberty Index
35 rail trains stop daily with 5 pass. trains arr. and dep. between 11 & noon 07/28/1910 West Liberty Index
New amphitheatre a thing of beauty 07/28/1910 West Liberty Index
These are busy days at the training stables near the fairgrounds 07/28/1910 West Liberty Index
New boiler room for the power house 08/04/1910 West Liberty Index
Members of the new band listed 08/04/1910 West Liberty Index
Carpenters are at work repairing Center Hill school house near town 08/11/1910 West Liberty Index
Workmen getting lots ready for new Calhoun St. garage of J. Demean 08/11/1910 West Liberty Index
Fire hose team brings home awards 08/11/1910 West Liberty Index
Governor Carroll Visits Town 08/18/1910 West Liberty Index
Sanitary Sewer System to be constructed 08/25/1910 West Liberty Index
Sidewalk Ordinance 09/01/1910 West Liberty Index
S.C. Snider (furniture) purch bldg. next to his (now cream station) to expand 09/08/1910 West Liberty Index
140 - 200 tons of coal needed daily to supply the train engines 09/08/1910 West Liberty Index
F.M. Myers of Muscatine purchased the Iowa Theatre 09/15/1910 West Liberty Index
Stevens & Chase (groc) rented new Burkart Bldg. as they needed more room 09/22/1910 West Liberty Index
G. Beyer will move music store to bldg Stevens & Chase will vacate 09/29/1910 West Liberty Index
A feed store will occupy bldg. vacated by G. Beyer 09/29/1910 West Liberty Index
Sixth U.S. Cavalry camped at fairgrounds enroute to Ft. Des Moines 10/13/1910 West Liberty Index
DeMean & Kimberly, new auto garage has 3000 sq. feet 10/20/1910 West Liberty Index
Concrete walk in Oak Park Add. on First St. running east from Calhoun 10/20/1910 West Liberty Index
Commercial Club reorganized 10/27/1910 West Liberty Index
New Opera House will open with "The Traveling Salesman" 12/01/1910 West Liberty Index
Opera House Dedicated 12/08/1910 West Liberty Index
Centerdale Ladies Aid Society 12/08/1910 West Liberty Index
Auto Garage now "Kimberly and Smith" 12/15/1910 West Liberty Index
Shipman moved into his new building (harness shop) adjoining city hall 12/22/1910 West Liberty Index
Sparks from train believed to have started small fire on Hise House roof 02/02/1911 West Liberty Index
Ralph Evans chased prowler from home 02/09/1911 West Liberty Index
Overland Model 51 at Ditmars, Kerr & Co. for $1250.00 02/09/1911 West Liberty Index
The Abbott-Detroit for sale at Kimberley & Smith 02/09/1911 West Liberty Index
Manager Maxson brings "The Lion and the Mouse" to the Opera House 02/09/1911 West Liberty Index
R. W. Hinkhouse - Plantation Boss near Corpus Christi 02/16/1911 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Mattie Jones died after an explosion and fire at her home 02/16/1911 West Liberty Index
Prof. M. L. Mosher will be in charge of corn work at W. L. Short Course 02/16/1911 West Liberty Index
Schools closed for the week so that students may attend Farmer's Short Course 02/23/1911 West Liberty Index
Fisher Millinery is now Fisher and Hardin Millinery. 03/02/1911 West Liberty Index
Citizens Savings Bank ad 03/02/1911 West Liberty Index
Iowa Society Picnic in California 03/16/1911 West Liberty Index
H. C. Luse will erect new brick on Calhoun, former site of Eli Wells blacksmith shop for a bakery 03/16/1911 West Liberty Index
Negus & Pinney will occupy new Luse building to launch into bakery business 03/16/1911 West Liberty Index
C. T. Montgomery bought Floyd Grocery 03/16/1911 West Liberty Index
C.M. Nichols & Son (Alvah) to retire from dry goods business 03/30/1911 West Liberty Index
King's Daughters Plan convention to be held in West Liberty 04/06/1911 West Liberty Index
C. D. Gibson tells of Confederate Prison Experiences 04/20/1911 West Liberty Index
Frank Pertlicek - No Desire for Florida Farm 04/27/1911 West Liberty Index
Seeking Bids for construction of new school at Atalissa 05/04/1911 West Liberty Index
Gibson Horse Market very popular 05/04/1911 West Liberty Index
300 S.U.I. cadets tramped from Downey to WL fairgrounds to camp for 3 days 06/01/1911 West Liberty Index
Train Kills West Liberty Miser 06/01/1911 West Liberty Index
Three Rescued from Aerial Grave 06/01/1911 West Liberty Index
Veterans Show Civil War Relics 06/08/1911 West Liberty Index
Street Labor required of all men between 21 and 45 years of age 06/08/1911 West Liberty Index
Cedarville School S. of Atalissa damaged by lightning 06/08/1911 West Liberty Index
Rebekahs hold district convention in West Liberty 06/15/1911 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua coming soon, See ads 06/15/1911 West Liberty Index
Subs. for preferred stock for Iowa City-Davenport interurban being taken 06/15/1911 West Liberty Index
Condensed Milk Co. installed equipment to produce milk flour 06/22/1911 West Liberty Index
WL Chautauqua a great success 07/06/1911 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Sees Balloon Race 07/13/1911 West Liberty Index
J. C. Nichols bought partner's interest in Hardware store after W.B. Eve's sudden death 07/20/1911 West Liberty Index
Contractor ready to begin sewer contract 07/20/1911 West Liberty Index
Auto owners seek abandonment of Wiese Hill roadway west of Resley's Lake 07/20/1911 West Liberty Index
Firemen to compete at Des Moines after winning races the past two years 07/20/1911 West Liberty Index
"Ideal Bakery & Café", new shop opened by Pinney & Negus on Calhoun St. 07/27/1911 West Liberty Index
New coal sheds to be along tracks betw. Calhoun & Spencer for Ditmars, Kerr & Co. 08/03/1911 West Liberty Index
K. of P. picnic held at Taylor's pasture 08/03/1911 West Liberty Index
Group of boys spent Sunday in camp at "The Shack" at mouth of the Wapsie 08/03/1911 West Liberty Index
Manager W.G. Maxson will open opera house season during fair week 08/10/1911 West Liberty Index
Painters working at the depot - inside and outside 08/10/1911 West Liberty Index
Broiler Chickens stolen from Ed Hise's yard at the hotel 08/10/1911 West Liberty Index
Amos Whitacre home (former J. A. Evans home) had many family guests this week 08/10/1911 West Liberty Index
Good Prospects for Button Factory 08/17/1911 West Liberty Index
Change in contractors for sewer 08/24/1911 West Liberty Index
Aviation play for West Liberty 08/24/1911 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Fair the best in history 08/24/1911 West Liberty Index
Classroom teachers and text books named 08/31/1911 West Liberty Index
Morey theater co. makes a record 08/31/1911 West Liberty Index
Button-Cutting Plant a Reality using Swain bldg. south of the depot 09/14/1911 West Liberty Index
Telephonic Hypnotism had subject asleep in Morris Dept. store window 09/14/1911 West Liberty Index
Water storage reservoir under construction along s. Calhoun 09/28/1911 West Liberty Index
Rock Island Railroad promises roofed shed along south side of tracks 09/28/1911 West Liberty Index
G. B. Embree, J. C. Nichols & C. W. Morris have leased the theatre for 2 years 09/28/1911 West Liberty Index
Three day state convention for King's Daughters held in West Liberty 10/05/1911 West Liberty Index
Ditmars, Kerr auto garage on Spencer sold to Kimberley & Smith of Calhoun St. 10/12/1911 West Liberty Index
Kimberley & Smith to use Calhoun location for repair, Spencer loc. For showroom 10/12/1911 West Liberty Index
Iowa State Bank makes plans to erect a new building 12/14/1911 West Liberty Index
New railway station completed at Centerdale 12/14/1911 West Liberty Index
W.L. Candy Kitchen - bon-bons $.25 - 3.50 per box 12/21/1911 West Liberty Index
WL's Second Short Course a Great Success 01/25/1912 West Liberty Index
Fair superintendents appointed 02/01/1912 West Liberty Index
Ad - The Model Clothing House - J. T. Demorest & Bent Osborn 02/01/1912 West Liberty Index
Lotus Chapter O.E.S. celebrated 10th anniversary with 200 in attendance 02/01/1912 West Liberty Index
More room needed in local shipping yards, eleven cars of livestock loaded Tues. 02/01/1912 West Liberty Index
Task of storing 41 cars of ice in J.D. Potter house at Prairie St. completed 02/01/1912 West Liberty Index
Iowa State Bank will have temporary home in street while new building erected 02/08/1912 West Liberty Index
Moving pictures in the Opera house 02/08/1912 West Liberty Index
Fire starts among the celluloid films at the theater 02/08/1912 West Liberty Index
Supervisors voted to extend 3rd st. road, shortening the route to Atalissa 02/08/1912 West Liberty Index
A.A. Anderson purchased dry goods business from C.M. Nichols & Son 02/15/1912 West Liberty Index
Thirteen band members practicing, led by Grant Nichols 02/15/1912 West Liberty Index
See Cooper & Templeman grocery ad 02/15/1912 West Liberty Index
C.W. Morris purchased J.W. Rummels store in Nichols, will be 2nd Morris Dept. Store 02/22/1912 West Liberty Index
Railroad Trains crash head-on 1.5 mi. N. of West Liberty 02/22/1912 West Liberty Index
Fire destroyed McCullough home on Mrs. E.A. Scott farm 02/22/1912 West Liberty Index
Emmor Stokes will move barbershop to ground floor of Beyer block on Calhoun 02/29/1912 West Liberty Index
Mr. Beyer will conduct his business on second floor of his bldg. on Calhoun 02/29/1912 West Liberty Index
Beyer block is one door S. of Evans Panetorium on w. side of Calhoun btw. 3rd/4th 03/07/1912 West Liberty Index
City council discussed proposed site for another button cutting plant 03/14/1912 West Liberty Index
City Council granted M.H.. Meredith a plumber's license 03/14/1912 West Liberty Index
New sewer system had 220 ft. of 8 in. tile & 60 ft. of 15 in. pipe laid last month 03/14/1912 West Liberty Index
Ground broken for WL Pearl Button co.(Protzman & Abbott) next to municipal plant 03/21/1912 West Liberty Index
Ed Furniss writes of recent seige of Beirut in Syria 03/28/1912 West Liberty Index
Our Agricultural High School 03/28/1912 West Liberty Index
J.L. Peters Short-Horn Sale 03/28/1912 West Liberty Index
Temp. building on 3rd St. north of post office erected for Ia. State Bank 03/28/1912 West Liberty Index
Officer George Scott nabbed 2 prowlers, deters burglary 04/04/1912 West Liberty Index
Spring Meeting of Iowa City Presbytery 04/11/1912 West Liberty Index
Dice plans brick block W. 3rd St. betw. Cooper & Templeman store & Dice Lumber yard 04/11/1912 West Liberty Index
Reeves Impl. will again occ. main floor new Dice Bldg.,(44 x 90), Apts on 2nd floor 04/11/1912 West Liberty Index
Loomis Bros. of C.R. to begin work on new Iowa State Bank April 22 04/11/1912 West Liberty Index
River to River road established 04/18/1912 West Liberty Index
Normal Training in High School 04/18/1912 West Liberty Index
S.U.I. Men's Glee Club delights audience at the Opera House 04/25/1912 West Liberty Index
old-fashioned dance at Beyer Hall with music from the Chase family orchestra 04/25/1912 West Liberty Index
Protzman-Abbott button-cutting plant began operations 04/25/1912 West Liberty Index
Relatives of West Liberty man saved in Titanic Didaster 04/25/1912 West Liberty Index
Our Public Schools 04/25/1912 West Liberty Index
Parade and celebration of I.O.O.F. lodge 05/02/1912 West Liberty Index
Commercial Club cites need for more homes in WL, No empty homes 05/02/1912 West Liberty Index
S.U.I. Cadets will be at fairgrounds for annual camp May 18-21 05/09/1912 West Liberty Index
Band Concert led by Grant Nichols a success, members named 05/09/1912 West Liberty Index
Women's clubs of town favor a public rest room 05/09/1912 West Liberty Index
Centerdale Church will observe Mother's Day at its regular service 05/09/1912 West Liberty Index
C.W. Burkart will erect brick business bldg at 4th & Calhoun 05/16/1912 West Liberty Index
C.W. Burkart also proposes to erect brick block on vacant lot adjoining corner lot 05/16/1912 West Liberty Index
Tiemeyer & Swart will occupy Burkart block for restaurant, Burkart will use 2nd floor 05/16/1912 West Liberty Index
Talk of Interurban Iowa City to Muscatine project revived 05/16/1912 West Liberty Index
Three hundred cadets here for four days 05/23/1912 West Liberty Index
Holmes wins interclass field and track meet 05/23/1912 West Liberty Index
Junior banquet for the seniors held at the Hise House 05/23/1912 West Liberty Index
Memorial Day Program 05/30/1912 West Liberty Index
Mass Meeting Favors Interurban 06/06/1912 West Liberty Index
Transients quarantined at the depot due to diptheria 06/13/1912 West Liberty Index
Roy Chase will have grocery in Ward Bldg., 3rd & Spencer, former motion picture theater 06/13/1912 West Liberty Index
Resident surprised burglar 06/20/1912 West Liberty Index
Fifth Chautauqua scores big success 06/27/1912 West Liberty Index
New man brought in to direct work of building sewer system 06/27/1912 West Liberty Index
Ditmars offices ransacked 06/27/1912 West Liberty Index
Cement walks to be put in on west side of Columbus St. 07/04/1912 West Liberty Index
Marshal Wiley dispersed camp of tramps in W. rail yards, ordered them from town 07/04/1912 West Liberty Index
Condensed Milk Factory completely destroyed by fire 07/04/1912 West Liberty Index
Woven wire will replace historic 47 yr old fence on Calhoun and First St. at fairgrounds 07/11/1912 West Liberty Index
Eli Elliott transferred 47 yr. fence from old fairgrounds to present one in 1872 07/11/1912 West Liberty Index
Historical Sketch of West Liberty Fair 07/18/1912 West Liberty Index
Contract let for one story school building on west grounds for ag. And home ec. 07/25/1912 West Liberty Index
Many residents are camping at Resley's Lake 07/25/1912 West Liberty Index
West Liberty high school designated as one of the state normal training high schools 08/01/1912 West Liberty Index
Brick addition to rear of Peyton store, 51 ft. deep, 2 stories high 08/01/1912 West Liberty Index
Problems for sewer crew when tunneling beneath Railroad tracks at Calhoun St. 08/15/1912 West Liberty Index
Fair breaks the record - good weather and good crowds 08/22/1912 West Liberty Index
New Teachers for West Liberty School 08/22/1912 West Liberty Index
Merchants of 30 years ago 08/22/1912 West Liberty Index
A new cart and 750 ft. of new fire hose installed in the town hall 08/22/1912 West Liberty Index
Stoterau Hardware on 3rd St. sold to Harry Hardin & Everett Nay 09/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Record enrollment in schools at slightly over 460. 09/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Kimberley & Smith completed installation underground gas tank, Calhoun St. garage 09/05/1912 West Liberty Index
