Our local archives are closed to the public. Please call ahead to request materials.

CreativeSpaceLogo.pngThe microfilm reader can still be used in this room, and it can be used for small meetings while our meeting room is being remodeled.
All other equipment and supplies will be in storage until the construction is complete.


A Creative Space Like No Other

The Betty Akers Creative Space is here to inspire creativity in all residents of the community regardless of age. The maker space includes a sewing machine and sewing materials, handicraft items, design computers, drawing and painting equipment, a Cricut, scrapbooking materials, stamps, a microfilm machine, Legos, puzzles, and more.

The room offers an avenue for independent creativity and technology literacy with the aid of library staff. It's open during library hours to all library patrons, we want all ages to be able to create and produce.

The Creative Space was named after Betty Akers, who served as the director at the West Liberty Library for over 35 years until her retirement.


Sewing Machine

The sewing machine either requires training by library staff or proof from the patron that they can operate the equipment safely. The library provides plenty of materials that can be used, but we also encourage patrons to bring in their own materials if they want. Sewing accessories are also available, as well as materials for crocheting, cross-stitching, and embroidery.


Yes, you're reading that correctly. The Cricut is a computer-controlled cutting machine, designed for home crafters for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, fabric, and other materials. Using Cricut software, patrons can create their own designs, such as letters and shapes, that can be cut out of construction paper. The machine is useful for making letters, decals, and other custom projects. The library staff will be happy to teach new-comers how to use the Cricut, just make sure to let them know ahead of time that you'll need help.


The West Liberty Public Library has over a hundred years of history on microfilm thanks to the West Liberty Index and West Liberty Enterprise. Our microfilm machine is relatively simple to use and allows patrons to store images on a flash drive or print them out directly from the printer. If you know the time period, we'll be able to bring out the appropriate film from our archives. For larger projects please call ahead so we can ensure you have adequate space and time.

Painting and Drawing

Thanks to our 40"x30" drawing table, we can offer a special space for drawing and painting projects. We attempt to keep both paint and coloring pencils on hand; however, if you have an upcoming project feel free to let us know so we stock of accordingly. The drawing table not only provides a large tilted and flat surface, but a spot-lamp for those in-depth projects.

Scrapbooking and Stamping

Our room provides space for scrapbooking, including extra stickers, stamps, markers, and other tools of the trade. All we ask is that patrons clean up their area, be safe with our equipment, and don't leave projects sitting out overnight. Scrapbooking a great way to preserve memories, and our extensive stamp collection makes it all the more fun.