list of West Liberty ladies teaching in various schools 09/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Our Public Schools 09/12/1912 West Liberty Index
Eby Bros. Drug Co. sold to S. B. Silkwood (Corner drug store) 09/12/1912 West Liberty Index
Football Squads have a Workout 09/19/1912 West Liberty Index
Jont Maxson turns over Relics 09/26/1912 West Liberty Index
Frank Moylan, proprietor of Globe Restaurant, bought the Hise House 09/26/1912 West Liberty Index
S.B. Silkwood sold corner drug store to R. M. Shellabarger 09/26/1912 West Liberty Index
Telegraph system at depot moved to freight house across the tracks. 10/03/1912 West Liberty Index
Car clerks will be in freight house, mail clerks will remain at the depot 10/03/1912 West Liberty Index
Councilmen want more walks 10/03/1912 West Liberty Index
Interest in photographs done by A.H. McClun 10/03/1912 West Liberty Index
Railroad constructing new concrete water tank in RR yards 10/17/1912 West Liberty Index
Organization of a county Farmers' Improvement Association 10/17/1912 West Liberty Index
Sewer workmen have great difficulty due to vein of sand and water at 4th & Prairie 10/17/1912 West Liberty Index
Musc. Co. Farmers' Association will hire a crop expert for the county 11/14/1912 West Liberty Index
Former local man, Judge Charles B. Elliott, tells of Phillipines 11/21/1912 West Liberty Index
The Dress Club, Ralph Evans, E.P. Evans, drycleaning and pressing 11/21/1912 West Liberty Index
Class of 1912 & teachers given an elegant supper by Elsie Mosher & Ortha Lane 11/21/1912 West Liberty Index
Final sewer work completed 11/21/1912 West Liberty Index
Interurban men want First Street for proposed line passing through 11/28/1912 West Liberty Index
Blue & White wins last football game, capping a successful season 12/05/1912 West Liberty Index
A.C. Whitacre sailed down the street with team of oxen equipped with bits, bridles, reins 12/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Frank Abbott & Jesse Scott have bought the Protzman interests in the button factory 12/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Henry Polders to be member of wholesale shoe & leather firm in Des Moines 12/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Frank Montgomery to take over Polders Shoe Store in West Liberty 12/05/1912 West Liberty Index
Annual meeting of Southeastern Iowa Horticultural Society held here for 3 days 12/05/1912 West Liberty Index
L.M. Swartz opened Victoria Café in new Burkart Bldg., 4th & Calhoun, 300 visitors 12/12/1912 West Liberty Index
Parcel Post begins Jan. 1st. 12/19/1912 West Liberty Index
Drs. C.B. & J.E. Kimball opened their new offices in the new Iowa State Bank Bldg. 12/26/1912 West Liberty Index
Olympian Restaurant opposite the Opera House 12/26/1912 West Liberty Index
Pianist Robert MacDonald offered piano lessons to local students 12/26/1912 West Liberty Index
Iowa State Bank & Trust - new building opens 01/02/1913 West Liberty Index
Fourteen Musicians enroll in new West Liberty Band 01/02/1913 West Liberty Index
Boyne & Tabler bought grocery stock from Charles Montgomery 01/02/1913 West Liberty Index
Ed Hardin purch. Will Shaw's barber shop on 3rd St. 01/02/1913 West Liberty Index
Centerdale Lemonade Society entertained the Ladies Aid Society 01/09/1913 West Liberty Index
Two literary societies organized in the high school, H.A.G.E. & Empyrean 01/30/1913 West Liberty Index
Organ purchased for Hazel Dell school with proceeds from box social 02/27/1913 West Liberty Index
Roy Westfall purchased half interest in J.H. Weih & Son Shoe Store 03/13/1913 West Liberty Index
Opening days of the three implement houses drew big crowds 03/13/1913 West Liberty Index
Rock Island Railroad added 50 Ft. platform & canopy on east side of freight depot 03/13/1913 West Liberty Index
L.M. Swartz installed new fountain in Victoria Café at 4th & Calhoun 03/20/1913 West Liberty Index
South Prairie Schoolhouse Co. purch. Central school and 3 1/2 ac. Land 03/20/1913 West Liberty Index
City orders cement sidewalks to replace board or brick walks in all parts of town 04/10/1913 West Liberty Index
Street signs to be placed at each corner 04/10/1913 West Liberty Index
Recommendation for water fountain at post office corner & to replace one in Railroad park 04/10/1913 West Liberty Index
Stage version of "The Virginian" to be presented at the New Theatre (opera house) 04/10/1913 West Liberty Index
Hotel Moylan will add hot & cold water in all 2nd & 3rd floor rooms, steam heating system 04/17/1913 West Liberty Index
New Iceless Soda Fountain at the Rexall Store, W.L. Watters 04/24/1913 West Liberty Index
Attorney E.C. Nichols will vacate S. side Masonic block, Post office will expand into space 05/22/1913 West Liberty Index
E.C. Nichols office will be above W.L. Dry goods co., next to Iowa State Bank 05/22/1913 West Liberty Index
Fire destroyed blacksmith shop and wagon box factory on Main st. of Downey 05/22/1913 West Liberty Index
Charles Waite & Garfield Hill injured in auto accident 05/29/1913 West Liberty Index
New departments of Domestic Science & Manual Training at high school a success 05/29/1913 West Liberty Index
Temp. Bldg. used by Iowa St. Bank sold to H.A. John, will use as shop on Spencer St. 05/29/1913 West Liberty Index
Town accepts peace offering from Clinton firm that constructed reservoir 06/05/1913 West Liberty Index
Postal service to begin mail delivery in town and rural areas 06/12/1913 West Liberty Index
First meeting in Central school house 06/19/1913 West Liberty Index
The Mountain Family Reunion held, history told 06/26/1913 West Liberty Index
Annual picnic for Presbyterian Church will be held at Albert Whitacre's timber E. of town 06/26/1913 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua held in West Liberty 3/10-Jul-1913 West Liberty Index
Sure Mike, a Peter W. colt, owned by Oscar Morris & Chet Kelly winning races 07/24/1913 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Candy Kitchen - ice cream, wholesale or retail 07/24/1913 West Liberty Index
Dr. Sam Chesebrough sold Atalissa drug store and bought corner drug store in WL 08/07/1913 West Liberty Index
Fire destroyed a bunk car used by Mexican laborers near the R. I. Depot 08/07/1913 West Liberty Index
C.W. Burkart will erect one story brick betw. Victoria Café & Stevens Groc. Near SW corner Calhoun & 4th. 08/14/1913 West Liberty Index
King's Daughters will lease new Burkart bldg. to have a downtown rest room 08/14/1913 West Liberty Index
Ten little children from grassless Chicago Aves. arrive for two week outing 08/14/1913 West Liberty Index
Brother of famous author, Jack London, lives S. of WL 09/11/1913 West Liberty Index
Sure Mike won eight of nine races this season 09/18/1913 West Liberty Index
Second Iowa Veteran Cavalry Assoc. to meet in WL Oct. 15 & 16 10/02/1913 West Liberty Index
300 attend Maxson reunion and old settler's celebration at old Gravel house 10/02/1913 West Liberty Index
Morgan & Mulvey - Calhoun St., Plumbing, Heating, Electrical Supplies 10/09/1913 West Liberty Index
Hillis Ady & Co. opening store in Atalissa of men's & ladies' ready to wear merchandise 10/09/1913 West Liberty Index
John Mead just completed a greenhouse, corner of 5th & Elm 10/16/1913 West Liberty Index
Four weeks of evangelistic meetings coming to a close 11/20/1913 West Liberty Index
Resident killed by engine in rail yards 11/20/1913 West Liberty Index
Robert McElravy, son of J. W. McElravy, achieves literary recognition 11/20/1913 West Liberty Index
J. H. Weih purchased the McClun block, NW corner 3rd & Calhoun 12/04/1913 West Liberty Index
Crowd visits new Restroom 01/29/1914 West Liberty Index
Will Warren will erect 20 room fraternity house on E. Washington in I.C. 02/26/1914 West Liberty Index
Mt. Calvary plans to build 03/05/1914 West Liberty Index
Samuel W. Koster named new Postmaster 03/05/1914 West Liberty Index
Wapsi Township Institute held in Central School building 03/05/1914 West Liberty Index
Cozy Restaurant opened by Robt. Klotz, Calhoun & 4th where Victoria Café had been 04/02/1914 West Liberty Index
Ben Tabler retired from Tabler & Boyne grocery 04/23/1914 West Liberty Index
Laborer from the Greek colony crushed to death in the rail yards 04/30/1914 West Liberty Index
Storm causes heavy damage to farm buildings and barn in town burns 05/14/1914 West Liberty Index
Railroad cars of eggs and meat derailed near Atalissa 05/14/1914 West Liberty Index
Dairy Professor urges local Co-op creamery 05/28/1914 West Liberty Index
E.D. Smith building to be moved to just S. of Potter & Weber office in prep. Masonic bldg. 05/28/1914 West Liberty Index
Senator N featured in issue of The Horseman - owned by Albert Whitacre 06/18/1914 West Liberty Index
Brick yard recently purchased by L.E. Bentley is working hard to keep up with orders 06/25/1914 West Liberty Index
Many fast horses now training at the fairground track 07/09/1914 West Liberty Index
Cedar Valley church has pleasant Fourth of July celebration 07/09/1914 West Liberty Index
Gus Tiemeyer sold bakery on Calhoun to J.M. Scott 07/23/1914 West Liberty Index
New dining hall to be erected on Fairgrounds. Frank Moylan will lease this year. 07/23/1914 West Liberty Index
Ad "Eat at the Daily's Restaurant opposite Opera House" 07/30/1914 West Liberty Index
Cozy restaurant now open 24 hrs. a day 07/30/1914 West Liberty Index
Band will accompany Booster Excursion to advertise West Liberty Fair 08/06/1914 West Liberty Index
Waite's Auto Repair open, west side of Spencer St., N. of Third Street 08/13/1914 West Liberty Index
Archie Ditmars, Sgt. in 53rd Regiment will be in camp at Des Moines for 2 weeks 08/13/1914 West Liberty Index
Directors for new cooperative creamery elected 08/27/1914 West Liberty Index
Kimberly & Smith sold Calhoun St. garage w/ Overland & Ford cars to Will Grigg Jr. 09/03/1914 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith will retain agency for Hudson cars. 09/03/1914 West Liberty Index
West Liberty's many teachers 09/03/1914 West Liberty Index
Passenger depot at Atalissa destroyed by fire 09/17/1914 West Liberty Index
Ben Tabler bought Cooper's interest in Cooper & Templeman grocery store 10/01/1914 West Liberty Index
Swain family robbed of jewelry and money 10/08/1914 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Automobile Club organized, Frank Moylan president. 10/15/1914 West Liberty Index
Freight cars derailed near Railroad coal chute and damaged a switch engine 10/15/1914 West Liberty Index
Graduating classes of WLHS, 1875-1914 10/15/1914 West Liberty Index
Howard Anderson, son of W.W., purchased Andrew Anderson's Dry Goods Store 10/29/1914 West Liberty Index
School gives up football 10/29/1914 West Liberty Index
Parvin property at Clay & 4th purchased for Creamery site 10/29/1914 West Liberty Index
Irey adds on to factory producing cement staves for silos where condensed milk factory was located 10/29/1914 West Liberty Index
Thanksgiving turkey dinner at the Cozy Restaurant - 35 cents 11/26/1914 West Liberty Index
Brick and tile Co-op creamery to be built by Arthur Romaine 12/10/1914 West Liberty Index
Quarantine for Hoof and Mouth disease in livestock lifted in Muscatine County 12/17/1914 West Liberty Index
Theaters showing motion picture shows 12/31/1914 West Liberty Index
Anderson Bros. Clothing - Large Clearance sale ad 12/31/1914 West Liberty Index
John Wiley, former law officer of this city preparing for position as elected sheriff 12/31/1914 West Liberty Index
City council seeking bids for various types of paving for streets 01/21/1915 West Liberty Index
S.B. Osborn purch. Stevens' grocery stock, will open in S. room of new Masonic block 01/28/1915 West Liberty Index
Mr. Demean will continue Model Clothing house with James Demorest as manager 01/28/1915 West Liberty Index
Girls' Glee club under direction of Miss Bonifield will give recital at the opera House 02/04/1915 West Liberty Index
Girl's Glee club will be assisted by boys' glee club, H.S. Orchestra and school band 02/04/1915 West Liberty Index
R. Middleton purchased Best Moving Picture house on Calhoun St. from B. Garrison 02/04/1915 West Liberty Index
J.M. Scott sold bakery & restaurant on Calhoun to E.K. Daniels & E.M. Cornwell 02/11/1915 West Liberty Index
Ditmars, Kerr & Co. Seventh Annual Opening & Home Coming, Free dinner, 3 days 02/18/1915 West Liberty Index
C.W. Lundy will occupy Calhoun St. room for undertaking, now used by Mr. Stevens 02/25/1915 West Liberty Index
Grant Nichols will open a tinning business in room vacated by Mr. Lundy 02/25/1915 West Liberty Index
Contract let for Purington Brick block with asphalt filler for paving streets 03/04/1915 West Liberty Index
Nichols Courier makes initial appearance, a newspaper for their city 03/04/1915 West Liberty Index
Union School district in Goshen Twp. Voted to build a new school 03/11/1915 West Liberty Index
Revolver duel on Calhoun St. between two Mexican railroad workers 03/18/1915 West Liberty Index
Ames Glee Club to appear at the opera house in West Liberty 03/18/1915 West Liberty Index
Runaway horse went through plate glass window 03/25/1915 West Liberty Index
Angerer home burns- built by E.T.S. Schenck 04/01/1915 West Liberty Index
Grant Nichols tin shop first door south of Masonic Temple 04/01/1915 West Liberty Index
W.C. Detwiler bought J.H. Weih block occupied by Model Clothing House 04/01/1915 West Liberty Index
Will Hardin has converted his property into two apartments (former Masonic rooms) 04/08/1915 West Liberty Index
New creamery in operation 04/15/1915 West Liberty Index
Gus Tiemeyer bought Daily's restaurant on Third Street 04/15/1915 West Liberty Index
N.L. Romaine building new horse barn (34x70') at the WL Fairgrounds 04/22/1915 West Liberty Index
Rollerskating at the Opera House allowed on certain days 04/22/1915 West Liberty Index
Dedication of new Masonic Temple 04/29/1915 West Liberty Index
Paving plans delayed due to a legality 05/06/1915 West Liberty Index
Local Race Track very popular 05/06/1915 West Liberty Index
Graduates honored at a banquet at the Masonic dining room 05/13/1915 West Liberty Index
Potter & Weber constructing new coal sheds S. side RR tracks west of Calhoun crossing 05/13/1915 West Liberty Index
Elevator threatened by fire 05/20/1915 West Liberty Index
West Liberty passes 1700 population mark 05/20/1915 West Liberty Index
Creamery business growing rapidly 05/20/1915 West Liberty Index
Paving contract let for second time, work to begin soon 05/27/1915 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua begins June 12 06/03/1915 West Liberty Index
Town celebrates Memorial Day 06/03/1915 West Liberty Index
C.D. Gibson will enlarge yard to have first-class farmers' feed & hitching yard S. of 3rd St. 06/10/1915 West Liberty Index
New exposition hall to be built on fairgrounds 06/24/1915 West Liberty Index
Mother and child saved from drowning 07/01/1915 West Liberty Index
Canning Club organized by Kate Logan and Clara Steen 07/01/1915 West Liberty Index
L.W. Swem, jeweler and inventor of ring mould, moving to Iowa Falls 07/01/1915 West Liberty Index
Liberty Bell will pass through WL on July 7 on way to San Francisco Exposition 07/01/1915 West Liberty Index
One thousand at Railroad station to see Liberty Bell 07/08/1915 West Liberty Index
Chaos in Mexico echoed here among colony of railroad laborers 07/08/1915 West Liberty Index
Veterans enjoy annual picnic at John Demean cottage near Tice bridge 07/22/1915 West Liberty Index
Alligators seen near Pike Run 07/22/1915 West Liberty Index
Osborn's Odd Shop to occupy north side of Masonic building 07/22/1915 West Liberty Index
New exposition hall nearly completed on site of old floral hall at fairgrounds. 07/29/1915 West Liberty Index
New hall at fairgrounds will display exhibits of school children of the county 07/29/1915 West Liberty Index
Delayed brick shipments from factory in Galesburg slows paving progress 08/19/1915 West Liberty Index
35 years ago Gus Burkart reported having filled orders for 670 rigs built at his WL factory 09/09/1915 West Liberty Index
Public hitching yard at Clay & Railroad St. adjacent to McCann & Burkart blacksmith shop 09/09/1915 West Liberty Index
Old button plant near railroad depot used as a boarding house 09/16/1915 West Liberty Index
Football games begin October 2, team is enthusiastic 09/30/1915 West Liberty Index
Peoples State Bank bought building west of them from H. B. Childs, occ. Boyne Grocery 09/30/1915 West Liberty Index
Creamery gets contract with R. I. Railroad for 1000 #Iowa Gold butter/week for dining cars 10/07/1915 West Liberty Index
35 yrs. Ago - New instruments arrive for WL band, more than $1000 invested in equipment 10/07/1915 West Liberty Index
Plans for big celebration when lighting system and brick streets are completed 10/14/1915 West Liberty Index
E.C. Kerr & Fred Hinkhouse went to Monmouth, IL to witness a tractor demonstration 10/14/1915 West Liberty Index
Henry J. Boldt bought Waite garage on Spencer St., Waite will remain at garage 10/14/1915 West Liberty Index
U.S. Marine Band will perform here for Nov. celebration, free feed and free movies for all 10/21/1915 West Liberty Index
Last brick laid in paving 10/21/1915 West Liberty Index
Mayor Mackey resigns after six years in service 10/21/1915 West Liberty Index
L.K. Nichols & H.E. Carr will occupy Lane bldg. on Calhoun for laundry, peanut & Popcorn machine 10/21/1915 West Liberty Index
Guy Flater bought and moved Union school house to his farm 10/21/1915 West Liberty Index
Parade, football game, Marine band concert, free movies, free feed all on Nov. 2 in WL 10/28/1915 West Liberty Index
Great crowd of 12,000 attend fall festival, 8500 at free feed 11/04/1915 West Liberty Index
Festival pleases all - Many editors write of the celebration 11/11/1915 West Liberty Index
J.L. Peters, Orchard Farm, 2 miles east sells shorthorns 11/11/1915 West Liberty Index
Photo of Wiese Garage and decorated car for parade 11/11/1915 West Liberty Index
Pointers for motorists 11/18/1915 West Liberty Index
Thomas Fountain puchased local elevator from W.C. Addleman 12/02/1915 West Liberty Index
History & Photos of West Liberty 12/09/1915 West Liberty Index
Walter Fogg purchased Model Clothing House stock 12/09/1915 West Liberty Index
Miller & Grigg Bros. will hold their first horse sale 01/06/1916 West Liberty Index
Modern Woodmen moved from hall above Lewis Hdwre. to quarters above Fogg Clothing 01/06/1916 West Liberty Index
Fire destroys East School Building 01/20/1916 West Liberty Index
Architects chosen to draw plans for new high school 02/03/1916 West Liberty Index
Dimensions, floor plans for new school, district boundary lines defined 02/24/1916 West Liberty Index
J. H. DeMean has begun work on new brick block betw. Masonic Hall & Grigg Garage 02/24/1916 West Liberty Index
Four John bros. returned home from Linn Grove after building new school house 02/24/1916 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Fisher & Mrs. Hardin were in Chicago purchasing their season's millinery 02/24/1916 West Liberty Index
Advance information given on Chautauqua coming in June 03/09/1916 West Liberty Index
Voters approved $75,000 for new high school 03/16/1916 West Liberty Index
Brick paving will be done on 40 additional blocks in town 03/23/1916 West Liberty Index
Thirty-five years ago W.G. Brooke & James Stoops started a creamery in Iowa City 03/23/1916 West Liberty Index
Twenty years ago L. Dotson & employees building a dam for R. R. on West Wapsie 03/23/1916 West Liberty Index
Three big motion picture bookings at the Grand 03/30/1916 West Liberty Index
Operas "The Bohemian Girl" and "IL Trovatore" will be presented at the Opera House 03/30/1916 West Liberty Index
C.M. Nichols planted a row of trees in S. parking of 6th St. between Calhoun & Spencer 04/06/1916 West Liberty Index
Twenty years ago R. R. Co. began erecting coal chutes in local yards 04/13/1916 West Liberty Index
Bids Let for New High School 04/20/1916 West Liberty Index
W. A. Warren to begin construction of second story on Wiese Garage on Spencer St. 04/20/1916 West Liberty Index
A painting room and repair room will be on second story of Wiese Garage, Spencer St. 04/20/1916 West Liberty Index
Pythian Sisters hosted District convention with 100 visiting delegates 05/04/1916 West Liberty Index
Large Royal Neighbors district assembly held here 05/11/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago U.S. Census Report gave West Liberty a population of 1141 05/11/1916 West Liberty Index
Forty foot addition will be added to east side of Morris produce house on S. Spencer 05/11/1916 West Liberty Index
Women suffragists visited West Liberty and held a street meeting 05/18/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago new bandstand completed above town well at Third & Calhoun 05/18/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago new bandstand had trap door and folding stairway leading to upper floor 05/18/1916 West Liberty Index
20 years ago Hoover & Harris clothing firm began here 05/18/1916 West Liberty Index
West Liberty is the only school in the county which offers a normal training course 05/18/1916 West Liberty Index
Commencement exercises for 24 high school graduates 05/25/1916 West Liberty Index
Final Contracts Let for High School 05/25/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago Gus Burkart was in Cincinatti to buy new stock for his carriage shop 06/01/1916 West Liberty Index
30 years ago P. R. Evans paid $65 for the old town hall 06/08/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago rain destroyed 20,000 brick at the I. C. Nichols plant 06/08/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago John Lewis & S.T. Chesebrough bought Bowersock brick block for $5000 06/15/1916 West Liberty Index
Three WL men report for army duty against Mexico 06/22/1916 West Liberty Index
Work on West school heating plant 06/22/1916 West Liberty Index
30 years ago new orchestra of 5 men on violin, cornet, trombone, piano and piccolo 06/22/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago Occidental Band bought new bass drum for John Wiley 06/22/1916 West Liberty Index
J. C. Nichols will have new sheet metal plant where H.A. John had 2 smaller bldgs on Spencer 06/22/1916 West Liberty Index
New bakery in basement of Morris Dept. Store, ovens have capacity of 200 large loaves 06/29/1916 West Liberty Index
Herman Steen will soon begin his new work with Prairie Farmer, published in Chicago 06/29/1916 West Liberty Index
Electric lighting added to fairgrounds in preparation of night shows 08/10/1916 West Liberty Index
Local horse racers make fine showing in fast company 08/10/1916 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith bought Adams & Schooley implements in Demean building on W. 3rd St. 08/10/1916 West Liberty Index
Local residents enjoy camping at Rochester 08/10/1916 West Liberty Index
Council requests telephone co. to move pole obstructing Phillips & Beyer driveways /Calhoun 08/10/1916 West Liberty Index
Brick paving completed on streets north of 3rd Street 08/17/1916 West Liberty Index
30 years ago large iron cage placed in city hall to be used as a jail 08/24/1916 West Liberty Index
Attendance at West Liberty fair was 13,000 08/24/1916 West Liberty Index
Phelps Motor Co. to have new Ford shop in Demean building 08/24/1916 West Liberty Index
Abandoned church in Cedar Valley will be added to W. side of Atalissa Presbyterian ch. 08/24/1916 West Liberty Index
List of teachers for new school year 08/31/1916 West Liberty Index
Letter from Archie Ditmars with infantry band in Brownsville, TX 08/31/1916 West Liberty Index
J. C. Nichols sheet metal and furnace plant nearly completed on Spencer St. 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Basement to be built under M. E. Church in Cedar Valley 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Montgomery shoe store will now occupy only the east half of Polders building, W. 3rd St. 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Veterans of 35th IA Infantry (Civil War) having reunion in Muscatine, five vets from WL 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
J. M. Miller resumes management of opera house. His tent show closed season in Solon. 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Lew Jackson, Rbt. Brooke, Jesse Swart, & Chester Peters enrolled at CR business college 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Storage house near front of North Prairie Cemetery being placed on concrete foundation 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
WL officially placed on Diagonal Route to Seattle via Downey, Iowa City & Cedar Rapids 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
What was it worth to Iowa to be represented at Panama-Pacific Intern'tl Exposition? 09/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Switch engine struck auto at Columbus St. during rain storm, 2 men escaped injury 09/14/1916 West Liberty Index
Law firm of Holmes & Brooke dissolved partnership 35 years ago (1881) 09/14/1916 West Liberty Index
Letter to editor written by former resident & newspaper printer Henry W. Lewis 09/14/1916 West Liberty Index
Watermelon party at Hormel's Hill for Class of 1917 09/14/1916 West Liberty Index
H. B. Childs sold brick livery barn to Will Hardin, N. B. Ansley will continue livery business 09/14/1916 West Liberty Index
30 years ago stone abutments/structural iron being placed for new railroad bridge E. of town 09/21/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago T. M. Campbell took charge of the Windus House. 09/21/1916 West Liberty Index
New outside plant heats West school 10/05/1916 West Liberty Index
Showroom for Velie & Dodge autos being prepared on Spencer St. at rear of Chase Groc. 10/05/1916 West Liberty Index
A. L. Richard's stolen auto recovered in Streator, Illinois 10/05/1916 West Liberty Index
Addition at rear of Demean building next to Dice Lumber will house Smith & Kleinart auto repair 10/05/1916 West Liberty Index
George J. Harney began his new job as agent for Standard Oil Co. 10/05/1916 West Liberty Index
Gus Burkart made a 150 lb. buggy for Dr. Ady, characterized as a "wonder" in 1881 10/12/1916 West Liberty Index
Construction accident at new high school gravely injured two workmen 10/19/1916 West Liberty Index
Town buys 7 ac. cemetery tract south of Oak Ridge Cemetery, former Potter residence 10/19/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago Dr. Heckenberger, veterinarian, located in West Liberty 10/19/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago Hayward & Heiferfinder of ILL. here to start soap factory 10/19/1916 West Liberty Index
35 years ago Sylvan Plumley, manufacturer of ink, received 7000 stone bottles from England 10/19/1916 West Liberty Index
Ida Eve's millinery business will move to west room in Polder's block on W. 3rd St. 10/26/1916 West Liberty Index
S. C. Snider has new silver-gray automobile hearse 11/02/1916 West Liberty Index
Road club organized; plans for oiling the River to River Road 11/16/1916 West Liberty Index
Monday Music Club organized, W. A. Warren - president 11/16/1916 West Liberty Index
Box social held at Central school house by the Union school netted $50.00 11/16/1916 West Liberty Index
Ladies of South Prairie M. P. church will serve a chicken supper in Central school house 11/16/1916 West Liberty Index
E. C. Nichols recalls earlier football and baseball days at University of Iowa 11/23/1916 West Liberty Index
Council contracted for installation of 30 gasoline street lights 25 years ago (1891) 11/23/1916 West Liberty Index
Occupants of Polders block will be given separate entrances and new display windows 11/23/1916 West Liberty Index
Auto struck by train at Prairie Street, passengers escape injury 12/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Football squad has winning season 12/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Bronner Paint Shop over L. R. Wiese Garage 12/07/1916 West Liberty Index
Four WL soldiers with 1st IA Infantry coming home from Texas border 12/14/1916 West Liberty Index
Conditions at the West school building 12/14/1916 West Liberty Index
Funeral for Charles Abbott, Troop D 1st IA Cavalry, killed while on duty at Donna, Texas 12/21/1916 West Liberty Index
Mrs. J. D. Fisher retiring from millinery, Mrs. Hardin will continue the shop 01/04/1917 West Liberty Index
Henry B. Melick assumes proprietorship of West Liberty Telephone Company 01/04/1917 West Liberty Index
In 1881 section hands were quitting their jobs due to reduction in wages 01/04/1917 West Liberty Index
Chet Beach will celebrate 10 years in service for the Rock Island Railroad 01/04/1917 West Liberty Index
Potter & Weber began ice harvest from their pond at the foot of Hormel Hill 01/04/1917 West Liberty Index
Fine cattle sale at Grigg Bros. newly covered sales pavilion between Columbus & Spencer 01/11/1917 West Liberty Index
Hon. A. L. Richards is chairman of Agriculture committee in the state legislature 01/18/1917 West Liberty Index
Serious falls on ice injure residents 01/18/1917 West Liberty Index
Second Bond issue needed to complete new school 01/25/1917 West Liberty Index
Soldiers Ditmars, Peters, Brooke and Coxon home to stay 01/25/1917 West Liberty Index
S. P. Farmer's Institute closed a succesful two-day session at the Central school house 01/25/1917 West Liberty Index
Baggage room changed to west end of the railroad depot 01/25/1917 West Liberty Index
The government must once again carry mail between the depot and post office 01/25/1917 West Liberty Index
Chet Kelley trains State's Best Steppers 02/08/1917 West Liberty Index
Mr. Shellabarger sells Barred Rock poultry from his N. Columbus St. property 02/15/1917 West Liberty Index
Raymond Lodge, K of P, entertained more than 300 for banquet and program 02/22/1917 West Liberty Index
Will Hardin will install bowling alley at west side of brick livery barn 4th & Calhoun 02/22/1917 West Liberty Index
Part of brick livery will be occupied by Sanger & Ward, implements and automobiles 02/22/1917 West Liberty Index
Music Club of fifty voices to give concert at the Opera House 03/08/1917 West Liberty Index
J. H. Irey cement stave factory south of RR tracks very busy manufacturing for silos 03/08/1917 West Liberty Index
City will purchase electricity from Iowa Railway and Light Co. in Cedar Rapids 03/08/1917 West Liberty Index
Glen Barnes purchased Frank Elliott's interest in the dray line 03/08/1917 West Liberty Index
C. W. Morris & nephew escape revolution in Camaguey, Cuba, take small boat to Havana 03/15/1917 West Liberty Index
War with Germany is declared 04/12/1917 West Liberty Index
Fire destroyed new opera house in Atalissa 04/19/1917 West Liberty Index
A. M. Ekelburg preparing to open cigar factory, now located below post office 04/19/1917 West Liberty Index
New Society of Friends church in Springdale 05/10/1917 West Liberty Index
Society of Friends Church - Springdale dedicated (photo in paper) 05/17/1917 West Liberty Index
Home Men Enlisting 05/17/1917 West Liberty Index
Four more WL boys off to barracks 05/24/1917 West Liberty Index
History of Friends Society at Springdale 05/24/1917 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua in WL June 5 - 11 05/31/1917 West Liberty Index
Invest in Liberty Bonds 05/31/1917 West Liberty Index
Formation of WL Red Cross Society 05/31/1917 West Liberty Index
American Flag on cable over 3rd St. from McIntosh's aprt. On S to Allie Sissell's on north 05/31/1917 West Liberty Index
T. E. Fountain, who operated local elevator for past year, sold to Schafer & Hunter of Wapello 05/31/1917 West Liberty Index
Military registration for all men ages 21 - 30 on June 5th 05/31/1917 West Liberty Index
Patriotism rules - WL celebrates day of registration 06/07/1917 West Liberty Index
Class of 1917 graduates 27 members, first to use the just completed auditorium 06/07/1917 West Liberty Index
Street gives way at 3rd & 4th near depot park due to quicksand problem 06/21/1917 West Liberty Index
Wapsie raises $2400 for Red Cross War Fund 06/28/1917 West Liberty Index
P.M. Schooley elected president of the new Iowa Polled Hereford Breeders Assoc. 07/05/1917 West Liberty Index
New road patrol laws and patrolmen will be on duty 07/12/1917 West Liberty Index
N. Romaine has begun erection of new Goshen No. 3 school, replacing one that burned 07/12/1917 West Liberty Index
Women fight Waste 07/19/1917 West Liberty Index
Local Red Cross seeks a monthly income 07/26/1917 West Liberty Index
Draft names drawn for army 07/26/1917 West Liberty Index
Presbyterian Church rededicated after improvements made 08/02/1917 West Liberty Index
W. L. Vulcanizing Co., H. S. Bowman, Rear of I.O.O.F. building, 3rd & Spencer 08/02/1917 West Liberty Index
Harry Lewis writes of escaping sinking ship 08/09/1917 West Liberty Index
Three offices Robbed 08/09/1917 West Liberty Index
Local men called to army 08/16/1917 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Fair August 20 - 23 08/16/1917 West Liberty Index
G. Anson, foreman of erecting crew, killed in fall from 50 ft. cement stave silo 08/23/1917 West Liberty Index
New high school will be ready for use when school begins in Sept. 08/23/1917 West Liberty Index
Paul Hinkhouse writes of escaping in life boat after ship sunk by a mine 08/23/1917 West Liberty Index
Anderson Bros. had grand champion Poland China hog at State Fair 08/30/1917 West Liberty Index
Record enrollment in schools at 432. New H. S. commerical course very popular 09/06/1917 West Liberty Index
Theft of canned fruit from Mrs. Mackey's home, 6th & Elm 09/06/1917 West Liberty Index
Rest room which had been maintained by King's Daughters for 3 yrs. was closed 09/06/1917 West Liberty Index
Four babies succumb to cholera infantum 09/13/1917 West Liberty Index
Locals turn out to greet five sections of special trains for 168th infantry going east 09/13/1917 West Liberty Index
Home Boys in France 09/13/1917 West Liberty Index
Farm team runs wild on Third Street 09/20/1917 West Liberty Index
R. C. Wagner & Henry Friedli homes' street corners have monster flower beds 09/20/1917 West Liberty Index
Local Red Cross makes shipment of supplies for the Front 09/27/1917 West Liberty Index
Charles Mackey on Surgeon General's staff, writes from Washington 09/27/1917 West Liberty Index
Postage will be 3 cents per ounce and post cards will require 2 cent stamp 10/11/1917 West Liberty Index
Wapsie Township called upon to purchase $211,000 worth of Liberty Bonds 10/18/1917 West Liberty Index
Clay Nichols writes of his duties with 168th hospital corps 10/18/1917 West Liberty Index
West Liberty responds to government request for Meatless and Wheatless days 11/01/1917 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith bought J. Kleinart's interest, now sole owner of Hudson & Ford garage 11/08/1917 West Liberty Index
Livestock poisoned 11/08/1917 West Liberty Index
Nay & Nichols Hardware sold to Henry & Charles Swart 11/08/1917 West Liberty Index
In 1887, 19 local women marched to the polls and demanded ballots, but were refused 11/08/1917 West Liberty Index
Coal supply situation is serious 11/15/1917 West Liberty Index
John Kleinart bought interest in Grigg garage on Calhoun, will be in charge of repair dept. 11/15/1917 West Liberty Index
John Schmitt sold his dray line to Ed Sullivan 11/29/1917 West Liberty Index
W. H. Shipman has order from government for 200 breeching back straps 11/29/1917 West Liberty Index
Red Cross remains active and seeks more pledges 12/13/1917 West Liberty Index
New Baptist church at Downey to be dedicated on Sunday 12/13/1917 West Liberty Index
Long Beach Press says C. D. Gibson of WL, first to buy War Savings Certs. (19) in L. B. 12/20/1917 West Liberty Index
Dressings class of Red Cross makes record number 12/20/1917 West Liberty Index
The law concerning sale of flour and sugar during wartime 12/20/1917 West Liberty Index
Water main breaks at new school 12/27/1917 West Liberty Index
Eastern Star installs officers 01/10/1918 West Liberty Index
Pythian Sisters enjoy big session, install new officers 01/10/1918 West Liberty Index
Heavy snow blocks many roads 01/10/1918 West Liberty Index
Ref. car loaded with apples left tracks in local yards, for a time all hands and mouths busy 01/10/1918 West Liberty Index
Storm knocks us cold 01/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Twenty years ago the current was turned on for WL's first street lamps 01/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Army School Assured 01/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Local cement stave silo plant ready for boom 01/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Potter & Weber's big barn of 2000-ton capacity is completely filled with ice 01/17/1918 West Liberty Index
New officers named for Royal Neighbors, Liberty Lodge and W. R. C. 01/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Fuel remains scarce 01/24/1918 West Liberty Index
School begins for military registrants, French instruction included 01/24/1918 West Liberty Index
Merchants shorten hours, churches hold union services to conserve fuel 01/31/1918 West Liberty Index
German alien enemies over age 14 must register (un-naturalized) 01/31/1918 West Liberty Index
Schools closed this week, lack of fuel 02/07/1918 West Liberty Index
Local soldier survives the torpedoed Tuscania 02/14/1918 West Liberty Index
Schools increase hours to make up time 02/14/1918 West Liberty Index
Annual county teacher's institute to be held here in March 02/21/1918 West Liberty Index
Drug thieves caught 02/21/1918 West Liberty Index
School dedicates flag to graduates in the service 03/07/1918 West Liberty Index
Archie Ditmars left Index shop, now associated with father at Ditmars, Kerr & Co. 03/14/1918 West Liberty Index
photo of young Harry Lewis 03/14/1918 West Liberty Index
U. S. Boys' Working Reserve 03/21/1918 West Liberty Index
Large service flag made by Mrs. J. L. Peters sold for $11,450 at Red Cross auction 03/28/1918 West Liberty Index
Stars on flag made by Mrs. Peters denote 54 local men in service 03/28/1918 West Liberty Index
Class of 1918 is largest in the history of the WL school - 41 in number 04/04/1918 West Liberty Index
Camp Dodge cantonment band will give concert here Friday 04/04/1918 West Liberty Index
Local Red Cross complimented on high quality of work 04/04/1918 West Liberty Index
No more German in school; textbooks found burned, some dumped in creek 04/18/1918 West Liberty Index
City getting ready for new electrical service 04/18/1918 West Liberty Index
Fair proposes building new hog barn 04/18/1918 West Liberty Index
Army trucks pay us a visit 04/18/1918 West Liberty Index
Peoples State Bank observes fiftieth anniversary 04/25/1918 West Liberty Index
Campaign for War Savings Stamps 05/02/1918 West Liberty Index
Old buildings must go - a fire hazard 05/02/1918 West Liberty Index
Ned Romaine given contract for hog barn with 124 stalls at WL fairground 05/02/1918 West Liberty Index
New meat market at Morris Dept Store 05/02/1918 West Liberty Index
Changes at the Moylan Hotel 05/02/1918 West Liberty Index
V. R. Lane sold photo studio to W. S. Tannery of Nebraska 05/09/1918 West Liberty Index
Prof. Fred Rapp headed excursion of younger boys from the grades on banks of Wapsie 05/09/1918 West Liberty Index
Osborn & Lewis form partnership, groc & hardware on N, Odd shop on S in Masonic Bldg 05/09/1918 West Liberty Index
Photos of High School Class of 1918 05/09/1918 West Liberty Index
Willet Whitacre killed by mad bull 05/16/1918 West Liberty Index
High School gymnasium photo 05/16/1918 West Liberty Index
High School auditorium photo 05/23/1918 West Liberty Index
Old hog barns taken down in readiness for new hog barn to be built at fairground 05/23/1918 West Liberty Index
Nation will hold second military service registration day in June 05/30/1918 West Liberty Index
Town cheers departing soldiers 05/30/1918 West Liberty Index
Clarence Seeley's barbershop now located in the Moylan Hotel 05/30/1918 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua here June 7 - 13 06/06/1918 West Liberty Index
Old residence removed by C. W. Burkart at rear of Klotz restaurant for new brick on 4th St. 06/06/1918 West Liberty Index
New brick on 4th St. to be used by Paterson Sales, will connect at rear to present location 06/06/1918 West Liberty Index
Memorial Day impressively celebrated 06/06/1918 West Liberty Index
Flag pole to be erected in depot park 06/06/1918 West Liberty Index
List of local men in the second military call 06/13/1918 West Liberty Index
Swart Hardware on W. 3rd St. purchased by Henry Polders and Fred Evans 06/27/1918 West Liberty Index
Town unfurls new flag in depot park 07/11/1918 West Liberty Index
Next draft takes 278 from Muscatine County 07/11/1918 West Liberty Index
Town men show farmers some fancy field work 07/18/1918 West Liberty Index
New fair barn is rising, 80 by 180 feet dimensions 07/25/1918 West Liberty Index
Lt. Col. Clark R. Elliott died on French battlefield, buried there 08/01/1918 West Liberty Index
Town honors first war victim, memorial service for Lt. Col. Clark Elliott 08/08/1918 West Liberty Index
Babies to have exams 08/08/1918 West Liberty Index
Wounded soldier, Chester Peters, praises Red Cross 08/08/1918 West Liberty Index
WL fair opens next week, to be best fair ever 08/15/1918 West Liberty Index
Boys show fine cattle, rural school student work won premiums at fair 08/29/1918 West Liberty Index
All men between ages 18 - 45 now must register for military draft 09/05/1918 West Liberty Index
Letters from soldiers 09/12/1918 West Liberty Index
Peach stones needed by government in manufacture of charcoal for gas masks 09/19/1918 West Liberty Index
Fourth Liberty Loan government bonds to be sold 09/19/1918 West Liberty Index
Train of special war exhibits will stop here Firday morning 09/26/1918 West Liberty Index
Metal encased Dust house erected east of main bldg. at elevator 09/26/1918 West Liberty Index
Prevalence of influenza in army camps delays draft call 10/03/1918 West Liberty Index
Red Cross nurse, Ella Noring, died from influenza/pneumonia at Camp Merritt, N. J. 10/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Lid goes on town due to influenza 10/17/1918 West Liberty Index
Uncle Sam needs more tin 10/24/1918 West Liberty Index
Anderson Bros. clothing store is closing out 10/24/1918 West Liberty Index
More letters from soldiers 10/24/1918 West Liberty Index
James Dallas Raver died from pneumonia in France on or about Oct. 12 11/07/1918 West Liberty Index
Mem. Services for James Dallas Raver and Elsie Davis, vol. nurse, who died in PA 11/07/1918 West Liberty Index
Word from front lines 11/07/1918 West Liberty Index
Signing of Armistice - Old Wapsie goes wild 11/14/1918 West Liberty Index
Schools close - Influenza 11/14/1918 West Liberty Index
Photo of Grigg's Sale Pavilion 11/21/1918 West Liberty Index
Word received Mansell Phillips died Oct. 27 from battle wounds in Europe 11/28/1918 West Liberty Index
J. Kleinart bought James auto repair business on Spencer St. 12/12/1918 West Liberty Index
Suspicious check lands man in jail 12/19/1918 West Liberty Index
Flu Epidemic Still Here 01/02/1919 West Liberty Index
P.N. Gibson preparing for large horse sale at Grigg Bros. pavilion, Gibson's old stand 01/02/1919 West Liberty Index
Short course (8 weeks) in agriculture and farm accounts to be offered at high school 01/09/1919 West Liberty Index
Wed. morning 57 sleds at stock yards to discharge loads of hogs, shipping to Chicago 01/09/1919 West Liberty Index
30 yr. ago Owen Gorman & Sam Parsons purch. John Wiley's Headlight Rest. near Depot 01/09/1919 West Liberty Index
Chaplin informs Philips family that Mansel Phillips buried in cemetery at Blaise, France 01/23/1919 West Liberty Index
Thirty years ago George Beyer sold his paint shop to Mr. Bristol of Chicago 01/23/1919 West Liberty Index
Elevator threatened by fire 02/06/1919 West Liberty Index
20 yrs. ago Deal betw. Railroad & town that would permit opening Elm St. south to 4th St. 02/13/1919 West Liberty Index
W.S. Tannery - Photographs that Please 02/27/1919 West Liberty Index
Grand opening for new men's and boys' clothing store - Ruthenberg Clothing Co. 03/13/1919 West Liberty Index
Presbyterians entertain returned soldiers 03/20/1919 West Liberty Index
Boy Scouts Organizing 05/08/1919 West Liberty Index
Creamery will build large addition on west side 05/15/1919 West Liberty Index
F.J. Moylan has torn away barn & shed at rear of depot rest., prep. To erect garage 05/15/1919 West Liberty Index
Tom McCarthy purchased restaurant near depot from Frank Moylan 05/22/1919 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua In West Liberty June 9 - 15 06/05/1919 West Liberty Index
Warren Pulse bought J. H. Anderson's dry goods store 06/12/1919 West Liberty Index
New cattle barn to be erected at the Fair grounds 06/19/1919 West Liberty Index
One of first homes (1856) torn away to make way for gas station, SE corner 4th & Calhoun 06/19/1919 West Liberty Index
A Standard Oil service station to be erected also at NE corner of 4th and Calhoun 06/19/1919 West Liberty Index
C. W. Morris bought the brick store bldg. which adjoins his brick block on 3rd Street 06/26/1919 West Liberty Index
Whitacre's prized Jersey is pictured 06/26/1919 West Liberty Index
Dr. J. F. Hinkhouse has been elected president of Lenox College in Hopkinton 06/26/1919 West Liberty Index
Adelaide Stober elected the new librarian. Eva Ball resigned position; moving away 07/03/1919 West Liberty Index
Improve Burial Ground (North Prairie) 07/10/1919 West Liberty Index
Boy Scouts off for camp 07/10/1919 West Liberty Index
Grant Nichols still leading the band for Sat. nite concerts on the post office corner 07/17/1919 West Liberty Index
Schafer Elevator Busy 07/24/1919 West Liberty Index
Trial flights of aeroplane 07/24/1919 West Liberty Index
The Town must Expand 08/07/1919 West Liberty Index
Lightning strike kills two 08/07/1919 West Liberty Index
J. Kleinart to erect 60 x 40 garage S. of McCaw blacksmith, betw. 4th & 5th on Calhoun 08/14/1919 West Liberty Index
C.J. Mackey takes job as Mayor, City wants post of municipal manager created 09/04/1919 West Liberty Index
Smoke Liberty Cigar, A.M. Ekelberg, manufacturer, West Liberty, IA 09/18/1919 West Liberty Index
Firemen seeking funds for a motor truck 09/25/1919 West Liberty Index
C.W. Morris bought Chesebrough drug store stock and building at 3rd & Calhoun 09/25/1919 West Liberty Index
People's State Bank buys site for Future Home (3rd & Calhoun) 10/02/1919 West Liberty Index
Osborn & Lewis dissolve partnership; L. Lewis will operate Hdwr. & groc. on Calhoun St. 10/09/1919 West Liberty Index
M/M Osborn will open ladies' wear store in Amos Whitacre bldg. on 3rd. St. 10/09/1919 West Liberty Index
Original plat of old town found by Att. E.C. Nichols at court house 10/09/1919 West Liberty Index
Bond Issue Passes for Engine for Electric Service 10/16/1919 West Liberty Index
Small child ate medicine tablets and died 10/23/1919 West Liberty Index
New James & Kleinart Garage being built on Calhoun St. 11/06/1919 West Liberty Index
E.D. Smith Feed Store on Clay St. bought by WL Co-op creamery 11/13/1919 West Liberty Index
Coal Situation Becomes Acute 12/04/1919 West Liberty Index
Shorter Business Hours Due to Coal Strike 12/11/1919 West Liberty Index
Town Buys New Fire Apparatus - a Maxwell Truck to be delivered within 60 days 12/18/1919 West Liberty Index
Manager John Heath installed new projector at the Grand theater 12/18/1919 West Liberty Index
Gas explosion put Greenway family in peril 01/01/1920 West Liberty Index
Narrow escape from death for Nay family during auto-buggy crash at RR crossing 01/01/1920 West Liberty Index
Mrs. P.R. Hardin sold millinery shop in IOOF bldg. to Mrs. H.A. Evert & daughter 01/08/1920 West Liberty Index
H.B. Melick will begin erection of telephone Exch. Bldg. on Calhoun N. of livery in spring 01/08/1920 West Liberty Index
C.W. Morris moved drug stock to west room of dept. store, G.B. Embree in charge 01/08/1920 West Liberty Index
School gym open for business men each Thursday 01/15/1920 West Liberty Index
Frank Pertlicek sold Manfull bldg. 3rd & Spencer to Will Burkart 01/22/1920 West Liberty Index
Charles Gaeta Fruit Store & confectionery next door to IA St. Bank 01/22/1920 West Liberty Index
State honors war nurses who gave lives, Ellen Noring and Elsie Davis from WL 01/29/1920 West Liberty Index
Rockafellow Pays Fortune for Prize Boar 02/05/1920 West Liberty Index
Wapsie twp. division of Farm bureau was organized 02/05/1920 West Liberty Index
Town to Have a City Manager 02/12/1920 West Liberty Index
Hotel proposed for Brick livery site 02/19/1920 West Liberty Index
Dr. Heck sold veterinary practice and W. 5th residence to Dr. J.C. Carey 02/26/1920 West Liberty Index
WL Girls and Nashua meet for Eastern iowa championship basketball game 02/26/1920 West Liberty Index
Tom Killion purchased Third Street restaurant 02/26/1920 West Liberty Index
H.L. Mosher bought T.P. Mitchell Implement Co. on Calhoun St. 03/04/1920 West Liberty Index
Leo Jehle has agency for Twin City tractors & separators at rear of Manfull Buidling 03/11/1920 West Liberty Index
Catholic Church at Nichols destroyed by fire 03/18/1920 West Liberty Index
Fix the Roads' Cries Public 04/22/1920 West Liberty Index
Lightning struck SW corner of Opera House roof, causing damage to other bldgs. Also 04/22/1920 West Liberty Index
New motor fire truck has arrived 04/29/1920 West Liberty Index
Cemetery Will be Beautified - Old road will be closed 05/06/1920 West Liberty Index
Guy Schnoebelen bought Third St. restaurant from Tom Killion 05/06/1920 West Liberty Index
Appraisers set value of Rohlf estate at $4500 - considered too high by Fair directors 05/20/1920 West Liberty Index
Local veterans to have Am. Legion Post here 05/20/1920 West Liberty Index
Fair buys 3 ac. From John Potter adjoining at NW corner of fairgrounds 05/27/1920 West Liberty Index
J.C. Nichols sold sheet metal works to Walcott Automatic Trap Nest Co. 05/27/1920 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua tent going up on its old location - the East school grounds 06/03/1920 West Liberty Index
Aeroplane lands nearby and gives rides to some residents 06/03/1920 West Liberty Index
Auto test keeps fans interested 07/01/1920 West Liberty Index
Culbert Bros. of Riverside purchased Klotz restaurant at 4th & Calhoun 07/08/1920 West Liberty Index
40 yrs.ago thirty Indians were camped in the woods near Downey 07/15/1920 West Liberty Index
Harry Hazlett improving barns at S Calhoun near fairgrounds, high fence to enclose lot 07/15/1920 West Liberty Index
Community honors two war heroes killed in France, brought home for burial 07/22/1920 West Liberty Index
30 yrs. Ago L.W. Swem bought Rejahl prop. On 3rd St., planned to erect new jewelry store 07/22/1920 West Liberty Index
Mansell L. Phillips American Legion Post Established, Polders block above shoe store 07/29/1920 West Liberty Index
1100 fans turn out for WL - Durant baseball game, Hildebrand outstanding player 07/29/1920 West Liberty Index
Davenport Fair offers completely new Outfit 08/05/1920 West Liberty Index
River to River road now renamed Number "7" 08/05/1920 West Liberty Index
In 1885 there were 60 Civil War veterans living in Wapsie Twp., 25 living in Goshen Twp. 08/12/1920 West Liberty Index
WL Hide & Tallow Co. has completely remodeled its rendering plant 08/12/1920 West Liberty Index
Central School comes into own - will hold classes 08/19/1920 West Liberty Index
Large Livestock show during the WL Fair 08/19/1920 West Liberty Index
Guy Schnoebelen bought Amos Whitacre block across from Opera House for restaurant 08/19/1920 West Liberty Index
Mrs. P.R. Hardin bought back millinery shop she previously owned a year ago. 08/19/1920 West Liberty Index
Classes will not be held at Central School 08/26/1920 West Liberty Index
"West Liberty" cement letters for Depot Park near railroad placed by Floriculture Soc. 08/26/1920 West Liberty Index
Gaeta's gang, West Liberty Independents, still winning baseball games 08/26/1920 West Liberty Index
Atalissa Elevator burns 09/30/1920 West Liberty Index
Old condensed Milk smokestack dynamited after children's attempts to climb 92 ft. structure. 10/07/1920 West Liberty Index
School of citizenship to prepare new voters 10/14/1920 West Liberty Index
Local swine capture grand championships 10/14/1920 West Liberty Index
10 yrs ago 650 men, 750 horses of 6th U.S. Cavalry camped here on march from Indiana to Ft. Des Moines 10/14/1920 West Liberty Index
Sheep club proposed for county young people 10/28/1920 West Liberty Index
Coming election will be first vote for women 10/28/1920 West Liberty Index
Levee planned to save lands from Salisbury bridge to RR crossing east of Pike run 11/25/1920 West Liberty Index
Sheriff finds 25 gal. moonshine still in woods near Salisbury bridge 12/02/1920 West Liberty Index
Methodist Choir gave Cantata "The Messiah's Coming" directed by Mrs. L.A. Royal 12/23/1920 West Liberty Index
Service Star Legoin honors martyred nurse, Ellen Noring 01/13/1921 West Liberty Index
Depot is inadequate for travelers - need more space 01/20/1921 West Liberty Index
Train strikes three in auto, one dead, two injured 01/27/1921 West Liberty Index
New plumbing & electrical business at NW cn. 4th & Calhoun, H.B. Wright/George Case 02/03/1921 West Liberty Index
40 yrs ago eight sleigh loads of Iowa City people came for banquet at the Hise House 02/03/1921 West Liberty Index
Another fire truck proposed for use in rural areas 02/10/1921 West Liberty Index
Two day Agricultural short course planned 02/10/1921 West Liberty Index
Floriculture Society observes 25th Ann. and recalls city projects 02/24/1921 West Liberty Index
Parent - Teachers Unit under way 02/24/1921 West Liberty Index
Pythian Reunion - 400 attend 02/24/1921 West Liberty Index
Local missionary, Ortha Lane, tells of terrible conditions in China 03/17/1921 West Liberty Index
People's State Bank to build new home at NE cn. 3rd & Calhoun 03/31/1921 West Liberty Index
WL team, Rob Buckman, Ben Whittington, Herb Schmidt won 1st place in state judging contest for sheep 31-Mar-1921. West Liberty Index
Fund drive has nearly enough for Rural Fire Truck 31-Mar-1921. West Liberty Index
Metal ceiling of old corner drug store bought by W.L. Waters, being removed by Grant Nichols 04/14/1921 West Liberty Index
Rural schools seek admission to West Liberty school 04/28/1921 West Liberty Index
Sheriff nabs bootleggers 05/05/1921 West Liberty Index
Letter from Dr. M.J. Hinkhouse in China 06/09/1921 West Liberty Index
New bridge crosses Wapsie Creek on East side of town 06/30/1921 West Liberty Index
Town plans for 4th of July celebration 06/30/1921 West Liberty Index
City will generate its own electricity - in dispute with electric company 07/07/1921 West Liberty Index
Election set to vote on school consolidation question 07/14/1921 West Liberty Index
Consolidation approved for Hartupee, Prairie Grove and Snake Hollow schools 07/21/1921 West Liberty Index
New water tank going up in rail yards west of passenger depot 07/21/1921 West Liberty Index
New horse barn at Fair grounds destroyed by fire 08/18/1921 West Liberty Index
Farm Bureau will make Membership Drive 09/15/1921 West Liberty Index
Mid-West Grocery store opens in west room of the Polders building on 3rd St. 09/15/1921 West Liberty Index
Robert Macdonald, local boy, will tour West giving piano concert, teaches in Chicago 09/15/1921 West Liberty Index
WL town baseball team wins Eastern Iowa championship 09/22/1921 West Liberty Index
John Heath appointed as clerk in post office 09/22/1921 West Liberty Index
Parent Teachers Association had large gathering to get acquainted for school year 09/29/1921 West Liberty Index
Sports writers had much to say about Dewey Gibson playing center on freshmen Coe FB team 09/29/1921 West Liberty Index
South Prairie Church (1864) was raised and basement added to building 09/29/1921 West Liberty Index
City has new contract with Iowa Railway & Light Co. to furnish electric power 10/13/1921 West Liberty Index
Mrs. L.A. Royal first county president of National League of Women Voters 10/20/1921 West Liberty Index
Editor calls for stop to bootleggers providing liquor to youngsters 11/03/1921 West Liberty Index
Chet Kelly, noted horse trainer, will take over training stables at new Aurora, Ill fairgrounds 11/03/1921 West Liberty Index
Special election shows Peatvale school members prefer consolidating with West Liberty 11/10/1921 West Liberty Index
Workers are installing a creamery in basement of C.W. Morris store 11/17/1921 West Liberty Index
Independent basketball team organized 11/17/1921 West Liberty Index
Home judging team wins honors in agricultural contest 12/08/1921 West Liberty Index
South Prairie plans Institute and Show 12/08/1921 West Liberty Index
WRC will send Christmas box to children at Perkins hospital in Iowa City 12/15/1921 West Liberty Index
Christmas tree stands at post office corner of 3rd & Calhoun 12/15/1921 West Liberty Index
Boys and Girls organize Clubs 04/27/1922 West Liberty Index
People's State Bank opens new home on 54th birthday 05/04/1922 West Liberty Index
Midnight blaze at Joe Miller's barn near fairgrounds entrance kills trotting horses 05/04/1922 West Liberty Index
Community's first play day proves happy event for crowd 06/01/1922 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua week in full swing 06/08/1922 West Liberty Index
Hutchinson Ice Cream Co. opened plant in basement of Morris store, 150 gal. made daily 06/08/1922 West Liberty Index
Merchants to have Big Bargain Day 06/15/1922 West Liberty Index
Ice Cream social on the Royal lawn for benefit of Girl Reserves of the Y.W.C.A. 06/22/1922 West Liberty Index
Liberty's auto camp 06/29/1922 West Liberty Index
Boy Scouts enjoy Camp Whip-Poor-Will 06/29/1922 West Liberty Index
Thousands enjoy Celebration on Fourth 07/06/1922 West Liberty Index
P.L. Kimberly Estate gives $10,000 for Park 07/13/1922 West Liberty Index
A.L. Richards appointed new Postmaster 08/24/1922 West Liberty Index
Young people of this community make good at Iowa State Fair 08/31/1922 West Liberty Index
Schools open with 540 enrolled 09/07/1922 West Liberty Index
Locomotive explosion injures railroad crew 09/21/1922 West Liberty Index
Railroad in 70th year plants tree in memory of Everitte St. John, early general passenger agent 10/12/1922 West Liberty Index
Radio brings big game (Iowa-Yale football) to fans gathered at L.E. Lewis Co. 10/19/1922 West Liberty Index
Entire community will celebrate Halloween together 10/19/1922 West Liberty Index
Leo Jehle remodeled bldg. at NW 4th & Calhoun, to display tractors, autos, threshing machinery 11/02/1922 West Liberty Index
Nichols & Nichols sheet metal works is located on Spencer St. 01/04/1923 West Liberty Index
Ellwood Smith retired from Bingham & Smith plumbing firm 01/04/1923 West Liberty Index
New movie house, the Strand, opening where the Grand was located on Calhoun St. 01/04/1923 West Liberty Index
South Prairie plans big Institute 01/18/1923 West Liberty Index
Junior class will present "Clarence" in the high school auditorium 02/08/1923 West Liberty Index
Mid-West Grocery closed 02/22/1923 West Liberty Index
Tabler Grocery store sold to A.J. Johnson 03/01/1923 West Liberty Index
Land N. of West school purchased from Carrie McClun, Irvin Compton, Eb Fogg and J.C. Nichols 03/08/1923 West Liberty Index
Land purchased for Kimberly Park & Playground N. of West School 03/08/1923 West Liberty Index
Guy Schnoebelen sold 3rd St. restaurant to buyer from Iowa City 03/08/1923 West Liberty Index
The Star Car on display at the Tourist Garage, 4th & Calhoun 04/19/1923 West Liberty Index
High School Annual makes good reading 04/26/1923 West Liberty Index
Community Supper enlivened by School Orchestra 04/26/1923 West Liberty Index
15 yrs ago Floriculture laid out flowers at Depot park with blooms to form "West Liberty" 04/26/1923 West Liberty Index
WRC entertained nine Civil War Veterans 05/03/1923 West Liberty Index
Tourist Camp Ground at fairgrounds open for the season 05/03/1923 West Liberty Index
Community Play Day will mark close of school, May 24 05/10/1923 West Liberty Index
Snow on May 8, temp 28 degrees next morning 05/10/1923 West Liberty Index
Junior Banquet an elaborate affair staged as a French Garden in the gym 05/17/1923 West Liberty Index
Baby boy abandoned on porch of Julius Schaapveld home 05/17/1923 West Liberty Index
Thousands attend first Muscatine county Community School Day at fairgrounds 05/31/1923 West Liberty Index
St. Joseph's church planning Fourth of July picnic at WL fairgrounds 05/31/1923 West Liberty Index
Scout trip to Keokuk and other points a big success 06/07/1923 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua week is on 06/07/1923 West Liberty Index
Platform with box seat areas constructed in front of fairgrounds amphitheatre 07/26/1923 West Liberty Index
Harry McCann sold blacksmith shop on W. 3rd. St. and is retiring 08/02/1923 West Liberty Index
Memorial planned for the late President Harding 08/09/1923 West Liberty Index
Osborns closing store. Opening stores in Iowa city and Independence 08/16/1923 West Liberty Index
J.E. Spencer opened shoe repair shop on E. 3rd, formerly the Stevens barbershop 08/30/1923 West Liberty Index
After 3 years, Waldo Myers quits mail carrier job to enter S.U. I. 09/13/1923 West Liberty Index
Citizens meet about improving roads 10/25/1923 West Liberty Index
Paterson Sales Garage under new management of H. O, Ransom 10/25/1923 West Liberty Index
Fire in R.M. Fowler confectionary, lost belongings in home above store and merchandise 10/25/1923 West Liberty Index
Methodist church spire is replaced 10/25/1923 West Liberty Index
City has new Well, formerly Potter well which has been cleaned and renovated 11/01/1923 West Liberty Index
R.A. Westfall will close out shoe business 11/01/1923 West Liberty Index
Joe & Emma Bowman came in 1863, opened little groc. on corner where Peoples Bank is 11/15/1923 West Liberty Index
E.L. Hutcheson will open new shoe store at former Westfall location 12/06/1923 West Liberty Index
Fire destroys W. C. Anderson Home on South Prairie 12/27/1923 West Liberty Index
American Legion to stage "Footlight Frolics" 01/31/1924 West Liberty Index
George Steen winner of state-wide corn production contest 02/07/1924 West Liberty Index
Robert Brooke's new offices are in the old People's bank building 03/06/1924 West Liberty Index
Band Tax - Pros & Cons 03/27/1924 West Liberty Index
E.C. Kerr is new mayor, Harry McCann appointed new marshal 04/10/1924 West Liberty Index
Remodeling opera house, Glen Miller's motion picture theater will move in 04/17/1924 West Liberty Index
All anxious to sign petitions for paving of primary roads in Muscatine County 05/01/1924 West Liberty Index
E.R. Preiss has moved his tailor shop from Peoples Bank bldg. to rear of I.O.O.F. bldg. 05/08/1924 West Liberty Index
Supervisors call for election to issue bonds to pay for road paving 05/08/1924 West Liberty Index
County enjoys day of sport on Play Day 05/22/1924 West Liberty Index
New Strand Opens at the opera house 05/22/1924 West Liberty Index
Pulse Dry Goods going out of business 05/22/1924 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua in full swing 06/05/1924 West Liberty Index
Fair to build new sheep pavilion 06/05/1924 West Liberty Index
County Blasts hope for paving 06/05/1924 West Liberty Index
Klan holds monster meeting in field S. of Roy Hawks home SE edge of town 06/12/1924 West Liberty Index
Man murdered at local tourist camp 07/17/1924 West Liberty Index
Hartupee school house moved to Fifth St. W. of Methodist church to use for dwelling 07/17/1924 West Liberty Index
Booster crews ready for trip to advertise West Liberty Fair 07/24/1924 West Liberty Index
History's worst flood hits us 08/21/1924 West Liberty Index
Granite marker dedicated by DAR where John Brown drilled men at old Maxson home 10/02/1924 West Liberty Index
School children help Mr. McAnulty, janitor for 28 yrs, celebrate his 74th birthday 10/02/1924 West Liberty Index
Olympia Candy Kitchen will open in Osborn bldg. S. side of 3rd St. 10/09/1924 West Liberty Index
Goshen Township Farm Institute 10/23/1924 West Liberty Index
Playground equipment being placed in Kimberly Park 10/23/1924 West Liberty Index
Rotary Club formed in WL. Dr. L.A. Royal is president 10/30/1924 West Liberty Index
Benteco Kash store, groceries, 103 W. 3rd St. 10/30/1924 West Liberty Index
Peyton Jewelers is closing out business 10/30/1924 West Liberty Index
Rotarians hold first luncheon at Woodman Hall served by ladies of WRC 11/06/1924 West Liberty Index
Jesse Swart & Clare Brooke have purch. H. Ransom's garage interests at Paterson Sales 11/13/1924 West Liberty Index
Thieves steal 50 chickens from Albert Anderson farm 11/27/1924 West Liberty Index
Children's operetta delights audience 12/25/1924 West Liberty Index
Hide & Tallow Co. Manager dies after explosion 01/01/1925 West Liberty Index
Dwight Brooke appointed to West Point 01/01/1925 West Liberty Index
P.L. Pettitt opening jewelry store in former Peyton store 01/08/1925 West Liberty Index
Library Building Twenty Years Old 01/15/1925 West Liberty Index
Winners in South Prairie Institute 01/22/1925 West Liberty Index
Possibly Rabid dog bites Children 22/29-Jan-1925 West Liberty Index
West Libertyans picnic in Pasadena 01/22/1925 West Liberty Index
Charter given Rotary Club 01/29/1925 West Liberty Index
H. Polders & Fred Evans sell W. 3rd St. hardware to Alvin Anderson of West Branch 01/29/1925 West Liberty Index
School Report on W.L. Shipping Association by Carl Jensen 01/29/1925 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Co-op Creamery had great year 02/05/1925 West Liberty Index
Fire Department Responds in 32 Seconds 02/05/1925 West Liberty Index
Large Banquets held by several Lodges and Eastern Star 02/05/1925 West Liberty Index
Firemen's Banquet 02/12/1925 West Liberty Index
West Liberty Co-op Shipping Assoc. - successful year 02/19/1925 West Liberty Index
Henry Hiatt has bad Fall 02/26/1925 West Liberty Index
Don Bemis becomes Night Watchman, had been at A. J. Johnson Grocery 02/26/1925 West Liberty Index
McDermott new proprietor of Variety Store 03/05/1925 West Liberty Index
Norm Carlisle will join Albert Scott at his auto repair shop at Swart & Brooke Garage, W. 4th St. 03/05/1925 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Mary Brandt presents "Nutrition & Growth" to PTA 03/19/1925 West Liberty Index
J.D. Potter, Pioneer Businessman Reminisces 03/19/1925 West Liberty Index
J.H. Ashton to build Hatchery Here 03/19/1925 West Liberty Index
Road Work - Big cut started on Wiese Hill 04/02/1925 West Liberty Index
Plan for new county road in east Cedar Valley area 04/02/1925 West Liberty Index
P.N. Gibson succeeding Grigg to again operate Sale Barn with many horse sales 04/02/1925 West Liberty Index
Kenneth Smart's Orchestra 04/02/1925 West Liberty Index
Carnival Loads of Fun 04/09/1925 West Liberty Index
Community Club will again lease part of fairgrounds for a Tourist Camp 04/09/1925 West Liberty Index
Boy Scouts to raise flowers for Children's Hospital on plot at 4th & Calhoun 04/16/1925 West Liberty Index
Louie Nichols re-opened popcorn & confectionary stand opposite the Strand theatre 04/16/1925 West Liberty Index
City pays tribute to victim of gas during WWI, Ralph Miller 04/23/1925 West Liberty Index
Copper Tub Automatic Washer Ad 04/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Class of 1925 04/30/1925 West Liberty Index
New Greenhouse to be Built by Henry Meyer at NE corner Calhoun & First St. 05/28/1925 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua Season Launched 05/28/1925 West Liberty Index
Impressive Memorial Day Programs 06/04/1925 West Liberty Index
West Liberty on Gold Star Memorial Highway route 06/04/1925 West Liberty Index
The Boy Scouts and their Jaunt 06/04/1925 West Liberty Index
S.C. Snider has new funeral car that can also serve as an ambulance (photo) 06/04/1925 West Liberty Index
Floriculture Society work has benefitted West Liberty 06/18/1925 West Liberty Index
Tourist Killed by Falling Tree 06/18/1925 West Liberty Index
Band Concert Draws Big Crowd 06/18/1925 West Liberty Index
New Police Force -Don Bemis, day time marshal, Lester Bahmler, night watchman 07/09/1925 West Liberty Index
The Removal of Barns 07/16/1925 West Liberty Index
Veterinarians Picnic a Big Success 07/23/1925 West Liberty Index
Marmon Car Here on Wild Wager 07/23/1925 West Liberty Index
Rummels Cabbage Patch covers 120 acres 07/23/1925 West Liberty Index
Henry Lewis does Rodeo Roping in Pasture 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Larger doors being cut in Manfull bldg. to make room for Chevrolet cn. 3rd & Spencer 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Local Marine in Prize Cup Award 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
"Bureau of Information" in front of P & W Coal Office 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Notes from Local Creamery 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Billie and the Bees 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Band Platform Moved to Give Tones More Melody 07/30/1925 West Liberty Index
Flower Gardens Attract Attention 08/13/1925 West Liberty Index
Ku Klux Klan picnic at Fairgrounds 09/10/1925 West Liberty Index
Hinkhouse Golden Wedding Anniversary 10/01/1925 West Liberty Index
C. W. Burkart new city manager, succeeding C. J. Mackey 10/08/1925 West Liberty Index
Albert Whitacres Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary 10/22/1925 West Liberty Index
Harry McCann has taken over C.W. Burkart blacksmith shop in Gasoline Alley 10/22/1925 West Liberty Index
Country folk seek relief from mud, ask for gravel on roads 10/29/1925 West Liberty Index
Iowa Theater Opens on Calhoun Street where Strand formerly was 11/12/1925 West Liberty Index
Bull attacks Luke McGuire 11/12/1925 West Liberty Index
Osborn Bldg. being prepared for Atlantic & Pacific grocery store 11/19/1925 West Liberty Index
New Plants to Operate Here - Ashton Hatchery and Hutchinson Ice Cream Plant 12/03/1925 West Liberty Index
Mrs. Hardin's millinery shop in Odd Fellows bldg. sold to Mrs. Dan O'Connor 12/10/1925 West Liberty Index
Survey of town - what and how many 01/07/1926 West Liberty Index
P.T.A. dinner and program 01/14/1926 West Liberty Index
Program for South Prairie Institute 01/14/1926 West Liberty Index
Creamery will Enlarge Plant 02/04/1926 West Liberty Index
Sunnyside Hatchery begins Operations 02/04/1926 West Liberty Index
Community Club Annual Session 02/11/1926 West Liberty Index
Memorial markers to be placed along Whiteway 7-Highway 02/11/1926 West Liberty Index
Atwater Kent Radio sold by H. J. Smith 02/11/1926 West Liberty Index
Farmers Line up for Roads - petition for bond issue for roadwork 02/18/1926 West Liberty Index
Contract let for paving many city streets 02/18/1926 West Liberty Index
Township will also connect Calhoun St. to Oak Ridge Cem. outside city limits w/ paving 02/18/1926 West Liberty Index
Dewey Gibson is the new night watchman 03/04/1926 West Liberty Index
Railroad to have new coal chutes and more siding 03/04/1926 West Liberty Index
Big Cast in Womanless Show - Benefit for cemetery paving 03/11/1926 West Liberty Index
City Streets and Cemetery to be Paved 03/11/1926 West Liberty Index
Glenn Miller petitions council for public vote on allowing movies on Sunday 03/11/1926 West Liberty Index
McDermott's Ad listing many goods for sale 03/18/1926 West Liberty Index
New Schoolhouse to be built in Springdale 03/25/1926 West Liberty Index
Blacksmith, John Mills, will build New Shop W. of creamery lot 04/08/1926 West Liberty Index
Drs. Ady & Ady will move from over Ruthenbergs' to over Peoples State Bank 04/08/1926 West Liberty Index
Busy times at Sunnyside Chick Hatchery 04/15/1926 West Liberty Index
Gold Star World War Memorial Markers placed Along Whiteway-7 Highway 04/15/1926 West Liberty Index
Harry John building new Hutchinson Ice Cream plant at 4th & Clay 04/15/1926 West Liberty Index
Paving Work is Underway 04/22/1926 West Liberty Index
New Railroad Coal Chutes to be erected near Clark Street 04/22/1926 West Liberty Index
Majority says "no" at polls to movies on Sunday 04/29/1926 West Liberty Index
Big Hole Yawns at Railroad Chutes Site 05/06/1926 West Liberty Index
Fire Destroys Barn at Will DeMean Farm 05/13/1926 West Liberty Index
Rendering Plant Sold 05/20/1926 West Liberty Index
South Bethel to Repeat Popular Pageant 05/20/1926 West Liberty Index
Band concert season opens - Grant Nichols/16 pc. Band 05/20/1926 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua Begins 7 Day Program 06/03/1926 West Liberty Index
Old blacksmith shop at 3rd & Clay leveled, John Mills prepares new shop west of it 06/10/1926 West Liberty Index
Creamery secured site of old blacksmith shop for expansion 06/10/1926 West Liberty Index
Scouts Enjoy Camping Trip to McGregor 06/24/1926 West Liberty Index
Copeland Rabe's Celebrate 65 Years 07/01/1926 West Liberty Index
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Beggs celebrate 60th Anniversary 07/08/1926 West Liberty Index
Fire destroys millinery shop N. of bank, damages Nichols furnace/tin shop on Calhoun St. 07/15/1926 West Liberty Index
Gibson & Waters meat market S. of millinery saved in fire on calhoun Street 07/15/1926 West Liberty Index
Local electric piano holds national record 07/22/1926 West Liberty Index
Warren began work on Chapel for Oak Ridge Cem. Funds from Israel Gaskill estate 08/05/1926 West Liberty Index
Hutchinson Ice Cream Factory in New Building 08/12/1926 West Liberty Index
Creamery to Build Annex on south side of building 08/12/1926 West Liberty Index
New Coal Chutes in readiness near Clark St. 09/02/1926 West Liberty Index
H. J. Ditmars & Wife Celebrate Golden Wedding Ann. 09/16/1926 West Liberty Index
Heavy rains bring floods 09/23/1926 West Liberty Index
Passengers Fed by the Hundreds 09/23/1926 West Liberty Index
High school will publish monthly newspaper 09/23/1926 West Liberty Index
Highway Commissioners inspect possible No. 7 routing through West Liberty 09/23/1926 West Liberty Index
Buckeye Hotel , James Connelly, 5th & Calhoun, 2 buckeye trees in yard 09/30/1926 West Liberty Index
Lucy Scott Bower (artist) has world wide fame 10/07/1926 West Liberty Index
Reminiscence of W. Ady - Civil War 10/14/1926 West Liberty Index
Community getting first gravel on Chesebro-Rd. from Prairie St. to South Prairie 10/28/1926 West Liberty Index
Small Blaze at New Coal Chutes 11/04/1926 West Liberty Index
Monument for Grave of Oliver Atwood (North Prairie) 11/11/1926 West Liberty Index
Leading Merchant H. J. Ditmars Dies 11/18/1926 West Liberty Index
City Observes Armistice Day 11/18/1926 West Liberty Index
Raymond & Howard Wolf buy Fowler Confectionery 01/06/1927 West Liberty Index
Roy Misel has leased Ashton service station at Elm & Maxson 01/06/1927 West Liberty Index
Oak Tree Corner 01/13/1927 West Liberty Index
Options for Route 32 through W. L. outlined 02/03/1927 West Liberty Index
Photographer Seeks Photo of Old Keith Mill 02/10/1927 West Liberty Index
Road No. 32 to be graveled from West Liberty to Durant 02/10/1927 West Liberty Index
Commissioners Promise Roads, No. 76 to Nichols also will be graveled 02/17/1927 West Liberty Index
Roggensack shoe store in former Weih building 02/17/1927 West Liberty Index
Henry C. & Mary Pringey Nichols observe 50th Anniversary 02/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Lydia Ann Taylor - bio - 95th birthday 02/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Joseph & Clara Slater Lamborn celebrate 50th Anniversary 02/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Story of John Brown in Iowa (2 installments of Des Moines Sunday Register) 02/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Odd Fellows hold Father-Son Banquet 03/03/1927 West Liberty Index
Chicago Livestock Exchange will offer 2 trophy cups for fair winners of boys & girls livestock 03/03/1927 West Liberty Index
Alex & Fannie Aylworth Stewart Celebrate 50th Anniversary 03/10/1927 West Liberty Index
Fair Secures Big Free Acts 03/10/1927 West Liberty Index
New School at Springdale nearly Complete 03/17/1927 West Liberty Index
Ditmars-Kerr selling Voss Electric washing machine - only $94.00 03/17/1927 West Liberty Index
Tri-County Play Day with WL host at the fairgrounds on May 13 03/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Roads to Basketball Tournament in Iowa City proved a problem 03/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Local Missionary writes from troubled China 03/31/1927 West Liberty Index
Journey of Frontier Home Seekers 04/07/1927 West Liberty Index
Townspeople Favor Swimming Pool 04/07/1927 West Liberty Index
Heinz to install Receiving Depot for Tomato Crop 04/07/1927 West Liberty Index
Former resident exhibits paintings in New York city 04/07/1927 West Liberty Index
Flood, one could stand at Spencer & Third and see both branches of Wapsie 04/21/1927 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith purchases Manfull block, NE 3rd & Spencer, will move garage there 04/21/1927 West Liberty Index
Dr. Royal Purchases Chesebrough Home 04/21/1927 West Liberty Index
Letter from J. B. Schenck recalling father's pioneer days 04/21/1927 West Liberty Index
Plans for May Play Day 04/28/1927 West Liberty Index
Plan launched for park playground use 04/28/1927 West Liberty Index
Program for Play Day given 05/05/1927 West Liberty Index
Creamery ordered 1000 lb. capacity churn and 400 gal. receiving vat to meet demand 05/05/1927 West Liberty Index
Horse thief Story - Thomas Gray 05/05/1927 West Liberty Index
Japanese theme for Jr.-Sr. Banquet 05/12/1927 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith & L. E. Papenthien garages get settled in new business places 05/12/1927 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith installed 2 gas pumps at curb line at 3rd & Spencer 05/19/1927 West Liberty Index
Round house Destroyed after Lightning Strikes, damaged Catholic church steeple 05/19/1927 West Liberty Index
Howard & Ray Wolf sold confectionery to their brother, Ivan 05/26/1927 West Liberty Index
Boy Scouts will have Camp Ground at Gray's Ford 06/02/1927 West Liberty Index
Large alumni reunion held 06/02/1927 West Liberty Index
Hawkeye oil station at 4th & Calhoun sold by F. R. Horn to Harry Jaynes 06/09/1927 West Liberty Index
Hilda Watters hired for summer playground supervisor 06/16/1927 West Liberty Index
Golf Course and Club is Created 16/23-Jun-1927 West Liberty Index
Wapsie Floods Area 06/23/1927 West Liberty Index
Neal Helvey show draws capacity crowd 06/23/1927 West Liberty Index
Saturday Night Crowds "Main Street" 06/23/1927 West Liberty Index
Big Fourth of July picnic at new golf course 07/07/1927 West Liberty Index
Benteco store will move - 3rd St. to Burkart Bldg on Calhoun, former movie theater 07/14/1927 West Liberty Index
Community Playground Project 07/14/1927 West Liberty Index
New entrance to Fairgrounds under way 07/21/1927 West Liberty Index
Strand Theatre under new management, Paul Tobias to take over 08/11/1927 West Liberty Index
Rural teachers ready for another year 09/01/1927 West Liberty Index
Polders and Hiatt buy shoe store from Montgomery & Swart, W. 3rd St. 09/01/1927 West Liberty Index
Rock Island Railroad makes cuts, five locals lose jobs 09/08/1927 West Liberty Index
Large Crowd gives P.T.A. fine start 09/15/1927 West Liberty Index
Tomato Crop Gives Owners Big Returns 09/22/1927 West Liberty Index
Blue & White to be published Monthly 09/22/1927 West Liberty Index
McCarthy's sell Globe Café to Harney Family 09/29/1927 West Liberty Index
Shipment of Rock for Road 32 10/13/1927 West Liberty Index
No. 32 East has its new gravel coat 10/20/1927 West Liberty Index
Len Hendricks bought the late Bence Purvis' barber shop 11/10/1927 West Liberty Index
Old timer (John Sievers) writes of early days at West Liberty 11/17/1927 West Liberty Index
Noted War Nurse Captures Audiences in West Liberty 11/17/1927 West Liberty Index
Fair to Build New Amphitheatre 11/24/1927 West Liberty Index
Adolph Range Buys West Third Grocery 12/08/1927 West Liberty Index
Contract Let for Paving Road 32 west from West Liberty to Johnson County line 12/15/1927 West Liberty Index
Newspaper quotes Aug. 9, 1883 Wapsie Index, S. T. Chesebro to build new bank building 01/05/1928 West Liberty Index
Miss Brooke tells of Old World Trip 01/05/1928 West Liberty Index
Much road work to be done in spring 01/05/1928 West Liberty Index
Potter & Weber shipping in supply of ice this year from Iowa City 01/12/1928 West Liberty Index
S. P. annual Institute at the M. P. Church January 17-18 01/12/1928 West Liberty Index
George Steen honored as "Master Farmer" 01/12/1928 West Liberty Index
Ashton Hatchery established 2 years ago, ready for first setting of the season 01/19/1928 West Liberty Index
Indoor Golf tournament 01/19/1928 West Liberty Index
New Bridge over Wapsie on Road No. 32 02/02/1928 West Liberty Index
Road No. 32 to be routed over Columbus St. instead of Calhoun St. when paved 02/16/1928 West Liberty Index
Girl Reserve Organization 02/16/1928 West Liberty Index
Range Grocery will move to Nichols block, first door west of Fogg corner 02/23/1928 West Liberty Index
Razing old Grandstand; to Build New 03/08/1928 West Liberty Index
The Old Dump ground has a story to Tell 03/15/1928 West Liberty Index
Famous Flier's Father went to School at Linn Grove 04/19/1928 West Liberty Index
G. Harney, N. Carlisle in charge of new service station W. 3rd adjoining Mills blacksmith shop 05/17/1928 West Liberty Index
Schools give May fete at West Ground 05/17/1928 West Liberty Index
Paving has begun on Road 32 near Johnson Co. line working east 05/24/1928 West Liberty Index
Wapsie boys enter Market Pig club feeding contest 05/24/1928 West Liberty Index
Neale Helvey tent show tp open on Marolf lots at east end of Third St. 05/24/1928 West Liberty Index
Photo of 30 piece Junior Band which will give concert 05/31/1928 West Liberty Index
New bridge over Wapsie on Chesebrough Rd. to remove sharp curve at foot - Hormel Hill 06/07/1928 West Liberty Index
Billhimer Studio will move from Calhoun St. to corner room of Odd Fellow Bldg. 06/07/1928 West Liberty Index
West Branch Turns out for Favorite Son (Hoover) 06/21/1928 West Liberty Index
Supervised playground opens for summer recreation 06/21/1928 West Liberty Index
Remodeling of fair amphitheatre being done 06/21/1928 West Liberty Index
Swart service station opened at the Jack corner 06/21/1928 West Liberty Index
Pavers Continue Work on Road 32 all-Jun-1928 West Liberty Index
Paving continues with plans for 2 overheads over railroads W. of Elm St. & Brown farm 07/12/1928 West Liberty Index
Paving completed to Columbus St. with gaps left for 2 railroad overheads 07/19/1928 West Liberty Index
Gov. Hammill to speak at Fair on Farm Bureau program day 07/26/1928 West Liberty Index
Concrete floor and booth space added below fair amphitheatre 08/02/1928 West Liberty Index
WL & Iowa City celebrate paved road between cities with picnic & dance at Fairground 08/16/1928 West Liberty Index
Presidential candidate Herbert Hoover will visit home town of West Branch 08/16/1928 West Liberty Index
Herbert Hoover's speech at West Branch will be broadcast at amphitheatre during fair 08/16/1928 West Liberty Index
A. H. Hawker has new filling station at Columbus & 4th 08/16/1928 West Liberty Index
Road past Steen & Kennedy farms to be surfaced with crushed rock 08/23/1928 West Liberty Index
Avis McFadden crowned Fair Queen 08/23/1928 West Liberty Index
Hoover recalls boyhood days on Iowa farm 08/23/1928 West Liberty Index
Catfish pulls boat up the river 08/23/1928 West Liberty Index
Richard Peters, grandson of founder of Potter & Weber has entered the coal & Ice firm 08/30/1928 West Liberty Index
School opens with enrollment of 522, the largest ever 09/06/1928 West Liberty Index
West Liberty joins Eastern Iowa Golf Association 09/06/1928 West Liberty Index
Steen Farm Equipped to Save Labor 10/04/1928 West Liberty Index
Annual Convention of Iowa branch of the international King's Daughters held here 10/11/1928 West Liberty Index
Masked parade and street dance planned for Halloween 10/25/1928 West Liberty Index
Residents want traffic through business area instead of new route Road 32 on Columbus 11/08/1928 WEst Liberty Index
City seeks bids to gravel Elm Street to Maxson, and Maxson west & north past Jensen place 11/08/1928 West Liberty Index
Letter from Confederate veteran to C. D. Gibson, Union veteran 11/22/1928 West Liberty Index
Surfacing Road 76 north and south of town with crushed rock 11/29/1928 West Liberty Index
Junior High to present "Pied Piper" 11/29/1928 West Liberty Index
Harry John fell from roof, escaped serious injury 11/29/1928 West Liberty Index
Illnesses of flu and pneumonia cancel many festivities 12/20/1928 West Liberty Index
Dr. M. Hinkhouse writes of mountain vacation in China 20/27-Dec-1928 West Liberty Index
Elmer Merridith received coveted Central College blanket, most valuable football player 01/24/1929 West Liberty Index
WL band will broadcast program from Station WOC in Davenport 01/24/1929 West Liberty Index
Lucy Evans of this city honored for 50th anniversary as teacher in Moline schools 01/31/1929 West Liberty Index
Miss Polders tells of art in the schools 02/07/1929 West Liberty Index
Four fires keep Force on the move 02/21/1929 West Liberty Index
Thirty from WL will make trip to Washington for inauguration of Herbert Hoover 02/28/1929 West Liberty Index
Strand Invites all to Hear Radio Inauguration of Hoover 02/28/1929 West Liberty Index
Joe Ryan announced as valedictorian and Maurita Stahle salutatorian of Class of 1929 04/18/1929 West Liberty Index
Neal Helvey Tent Show 05/30/1929 West Liberty Index
Strand to Begin Showing Talking Pictures 06/06/1929 West Liberty Index
Helen Scott crowned Queen of the Fair 08/22/1929 West Liberty Index
Plans made for a Swimming Pool at West Liberty all-Sep-1929 West Liberty Index
District Knights of Pythias meets here 10/24/1929 West Liberty Index
Floriculture Soc. To stage a war comedy drama at the Strand 10/31/1929 West Liberty Index
Taps sound for aged veteran, C. D. Gibson 10/31/1929 West Liberty Index
Dentist bitten by fainting patient 11/07/1929 West Liberty Index
Schooley calf a champion in Alabama 11/07/1929 West Liberty Index
Kraklow Hatchery will open in M. Whitacre building W. 3rd St., formerly Range grocery 11/07/1929 West Liberty Index
Downtown will be more brilliantly lighted during the holiday season 11/07/1929 West Liberty Index
Farm Bureau elects co-operators for 1930 11/14/1929 West Liberty Index
Ten thousand watch state corn husking race near West Branch 11/14/1929 West Liberty Index
National Education Week - school articles in newspaper 11/14/1929 West Liberty Index
School program given to raise funds for new band uniforms 11/21/1929 West Liberty Index
The teachers at West Liberty School 11/21/1929 West Liberty Index
Free poultry clinic at Sunnyside Hatchery 11/28/1929 West Liberty Index
McCormick-Deering banquet - demonstrates new milking machine, cream separator 12/05/1929 West Liberty Index
Lucy Anderson honored at International Show 12/05/1929 West Liberty Index
Grade School gives Operetta 12/12/1929 West Liberty Index
WL Shipping Association closing record year 12/12/1929 West Liberty Index
County 4-H convention elects many West Liberty girls 12/19/1929 West Liberty Index
Index Shop installs new machinery 12/26/1929 West Liberty Index
South Prairie sets date for Institute 01/02/1930 West Liberty Index
Misfortune appears in dual role for Sullivan family 01/09/1930 West Liberty Index
Interior of Watters Drug changed, fountain moved to the rear, display cases near front 01/09/1930 West Liberty Index
Winter rules with a heavy hand 01/16/1930 West Liberty Index
W. C. Anderson named Master Farmer 01/23/1930 West Liberty Index
Athletic Conference organized 01/23/1930 West Liberty Index
Man attacked by bull 01/30/1930 West Liberty Index
Joe Guthrie killed by falling tree 01/30/1930 West Liberty Index
Canvasses seek funds to aid Boy Scouts 02/06/1930 West Liberty Index
Creamery hold annual banquet 02/06/1930 West Liberty Index
Ditmars-Kerr puts on a two day opening 02/20/1930 West Liberty Index
Bert Duncan (Wilton) & son Jay of WL managing Kraklow Hatchery E. of Papenthein garage 02/27/1930 West Liberty Index
Spelling champs chosen at school for county contest 02/27/1930 West Liberty Index
Proposed new bridge over Cedar River for new route of Road 32 02/27/1930 West Liberty Index
Heavy Downpour Floods Wapsie 06/19/1930 West Liberty Index
Kimberly Park Pool Dedicated 06/26/1930 West Liberty Index
Chautauqua - Likely for the Last Time 07/17/1930 West Liberty Index
James Stafford has Champion Polled Hereford Bull 08/07/1930 West Liberty Index
Central Schoolhouse to be sold at Auction 21/28-Aug-1930 West Liberty Index
First Issue of the Blue & White - high school paper 10/02/1930 West Liberty Index
Program for S. Prairie Institute 01/22/1931 West Liberty Index
Grant Nichols resigns as director of WL Band after 27 years consecutive service 01/22/1931 West Liberty Index
Petunia wins contest in vote for WL Official Flower 01/29/1931 West Liberty Index
Gibson Pavilion bringing Crowds to Town for Sales 01/29/1931 West Liberty Index
Stevens Barbershop in west room of Polders bldg. moved to Peyton bldg. formerly Pettitt Jewelry 01/29/1931 West Liberty Index
Theater manager Tobias has dog named "Buzz", rescued forgotten overshoe 01/29/1931 West Liberty Index
P.E.O. Members plan Tea Party 02/05/1931 West Liberty Index
Texaco corner NW of city sold by C.J. Swart to Wolf & Horn several weeks ago 02/05/1931 West Liberty Index
Stockholders elect Telephone Director 02/12/1931 West Liberty Index
No Chautauqua this year 03/19/1931 West Liberty Index
Boy Scout Council Committees Named 03/19/1931 West Liberty Index
New Creek Bridge across Wapsie on Road No. 76 03/26/1931 West Liberty Index
Steens Celebrate Golden Wedding 04/23/1931 West Liberty Index
Work Begins on new Tomato Canning Plant at site of former milk factory 04/30/1931 West Liberty Index
WL Park Assoc. prohibited card playing or games for money on grounds 50 years ago 04/30/1931 West Liberty Index
Carr Lunch Stand completed at East 4th & Columbus Streets 05/07/1931 West Liberty Index
Fifty years ago ground was being surveyed for new freight depot 05/07/1931 West Liberty Index
Old Livery Barn razed - Site of New City Hall 05/28/1931 West Liberty Index
History of Brick Livery Barn 06/04/1931 West Liberty Index
Thousands attend opening of New Canning Factory 07/30/1931 West Liberty Index
S. C. Snider purchases new Funeral Coach 08/27/1931 West Liberty Index
Duncan-Oathout Funeral Home to open at 205 E 3rd. St. 09/03/1931 West Liberty Index
Richards Bros. buy Meat Shop 09/10/1931 West Liberty Index
WL High School Plans First Homecoming 12/19-Nov-1931 West Liberty Index
School's Homecoming a Great Success 11/26/1931 West Liberty Index
Blue & White Eleven Clinches Conference Win 11/26/1931 West Liberty Index
Old Party Ticket of 1884 found while Housecleaning 05/19/1932 West Liberty Index
Old Oak Tree to be cut down 05/26/1932 West Liberty Index
Alumni Reunion at Linn Grove School 06/09/1932 West Liberty Index
Old Oak Tree to be cut down 08/11/1932 West Liberty Index
Future Farmers of America to hold Husking Contest 10/13/1932 West Liberty Index
Juniors & Seniors at Hard Time Party 10/13/1932 West Liberty Index
South Side of WL gets its first Gas Station 11/03/1932 West Liberty Index
"Ding" Darling Speaks at West Liberty Supper 11/24/1932 West Liberty Index
WL Ladies Launch Choral Club 12/01/1932 West Liberty Index
Letter recalls first Creek Bridge 12/29/1932 West Liberty Index
Local Banks on Holiday until Flurry is Over 01/19/1933 West Liberty Index
"State Fair" porcine star "Blue Boy" from Timmerman farm 03/16/1933 West Liberty Index
Banks resume trade 03/16/1933 West Liberty Index
Wapsi's family safe after Quake in CA 03/16/1933 West Liberty Index
Rotarians Enjoy "Way Back Whens" 03/23/1933 West Liberty Index
Ladies Choral Club Gives First Concert 03/23/1933 West Liberty Index
Moylan takes charge of hotel, succeeding Will Newman who operated it for several years. 03/30/1933 West Liberty Index
Cedar smashes levee and floods many southeast of West Liberty 04/06/1933 West Liberty Index
Cool heads-Long pole save boy from Water 04/06/1933 West Liberty Index
First legal beer sold within city of West Liberty 04/30/1933 West Liberty Index
Circus Season Will Open Friday 06/08/1933 West Liberty Index
Linn Grove Group Holds Reunion 06/08/1933 West Liberty Index
Grain Elevator Drops - Injures One 06/15/1933 West Liberty Index
Large Crowd at Downey Homecoming 07/20/1933 West Liberty Index
Kittenball Tournament 08/31/1933 West Liberty Index
Post Office to be discontinued at Springdale 08/31/1933 West Liberty Index
Farmer Canning Co. has good Tomato Season 10/12/1933 West Liberty Index
Vaccination Urged for Small Pox and Diphtheria 10/19/1933 West Liberty Index
History of Atalissa Presbyterian Church 10/19/1933 West Liberty Index
New Bridge over Wapsie on Walnut St. 11/30/1933 West Liberty Index
Bank Reorganization, Locals & Downey to Unite 01/04/1934 West Liberty Index
Porter Black won awards at Poultry Show with Jersey Black Giants 01/04/1934 West Liberty Index
Horse Show and Sale to be at the Gibson Pavilion 01/04/1934 West Liberty Index
Mr. & Mrs. G. F. Sickmon of Durant bought barber shop operated by Chas. Managh 01/04/1934 West Liberty Index
George and Biddy Sickmon will operate a barber and beauty shop 01/04/1934 West Liberty Index
Fair adopts earlier days for fair - Aug. 21 - 25 01/11/1934 West Liberty Index
New Bank Stock proves popular 01/11/1934 West Liberty Index
Robbery at lunchroom at Scotty's Tourist Camp 02/01/1934 West Liberty Index
Declam Winners Named in Contest 02/01/1934 West Liberty Index
Arthur Cornwell, proprietor of Cornwell Bakery since 1915, passed away 02/01/1934 West Liberty Index
C. L. Aikins purchased R. L. Foster Jewelry business 20 years ago. 02/08/1934 West Liberty Index
Tomato Growers sign for season with Leroy Farmer Co. 02/15/1934 West Liberty Index
Fire destroyed Joseph Krelich home near Scott Church Corner 02/15/1934 West Liberty Index
New store, Tom's Flower Shop, at 123 E. Third St., formerly the Vogue Shop 02/22/1934 West Liberty Index
Engstrom Billiard Hall was robbed 03/01/1934 West Liberty Index
George Wulf to open shoe store where Henry Polders' shoe store recently closed 03/29/1934 West Liberty Index
Ralph Evans re-elected to Mayor's post 03/29/1934 West Liberty Index
W. L. Chickeries are hatching chicks at 115 W. 3rd Street, West Liberty 03/29/1934 West Liberty Index
Earl Jehle & Bob Stafford take charge of D-X stand at Fourth & Calhoun 04/05/1934 West Liberty Index
The Liberty Café - 113 W. 3rd St., Home cooked meals - 25 cents 04/12/1934 West Liberty Index
W. W. Anderson celebrated 40 years in the grocery business in W. L. 04/19/1934 West Liberty Index
Contract let for new sewage treatment plant 04/26/1934 West Liberty Index
New Ford Agency run by Frank Moylan, Ed Crowley and Clarence Lawton 05/17/1934 West Liberty Index
County Schools join at Fairgrounds for first Music Festival 05/17/1934 West Liberty Index
Wiese Garage also sells Leonard Refrigerators 05/17/1934 West Liberty Index
Joe Chase, director, announced beginning of season's street concerts by W. L. band 05/24/1934 West Liberty Index
L. E. Papenthein sells Chevrolet vehicles 05/24/1934 West Liberty Index
New Bank is Organized - West Liberty State Bank 05/31/1934 West Liberty Index
West Liberty State Bank Opens 06/07/1934 West Liberty Index
John Mills plans new "Dine and Dance" place on W. Third St. 06/07/1934 West Liberty Index
Kittenball teams - Irey & Nichols; Globe; Creamery; Jumbos; Schafer Grain; Egg & Poultry 06/07/1934 West Liberty Index
Globe Café kittenball team will play Wilton team, the Ramblers 06/07/1934 West Liberty Index
120 attended homecoming at Linn Grove School 06/07/1934 West Liberty Index
Local Girl, Dorothy Grandjean, Passes Bar Examination 06/14/1934 West Liberty Index
Strong demand for ring moulds patented by the late L. W. Swem 06/14/1934 West Liberty Index
June bargains at A & P Food Store 06/14/1934 West Liberty Index
Jersey Breeders pick best for State Show 06/21/1934 West Liberty Index
Large picnic & Celebration planned by St. Joseph Church at Ed Ryan farm on the 4th 06/21/1934 West Liberty Index
Knights of Pythias picnic draws 1000 lodge members to fair grounds 06/28/1934 West Liberty Index
Farmers Wage War Against Cinch Bugs 06/28/1934 West Liberty Index
Spontaneous combustion at the school heating plant. 07/05/1934 West Liberty Index
Standard Oil Products - Heath's Service Station 07/05/1934 West Liberty Index
Standard Oil St. at corner of 5th & Calhoun open again - John Kleinert, manager 07/12/1934 West Liberty Index
New Baby Beef Barn to be erected at Fairgrounds 07/12/1934 West Liberty Index
Baby Beef Barn will be located north of the draft horse barn at the fairgrounds 07/19/1934 West Liberty Index
Kleinert Garage is next door to Service station he reopened. 07/19/1934 West Liberty Index
Fedale McIntosh took charge of Mid-Continent Petroleum Co. here today 07/26/1934 West Liberty Index
Many delighted by bridal gown program given by Methodist Church ladies 07/26/1934 West Liberty Index
Baby beef barn completed at fair grounds, Harry John chief carpenter 08/09/1934 West Liberty Index
Beef Barn will accommodate 100 beeves, upper floor sleeping quarters for 50-60 boys 08/16/1934 West Liberty Index
Ad in newspaper for McDermott's 5 c to $1 store 08/16/1934 West Liberty Index
Chesebro Cash Meat Market and Groceries advertises free delivery to fairgrounds 08/16/1934 West Liberty Index
H. J. Smith Service Station advertises 09/06/1934 West Liberty Index
Dorothy Flater & Agnes Agnew won 1st place at State Fair for bread making demonstration 09/06/1934 West Liberty Index
Eight Teams to Battle here in Kitty Tourney 09/13/1934 West Liberty Index
Ford Agency relocated to building on W. Third St. 09/20/1934 West Liberty Index
Ten years ago Charley Swart bought the Lehman farm on the northwest edge of town 09/20/1934 West Liberty Index
Rural school facts of Wapsinonoc Township 10/04/1934 West Liberty Index
Two Killed When Trains Collide near Scott Church corner 10/18/1934 West Liberty Index
Elmer C. Nichols,well known Wapsi son and attorney, passed away at Muscatine 10/25/1934 West Liberty Index
Election polls will be at the south room of Grigg Garage 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. 11/01/1934 West Liberty Index
Community Players Presents Play at the Strand 12/13/1934 West Liberty Index
Health Board Closes Schools due to Scarlet Fever 03/21/1935 West Liberty Index
Painting by Lucy Scott Bower to be presented to Town 05/30/1935 West Liberty Index
Two Paintings presented to Town 06/06/1935 West Liberty Index
A School Band to be Organized 09/19/1935 West Liberty Index
New City Hall to be Erected 10/03/1935 West Liberty Index
New Seats at Strand 12/19/1935 West Liberty Index
Winter of 1936 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
Fire Dept. now 40 years old 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
Normal Training Club one of 1st in State 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
Sword Connects John Brown with Community 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
Beautiful Designs Furnish Warren Home 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
Pianist Robert MacDonald to Perform Here 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
Local boy ordained to Priesthood 04/30/1936 West Liberty Index
New City Hall Opens 09/03/1936 West Liberty Index
Homecomers Eat Here 10/22/1936 West Liberty Index
Crowd Enjoys Grunt 'n Groan 11/19/1936 West Liberty Index
New Cold Storage Locker Plant 11/26/1936 West Liberty Index